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Police & the Black Community; a few of my thoughts. PAID ADVERTISEMENT By Shay Joshua Garnett. Baghdad to Bakersfield (and back). Born in early 1970, in the outskirts of Baghdad, Tariq Z. was no different than any other Iraqi baby. His father was a doctor; his mother a medical researcher. The family was upper-middle class, and had a stellar reputation in the community. His family immigrated to America when Tariq was 7. Growing up, his two main passions were his Iraqi heritage, and the U.S. Military. The spiritual foundation for 1:1 is Judgment Day. God applies One Judgment for every One Person. (Hence 1:1) But All:1 is a perversion of that. Satan says, “If we all stick together and demand one corporate Judgment, then God cannot individually judge us. (And we can thusly overthrow both Judgment Day and God.)” Sat/Sun, call number C. These numbers are to reach a leader of CARPET when any teenager gets pulled over, to verify membership (for those who would attempt to forge ID cards), or for any other relevant issues. When a member of CARPET gets pulled over or stopped on the sidewalk, this membership For those people who need card needs to be presented further convincing that God fully immediately (or at least signaled endorses a 1:1 ratio, I would verbally). Officers seeing this point to the humble atom, card are instructed to focus on where there is One Proton for NON-CARPET people first . . . every One Electron as the basic and after that to verify CARPET pattern. Therefore, 1:1 is the Tariq joined the Marines at membership as authentic most prolific pattern in the entire (optional). Any CARPET member age 18; volunteered for all the Universe. (God is the proton, hard assignments; and was engaging in “sketchy” actions admired by everyone who knew and we are the electrons, in my can either be dealt with by the him. After 10 years of service, he imagination.) Police and the “system” . . . or was discharged, and moved back . . . remanded to the organization to California. That was 1998. If Capitalism were a skyscraper, (which is rumored to punish then Judgment would be its members very harshly (and the foundation. Accurately In 2001, after 9/11 happened, effectively) for shady behavior). assessing the value of something Tariq was very alarmed. The second option requires a lot (judgment) helps decisions to be He knew very well how less paperwork. made about buying and selling. incompatible the Iraqi Tampering with this process countryside was with the If the Police mistreat a member quickly turns an honest citizen American Military. As soon as of CARPET . . . oh poop! . . . into a criminal, and is highly he heard Iraq being discussed illegal. (Much discussion is being the Powers That Be will make as a potential conflict zone, he sure that this officer wishes that skipped over here.) gathered up his cash, and some he had never been born. This additional money, and moved mistake is a huge no-no in the I heard a story once about a over there to help his fellow Policing profession. college professor teaching his Iraqis. students about Collectivism. He said, “You will all do the homework and all take the tests, and in the end you will all get the same grade. If any of you do not want to be part of this collective system, then you need to tell me and to opt out within the first two weeks.” The students all liked this system. He went to the town leaders and Every year when he did this, the students who opted out told them, “You’re going to do everything I say. My word is law. managed to pass the class, and those who did not opt out . . . In return for obeying me, I’m all collectively earned an F. going to keep you mostly safe from the coming invasion. I will keep your kids alive.” The town There is a story in the second chapter of Joshua where 2 spies leaders accepted his authority. were sent to scout out the land. A woman named Rahab realized When the military showed up, who they were and hid these Tariq Z. introduced himself to spies to keep them safe, and them, explained how he could then helped them to escape. As help them, and what he wanted her form of payment, she said in return. to them, “I know what coming judgment is in store for all these Tariq said, “This portion of the people. I want to opt out of country is under my control. I that judgment. When you take will guarantee total compliance. Jericho, look for the scarlet cord I will point out all the hostiles in my window, and spare my that come here. You can entire family who is present patrol in peace and safety. there.” The spies agreed and But don’t kill the innocents kept their promise. under my protection (even by accident), and don’t publicize If . . . the U.S. Military can tell this relationship.” The military checked his service record over, the good guys from the bad guys . . . then they can target and then accepted. only the bad guys. But if they can’t tell the difference between During the bloody years that them, . . . then they apply the followed, al-Qaeda could never figure out why it was impossible same (one) mindset to all of them. Once again we return to for them to get a foothold in SW Iraq. Their spies were always the major distinction between captured or killed. It didn’t make 1:1 and 1:All. Policing is simply a domestic version of this exact any sense to them. The people lived normal lives. And everyone same predicament. who worked with Tariq Z. was very happy with the arrangement CARPET. and his leadership. Let’s take everything I just said and apply it to the Economics / 2 Ratios. Black Community and Policing. Let us imagine an organization Economics is ruled by named “Chicago Area Residents Two Ratios. The first ratio is Protecting Endangered Teens.” One to All (1:All) or inversely (Awful, I know.) (All:1). The second ratio is One to One (1:1). If you ask me to explain Socialism (or Collectivism) This organization drills its teenagers how to act around to you, then I will start by explaining 1:All. If you ask me to police, and especially what NOT to do. They regularly work with explain Capitalism, then 1:1. law enforcement to eliminate misunderstandings ahead of When someone is unemployed, time. They issue special highly and they ask the church (or visible ID cards that state charity) for money, then the the person’s name, how long organization decides how much until that card expires (and is to give on a case-by-case basis replaced), etc. etc. (1:1). When that same person asks the government to give them On the back are 3 phone money, then the government numbers to provide information applies one decision to the to officers. Weekdays 6 am to entire group (1:All). All get the 8 pm, call number A. Weekdays same (one) payment (roughly). 8 pm to 6 am, call number B. (Capitalism vs. Collectivism.) Tariq chose the southwestern 20% of the country to be his territory. Al-Qaeda was largely absent there. There was little strategic value to the U.S. Military, and lots of small, rural towns. Tariq could do some good there. When the Police see Black people, they instinctively apply one opinion to the whole class (All). But when they learn of a CARPET membership, they now have to behave in a One to One manner. CARPET has opted out of the ONE:ALL category. This is the theoretical basis for my solution. The results of this theory will speak for themselves. Blowback. Slap on me any label that you want to, but I am trying to make a point. If the U.S. Military invaded Canada, or Scotland, or New Zealand, would the soldiers find the customs of the natives to be foreign? or familiar? Same question, with Iraq. (And now I must digress.) Meet Monseffa. Monseffa was told by the U.S. Military that if he could provide exceedingly valuable info regarding how to get al-Qaeda when they were vulnerable, that he and his family would be moved out of Iraq to America. By great luck, Monseffa managed to procure such information. Monseffa had always been impulsive, impatient, and mule-headed. Procedures were for “other people” to follow. Not him. Monseffa was very excited. He drove his pickup at high speed to tell the Americans his valuable information. There was a sign at the outer perimeter telling all vehicles to stop for inspection or they would be fired on. He had stopped there before, but not this time. He blew by the sign. He was fired upon, and killed. Monseffa was clearly a good guy, with valuable information. Was he Right? Yes, he was! Was he Effective? No, he was not. The soldiers fired upon a friendly, killing an ally, to their own long-term detriment. Were they Right? No, they were not. Were they Effective? Yes, they were! Life sometimes sets up situations where the person has to choose between being Right and being Effective. When you hold on to one of these, you sometimes have to loosen your grip on the other one. It takes absolutely no skill to anticipate a tsunami of RAGE that will descent upon me for my proposal. I have some rebuttals God would have been Right if for those arguments, and will He had chosen NOT to sacrifice present them here. Jesus Christ. But that was not the decision that God made. First, allow me to explain the I, myself, have encountered the nature of Satan. When Adam and Right vs. Effective conflict in Eve were created, total Harmony my life. existed in Heaven. But Lucifer was able to get chaos boiling The Black Community will in that environment, and 1/3 of mightily protest that being the angels rebelled, and were Right outweighs the “burden” of kicked out. Satan knows how becoming Effective. Well, that to embitter people, make them is a choice that they are free feel like powerless victims, get to make. However, if they do them to reject the sovereignty of choose the Effective pathway, God, and to shake their fist at then they will learn that the God. These people then go on bitter taste that is prevalent in to make the situation even more the beginning fades away over dysfunctional. time as the fruits of success get God comes along and talks to those whom acknowledge His Authority. (When they are bound in chains of affliction, God opens their ears to instruction. Job 36:8-10.) He tells them how they are contributing to the problem (and are not powerless). He shows them what is needed to improve/solve the problem. God assists those who make an effort to move forward. When MLK was alive, his leadership was towards (total) Integration. In housing; in jobs; in the justice system; in every area. After he died, the Black Community rejected Total Integration, and wants to live in a non-integrated society. A HUGE portion of the problem is exactly as I just described it. Do black people wear their clothes the same way as everybody else? Do they use the English language the same way as everybody else? What about school? What about the workplace? What about music? If black people are in a movie theater, or on a bus, do they make their presence known? borne out. This brings me to my final rebuttal. I once heard a quote that I liked so much that I gave it a title. I call it “the Power of God quote.” The POG quote goes like this: When God comes . . . He comes NOT to ‘Take Sides,’ . . . but to ‘Take Over.’ I really like that quote. As Americans, none of us make big sacrifices to enable God to Take Over. And then, we are dissatisfied with the situation, and get mad at God for the crappy reality we are in. When you take a long story, and reduce it down to one popcorn kernel, the basic truth is that God is not allowed to be in charge. That is as simple as I can make it. And now, any remaining outrage that exists can be directed at me through my email. I’m sure that I will get an ear full. Thank you for your time and attention. Shay Joshua Garnett Billings, MT.