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Today is Sunday PAID ADVERTISEMENT by Shay Joshua Garnett Does everybody know what a “secret weapon” is? Well, God has a “secret weapon.” And that secret weapon is ME! Everybody in heaven already knows that, and has been waiting for years to see how God would use that secret weapon. I also have a secret weapon. And that secret weapon is GOD! God will do things for me that He won’t do for anybody else. And I can do things for society that nobody else can do. Therefore, Shay Joshua Garnett is kind of a big deal. The name Shay (and) Garnett belongs to me. The name Joshua belongs to God. The pattern of bun-meat-bun forms a hot dog (or hamburger). And, similarly, Shay Joshua Garnett is the name of a team formed by myself . . . and God . . . working in synchronicity with each other. too many times to count. From age 19 until now, it has been increasingly sour for me to comprehend all that I know, and comprehend how badly it is needed, and then to comprehend how God has me so thwarted. I also wrap my comprehension around the irony of the situation, which only makes it even more bitter for me. I have been forced to develop a mantra during these times which brings me peace and soothing. My mantra has been “Nobody cares what I think!” Ironically, this insult and bitter truth takes the sting out of my bitter situation. (I can’t explain that.) I have also experienced hundreds and hundreds of hours of hatred toward society. I have formed a mantra on that topic as well. It goes like this: Like I said before, Shay “I could solve every single Joshua Garnett is kind of a one of your problems for big deal. a billion years straight . . . and at the end of that time My life has been a . . . (when I was completely succession of larger and and officially retired) . . . smaller “turning points.” there would not even be When a drilling rig is FOUR PEOPLE among drilling for oil, the bit starts you who recognized my out by going straight down. authority (or gave me the But at the right layer, it can respect I deserved).” turn and go sideways, and even snake around more In the movies, a person in if needed. Similar to that a stone prison cell might (but much better), God has drag a rock along a certain taken my life in various pattern until that pattern directions to prepare me for is deeply carved into the this day. stone walls or the floor. The pattern of the previous The most noteworthy paragraph is deeply carved turning point happened into my consciousness. for me in the summer I tend to think of this truth of 1990, at age 16. I was as originating from my doing a short missions trip experiences. But perhaps that involved a little bit of it originates from God’s training. We were watching experiences, and I just a video on prayer when the happen to “resonate” on speaker said, “Those who that frequency as if it were know God, and are close my own. to God, say that ‘the light of the nation’ is going to come In 2003, God told me that out of Montana.” He had rejected a certain female from becoming Upon hearing that, I was President. Around the very excited that I got to same time, He gave me an live in the same state as instruction. God told me to TLOTN. About four years “Go into politics to pay for later, it slowly dawned on my education.” Hmmmm. me that I was this person, As enlightened as I am, and that God had (national) I have not been able to plans for me. “puzzle out” exactly how to accomplish this any sooner I got saved at age 5, on than this current moment. Christmas Eve. God has worked with me throughout God has given me a brain my life. He has stuffed so and a spirit that enable me much enlightenment in my to comprehend and master head that I am fairly certain that I am “the MEPE” (Most a new topic from almost the instant that someone Enlightened Person on starts to explain it to me. Earth). But if no one takes the time However, this uber-blessing to explain it to me, then I remain in a vacuum of has carried with it a form knowledge on that topic. of torment also. I has produced in me an intense I envision my future to be filled with hundreds desire to use my gifts. and hundreds of hours “Anger (or frustration) of experts pouring their signals a blocked goal. knowledge into me, and Anxiety signals an uncertain goal. Depression for me to be able to spot signals an impossible goal.” nuances and flaws and contradictions that they God has forcibly kept me missed. in a prison of obscurity I have Asperger’s Syndrome. despite my attempts The three qualities that to break out and gain recognition and my abilities best describe this condition are: an intense & narrow to impact society. I have focus; a rigid spirit; and a punched God in the face strong negative reaction towards “shocks to the system.” People with Asperger’s can sustain their focus over years and years which means they often provide “breakthroughs” to society. And they can have a sensitive heart to other people. The strengths and the weaknesses come together. God has enhanced my strengths. He has also designed my life for maximum irritation . . . (like sandpaper rubbing an exposed nerve) . . . so that the weaknesses that are common to my condition have been greatly mitigated . . . (but not entirely removed). Or, to put it another way, He has developed massive amounts of character within me. I have known about my condition for about three or four years now. I consider it to be my superpower. But not my only superpower. I also have an intuition that has been honed razor sharp. I can sense things that are relevant to me even in the absence of evidence. There is an old fairy tale about a castle, and a prince who wishes to find a princess to marry. One evening, when it is raining super hard, a woman comes to the door to get out of the rain. She claims to be a princess, but can offer no proof. So they let her spend the night there. They pile 20 mattresses on top of each other, and place a pea beneath the bottom mattress. They say, “If she really is a princess, then she will be able to feel this pea that nobody else can.” The next morning they ask her how she slept, and she complains there was a rock under her mattress that made her sleep lousy. (The Princess and the Pea.) be done by God. I will do only 5%-10%-15% of the heavy lifting. In this way, it will be apparent to everyone that I did not gain the office by virtue of my own slickness, or my great oratory skills, or my money, or by anything other than the power of God. God is going to give me the job, but He doesn’t want me taking any more than a small portion of the credit. (A small portion is simply unavoidable.) Other people in America want to be President . . . but I’ve actually been guaranteed the job. (By a person whose name is on our dollar bill.) I’m thinking that I might have a slight advantage. ( Just a little one.) Every time I have thought about my “political unveiling,” a certain movie has come to mind. That movie is “Major League” with Charlie Sheen, etc. The scene I like is first of all when Wesley Snipes introduces himself. He says, “My name is Willie Mays Hayes. I bat like Mays, and I run like Hayes.” The crusty old manager rolls his eyes. Then we see Willie at the plate, and he can’t hit a single pitch. The next morning Willie wakes up in his bed outside the stadium. The next scene is Willie come running in at a blistering pace and overtaking the two people in a race. The crusty old manager turns to his assistant and says, “Get that man a uniform.” Like our friend W.M.H., I am noticeably deficient in one area (political experience), and noticeably competent in another area (discernment and character). So, we will have to see how that mixture plays out in real life. In the society which we live in, it is easy to see why this fairy tale would get essentially ZERO airtime. But I find it to be inspiring. In my childhood, I wanted to develop a spirit that was as sensitive as the princess in that story. For many years, one of my inspirations has been Helen Keller, who had a spirit as sensitive as that princess, and I have tried to develop my “inner Helen Keller” accordingly. Today is Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, exactly one year before we pick our next president. Currently, I am a truck driver, as I have been for the last 12 years. I have no “momentum” in the race for the White House. Those who wish to bet on me are encouraged to do so. Those who wish to bet against me are also encouraged to do so. Roughly 85% of the “Heavy Lifting” that it takes to make me President will ~Shay Joshua Garnett. Billings, MT Historians have found that society cannot survive There’s a saying in the when their view of God ghetto that goes like this: gets smaller, and smaller, “When you come at me, and smaller . . . so that He you best come correct!” is just a little bit larger than Well . . . when God develops a “secret weapon,” Man. Perhaps . . . if nothing else . . . I can demonstrate . . . He comes correct (as that God is really damn the saying goes). big! And instead of being a God told me (almost lunatic, I actually know a audibly) that I would be thing or two about a thing President. He told me twice or two. in March of 2006, and once Anyhow. Thank you for in March of 2007. (Don’t your time and attention. ask me why March. IDK.)

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