10. Basic first aid kit

10. Last but not least, you shouldn’t travel anywhere without a basic first-aid kit. Pre-packaged kits come in a variety of sizes, from pocket-sized to suitcase big. I always try to carry the basics, which to me include: regular-sized bandages; knuckle bandages; an anti-diarrheal medicine; burn dressing pads; anti-inflammatory capsules like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium; tweezers come in handy for pulling splinters; antiseptic wipes to clean cuts or abrasions; aspirin, which are good for heart attack victims or for your pooch’s pain; and an antiseptic cream like Neosporin.

Other items that didn’t make the list simply because I was confined to 10 items include: A bandana, which can be used around the neck wet to cool or ward off the sun, as well as atop the head to cover your head and ears. It also performs as a tourniquet, wound dressing, or to simply blow your nose, dry your tears or clean your sunglasses. Toilet paper, never leave home without it. A camera to record and remember your adventures as well as your fellow adventurers. Some type of lip balm. A water purifier or iodine tablets. A gas cook stove and cook kit along with utensils. Snacks like granola bars, jerky, raisins or M&Ms that can hold you over until your next meal.