Shane Colton

Shane Colton dreamed of being a pilot when he enrolled in Montana State University in Bozeman. A medical issue dashed his hopes of flying for a living, so he dropped out of ROTC. That change in circumstances prompted Colton to reassess his career path, and soon he began envisioning a career in law.

"I had never even met a lawyer before I went to law school," Colton said. "During my second year of law school, I became interested in personal injury litigation. I wanted to represent people against companies."

Colton has transformed his love of the outdoors to public service as a member of the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Toughest business decision: "Although I would like to be able to help everyone, I have to carefully determine, on a case-by-case basis, whether I can be of assistance, and I have to know when to accept that there are simply things I cannot change."

How would you make Billings a better place? "If I were the boss of everything, I would convince 45 men to give eight hours a month as a Big Brother to the young boys on the waiting list at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Yellowstone County. Positive mentoring can only help to make Billings a better place."

Which living person do you admire most? "Lolo Jones."

Age: 39

Family: Married.

First paid job: Haying, harvesting.

Favorite book or publication: "Dark Star Safari."

Liked this movie: "DVD of the 2008 World Series"

Favorite Web site: www.globalplanesearch.com

Favorite stress-busting activity: bird hunting, flyfishing.

One word to describe self: Insistent.

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