The Heights has lost one of its oldest hair salons. 

The Billings-based Blanco Blanco has recently put its Heights salon up for sale, moving away from one of the busiest intersections in Montana. 

"I'm going to consolidate my business a little bit," said owner David Blanco. "After 30 years it's time."

Blanco knows the corner of real estate he owns at Main Street and Airport Road is valuable — it's why he wants to sell it. He figures he's reached the age when it's time to start enjoying the spoils of a successful career. 

"I'm gonna play," he said. 

Employees from the Heights location were folded into the staff at the Blanco Blanco salon on Virginia Lane. His Blanco Blanco Cosmetology School on 24 Street West will also remain open. 

Blanco has ordered a large banner that will read, "Thank You" to hang on the Heights salon. He's eager to show his gratitude to a community that has supported his business and a staff that has always worked as a team, he said.

Blanco Blanco has been a Billings institution for more than three decades. Blanco said he dreamed of being a hair stylist as a child, encouraged by his mother to follow his passion. He still travels internationally every year, selling his products and picking up ideas. 

As he plans the next phase for this business, Blanco is full of ideas. He wants to play, but he doesn't want to stop working completely. 

"I'm still buying stuff," he said. "I'm not done; I'm still creating. I'm a designer."

Blanco is looking at a design for garage doors made of glass. They would be constructed with 72 panes that would be tinted during the day and display the garage at night, should the owner want.

The idea, Blanco said, is that people with luxury vehicles want to be able to show them off.

He enjoys design and he's got other ideas he's eager to develop.

"I plan to stay busy," he said.