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Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Oct. 30-Nov. 13, 2018. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

Andrew Tonn, Stephen Sanforda and David Yakos, all of Bozeman, and Joel R. Switzer of Belgrade: Tumbler lid with reservoir and repetitive measuring and disbursement mechanism. 10,112,752, Oct. 30, Toddy Tech LLC, Bozeman.

Gregory J. Wilson of Kalispell: Electroplating contact ring with radially offset contact fingers. 10,113,245, Oct. 30, Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Peggy R. Durney and Michael J. Durney, both of Bozeman: Laundry sock/garment snare. 10,113,265, Oct. 30, Laundry Loops Inc., Bozeman.

Michael Bancroft Simmonds of Bozeman and Jost Diederichs of San Diego: Cryocooler-based gas scrubber. 10,113,793, Oct. 30, Quantum Design International Inc., San Diego.

Nathan Raleigh of Parker, Colo.; Todd Kaji of Littleton, Colo.; Brandon Carpenter of Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Shane Sawyer of Centennial, Colo.; and Jason Moore of Bozeman: Methods and a computing device for maintaining comments and graphical annotations for a document. 10,114,810, Oct. 30, Workiva Inc., Ames, Iowa.

Gary A. Strobel of Bozeman and Bryan Blatt of Manhattan: Volatile organic compound formulations having antimicrobial activity. 10,117,841, Nov. 6, Ecoplanet Environmental LLC, Bozeman.

Kenneth W. Eiden III, Timothy Stefan, Mark D’Agostino and Scott D’Agostino, all of Bozeman; Brian Andrew Hunter of Calgary, Calif.; and Mathew Carley of Apex, N.C.: Intermodal storage and transportation container. 10,118,529, Nov. 6, Proppant Express Solutions LLC, Denver.

Brian D. Albert of Fairfax, Va.; Theodore Trent Trier of Billings; Jose Simonetty X and Michael Louis Hergenrother, both of Kingwood, Texas; Magaly C. Barroeta of Herndon, Va.; Victor Alva of Everett, Wash.; and Owen P. Jacobs of Plainfield, Ill.: Desalter emulsion separation by direct contact vaporization. 10,119,080, Nov. 6, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co., Annandale, N.J.

John R. Rohde of Whitefish; Dean L. Sicking of Indian Springs Village, Ala.; King K. Mak of San Antonio; and John D. Reid of Lincoln, Neb.: Energy absorbing guardrail system having a modified first upper post. 10,119,231, Nov. 6, Safety By Design Inc., Lincoln, Neb.

Christopher J. Burns and Daniel McGarry, both of Malvern, Penn.; Denis Daigle of Street, Md.; Denis Daigle of Street, Md.; Bin Liu of Plainsboro, N.J.; Daniel C. Pevear of Downingtown, Penn.; Robert E. Lee Trout of Collegetown, Penn.; and Randy W. Jackson of Livingston: Beta-lactamase inhibitors. 10,125,142, Nov. 13, VenatoRx Pharmaceuticals Inc., Malvern, Penn.

Dale H. Ellis of Golden, Colo., and Ryan C. Jacques of Helena: Software test automation system and method. 10,127,148, Nov. 13, TurnKey Solutions Corp., Lakewood, Colo.

Andrew Perkins of Bozeman; Susan Yount of Washington, D.C.; Herman Fischer of Woodland Hills, Calif.; and Dean Anthony Ritz of Edmonds, Wash.: Methods and computing device for generating markup language to represent a calculation relationship. 10,127,205, Nov. 13, Workiva Inc., Ames, Iowa.

Ryan M. Anderson, Nathan Morris and James Blake, all of Las Vegas, and Wesley A. Cooper of Kalispell: Systems for identity validation and association. 10,127,368, Nov. 13, Filevine Inc., Las Vegas.

Lee E. Cannon of Bozeman: Multi-player bingo game with multiple cards per player. 10,127,773, Nov. 13, IGT, Las Vegas.

Andrey Zykin of Getzville, N.Y., and Alcinda Miller of Emigrant: LS core LED connector system and manufacturing method. 10,128,426, Nov. 13.

Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg and James A. Proctor Jr. of Indialantic, Fla.: Method for installing a fixed wireless access link with alignment signals. 10,129,888, Nov. 13, Skyline Partners Technology LLC, Boulder, Colo.

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