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Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Feb. 27-March 20, 2018. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

Steve Ventling of Billings: Temporary interlocking spacer bar for truss-wall installation. 9,903,118, Feb. 27.

Paul Beard of Bigfork: Manchester correlator. 9,906,265, Feb. 27, uAvionix Corp., Bigfork.

Heather L. Herron, Pierra A. Pactana, Jeffrey W. Pearson and Lee A. Dexheimer, all of Beaverton, Ore., and Christopher H. Pearson of Billings: Strap assembly for carrying a bag. 9,907,388, March 6, NIKE Inc., Beaverton, Ore.

Mark D. Walsh of Boyne City, Mich.; Bruce C. Nemec of Kalispell; and Jason R. Rohr of Palmyra, Wis.: Bottle neck insert for inhibiting spillage or accidental exposure, and related methods and systems. 9,908,666, March 6, Purebacco USA LLC, Boyne City, Mich.

David Douglas Dieziger of Missoula: Centrifugal pump for de-watering. 9,909,593, March 6.

Paul N. Smith of Bozeman: Recoil abatement stock with reduced rattle. 9,909,835, March 6, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Farmington, Utah.

Paul Daniel James of Queen Creek, Ariz.; Arthur Milliken of Berkeley, Calif.; Robert Perry of Bozeman; and Clyde W. Neu of Missoula; Interactive distributed multimedia system. 9,912,994, March 6, Mobiledirect Inc., Missoula.

Kory McGavin and Elisabeth McGavin, both of Whitefish: Ornamental design for a bottle mounted flying insect trap. D812,183, March 6.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman: Barley cultivar BG 104: 9,913,440, March 13, Highland Specialty Grains Inc., Almira, Wash.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman: Barley cultivar claymore. 9,913,441, March 13, Highland Specialty Grains Inc., Almira, Wash.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman: Barley cultivar Oreana. 9,913,442, March 13, Highland Specialty Grains Inc., Almira, Wash.

Ralph Johnsrud of Florence: Rooftop cargo loader. 9,914,400, March 13.

Scott T. Billadeau of Missoula, David J. Yakos of Bozeman and Joel R. Switzer of Belgrade: Internal vent handle cover arrangement; and methods. 9,914,573, March 13, Planetary Designs, Missoula.

Attila G. Relenyi of Midland, Mich. and Anthony P. Haag of Bozeman: Multiple uses of amine salts for industrial water treatment. 9,919,941, March 20, AMSA Inc., Auburn, Mich.

Paul R. McHugh and Gregory J. Wilson, both of Kalispell: Inert anode electroplating processor and replenisher with anionic membranes. 9,920,448, March 20, Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Rod Herrick of Whitefish: Bursting head device. 9,920,873, March 20, Roddie Inc., Columbia Falls.

Michael Noyce Merino of Melrose: Firearm with gas-assist recoil operation system. 9,921,022, March 20.

Prayudi Lianto, Guan Huei See and Arvind Sundarrajan, all of Singapore; Sam Lee and Marvin Louis Bernt, all of Kalispell; and Charles Sharbono of Whitefish: Methods of enhancing polymer adhesion to copper. 9,922,874, March 20, Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Vernon Foley of Butte: Home screen recommendations determination. 9,924,217, March 20, EchoStar Technologies LLC, Englewood, Colo.