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Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Sept. 4-25, 2018. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

Mitch Heur of Big Fork: Double-barreled lethal or non-lethal selectable firearm. 10,066,889, Sept. 4.

Thomas M. Gregory of Belgrade; Robert A. Kincaid of Manhattan; Clifton L. Cook of Sheridan, Wyo.; and Eric M. Yeates and Thomas A. Marx, both of Virginia Beach, Va.: Holster having a rotatable lockout element. 10,066,902, Sept. 4, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Farmington, Utah.

Mark C. Olson of Racine, Wis.; Ryan W. Johnson of Bigfork; and Stephen L Smith of Kalispell: Power line proximity sensing and warning system. 10,067,170, Sept. 4, United Safety Inc., Kalispell.

David H. Dean of Columbus, Ohio; Krishnamoorthy Subramanyan of Palatine, Ill.; Alexandros T. Moullas of Thessaloniki, Greece; and Robert A. Ratcheson of Hamilton: Methods and systems for producing an implant. 10,068,671, Sept. 4, Osteoplastics LLC, Highland Heights, Ohio.

Marcus A. Teter of Belgrade, and Brenda S Dougherty and Steven T. Naumann, both of Denver: Tracking data latency and availability for dynamic scheduling. 10,069,713, Sept. 4, Raytheon Co., Waltham, Mass.

Vatsalaa Jha of St. Cloud, Minn., and Aaron D. Rhodes of Corvallis: Ornamental design for adjustable sunglasses. D827,702, Sept. 4.

Paul Beard of Big Fork and Jeffrey Walker of Champaign, Ill.: Optical spread spectrum detection and ranging. 10,071,733, Sept. 11, Horizon Hobby LLC, Champaign, Ill.

Russell Tempero, Jennifer Pinczes and Robert Lyle Wall, all of Bozeman: Efficient storage using automatic data translation. 10,073,899, Sept. 11, Oracle International Corp., Redwood Shores, Calif.

Jerry McPherson of Colstrip: Ornamental design for a sport display. D828,451, Sept 11.

Paul N. Smith and Oscar C. Woods, both of Bozeman; Robert A. Kincaid of Manhattan; Daniel D. Sereday and Christopher J. Michael, both of Belgrade; and Troy E. Lance of Livingston: D828,476, Sept. 11, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Farmington, Utah.

Gilbert Fregoso, Brad Heckerman and Yuval Charles Avniel, all of Missoula: Electrical discharge irrigator apparatus and method. 10,076,654, Sept. 18.

Scott Ellenbrand of New Albany, Ind.; Jeremy Becker of Louisville, Ky.; Michael John Montgomery of Hazel Green, Ala.; Landan Alan Cheney of Billings; Shaun Aird Cheney of Camarillo, Ariz.; and Robert D. Jones III of Pearland, Texas: Automated system for laying pipe. 10,076, 988, Sept. 18, ISCO Industries Inc., Louisville, Ky.

Jerry McPherson of Colstrip: Ornamental design for a sport display. D828,872, Sept. 18.

Patrick Southworth of Lewistown: Secondary containment. 10,081,487, Sept. 25, Allied Steel, Lewistown.

Paul R. McHugh and Gregory J. Wilson, both of Kalispell, and Roey Shaviv of Palo Alto, Calif.: Electroplating apparatus with membrane tube shield. 10,081,881, Sept. 25, Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Trevor Kenkel of Kalispell and Philip Chung Yi Leung of Waltham, Mass.: Ornamental design for an aquaponic system. D829,387, Sept. 25, Springworks Farm Maine Inc., Lisbon, Maine.

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