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Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Nov. 20-Dec. 18, 2018. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

Peter A. Lucon and Lawrence C. Farrar, both of Butte: Mechanical system that fluidizes, mixes, coats, dries, combines, chemically reacts, and segregates materials. 10,130,924, Nov. 20, Resodyn Corp., Butte.

Thomas E. Hughes, Paul H. Tewson and Anne Marie Quinn, all of Bozeman: Genetically encoded fluorescent sensors for detecting intracellular signaling through diacylglycerol pathways. 10,131,960, Nov. 20. Montana Molecular LLC, Bozeman.

David G. Andrew of Vancouver, Canada, and Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg: Radio with spatially-offset directional antenna sub-arrays. 10,135,501, Nov. 20, Skyline Partners Technology LLC, Boulder, Colo.

Vikram Kaledhonkar of Fremont, California, and Allan George Schrum of Bozeman: Subscribing to event notifications using object instances. 10,135,940, Nov. 20, Oracle International Corp., Redwood Shores, California.

Jerry McPherson of Colstrip: Ornamental design for a hunting decoy. D834,138, Nov. 20, Flint Holdings LLC, Hummelstown, Penn.

Steven Mangold of Rexford: Ornamental design for a pistol-style spray head. D834,144, Nov. 20, Red Storm Defense LLC, Missoula.

John D. Ward and Richard Heniford, both of Katy, Texas, and Scott Alexander of Billings: Delayed coke drum quench systems and methods having reduced atmospheric emissions. 10,138,425, Nov. 27, Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions Inc., Houston.

Anatoly Shchemelinin of Bozeman; Ily Bezel of Mountain View, California; and Kenneth P. Gross of San Carlos, California: Non-contact thermal measurements of VUV optics. 10,139,283, Nov. 27, KLA-Tencor Corp., Milpitas, California.

Joel E. Carson of Bozeman: Bonus initiation or game play alteration based on physical position and/or orientation of keno card. 10,140,803, Nov. 27, IGT, Las Vegas.

Kiel Roger Ova of Roberts; Thomas Bauer of Beaverton, Oregon; and Jingtao Ma and Kyle Zachary Hatcher, both of Portland, Oregon: Hybrid distributed prediction of traffic signal state changes. 10,140,862, Nov. 27, Traffic Technology Services, Beaverton, Oregon.

Jerry McPherson of Colstrip: Ornamental design for a sport display. D834,649, Nov. 27.

Christopher W. Lane of Tea, S.D., and Kurt Solari of Florence: Ornamental design for an abdominal support. D834,717, Nov. 27.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman and Mark Newell of St. Louis: Wheat cultivar BZ9S09-0300RM. 10,143,161, Dec. 4, Monsanto Technology LLC, St. Louis.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman and Mark Newell of St. Louis: Wheat cultivar BZ9S09-0309RM. 10,143,162, Dec. 4, Monsanto Technology LLC, St. Louis.

Thomas Lerick of Savage, Minn.; Ronak Desai of Daytona, Fla.; Michael Kramer of Princeton, Minn.; and Joseph Schmitt of Whitefish: Managing building information and resolving building issues. 10,147,149, Dec. 4, WWTemplar LLC, Wilmington, Del.

Lee E. Cannon of Bozeman: Class of feature event games suitable for linking to multiple gaming machines. 10,147,275, Dec. 4, IGT, Las Vegas.

Albert James Lovshin and Neal Rogers, both of Butte: Systems and methods for collecting, storing, and using electrical energy from the earth magnetic field. 10,148,163, Dec. 4.

Martin R. Furuhjelm of Hamilton: Verifying distributed computing results via nodes configured according to a tree structure. 10,148,499, Dec. 4, Seagate Technology LLC, Cupertino, California.

Brian Schweyen of Missoula: Devices, systems and methods for sighting: 10,151,563, Dec. 11.

Casey Charles Regan of Corona, California, and Stephen William Ayres of Belgrade: System for monitoring the weight and center of gravity of a vehicle. 10,151,661, Dec. 11, The Boeing Co., Chicago.

Lizanne Kaiser of Richmond, California; Cliff Bell of Kalispell; Daniel Stoops of Powell, Ohio; Herbert Willi Artur Ristock of Walnut Creek, California; and James Kraeutler of Cardiff, California: System and method for marketing attribution in an enterprise. 10,152,727, Dec. 11, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc., Daly City, Calif.

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Vincent Mitchell of Helena: System and method for connecting to marine shore power. 10,153,581, Dec. 11.

Daniel Sereday and Christopher Michael, both of Belgrade; Paul Smith of Bozeman; and Robert Kincaid of Manhattan: Claiming ornamental design for a holster. D835,399, Dec. 11, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Farmington, Utah.

Jennifer Tipton of Billings: Animal grooming tool with wave pattern blade teeth. D835,858, Dec. 11.

Dale R. Clark of Bozeman and Mark Newell of St. Louis: Wheat cultivar 07651-10. 10,154,637, Dec. 18, Monsanto Technology LLC, St. Louis.

Dustin Graham Albright, Daniel Nevin Harding, Tyler Silvers, Russell Buchanan, Paul Mosher, Allyson Beck, Alison Martin and Jon Pennington; all of Clemson, S.C.; Vincent Yves-Marie Blouin and Ufuk Ersoy, both of Central, S.C.; David Aaron Pastre and Alex Libengood, both of Charleston, S.C.; Ulrike Ann-Sophie Heine of Pendleton, S.C.; Ty Monks of Bozeman; Anthony Wohlers, Will Hinkley and David Herrero, all of Greenville, S.C.; Michael Stoner, of Aiken, S.C.; Eric Balogh of Atlanta; Clair Dias of Winston-Salem, N.C.; Jeff Hammer Nashville; Justin Hamrick of Shelby, N.C.; Alexandra Latham of Sumter, S.C.; Neely Leslie of Brooklyn; Rodney Daniel Taylor II of York, S.C.; Rebecca Mercer Wilson of Anderson, S.C.; and Amelia Brackmann of Stafford, Va.: Building framing system. 10,156,067, Dec. 18, Clemson University Research Foundation, Clemson, S.C.

Paul N. Smith and Oscar C. Woods, both of Bozeman; Robert A. Kincaid of Manhattan; Daniel D. Sereday and Christopher J. Michael, both of Belgrade; and Troy E. Lance of Livingston: Adjustable length bi-directional folding stock for firearm. 10,156,421, Dec. 18, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Farmington, Utah.

Paul Beard of Bigfork: Aircraft navigation light ADS-B radio. 10,156,627, Dec. 18, uAvionix Corp., Bigfork.

Orest Jacob Pilskalns of Missoula, and Colin Brian Heidtman of Florence: Camera angle visualization for aerial vehicle flight plan. 10,157,501, Dec. 18, Skyyfish LLC, Missoula.

Edward E. Netherton of Troy: Electrical breaker rear side actuator. 10,157,721, Dec. 18, DEA Inc., Spokane Valley, Wash.

Kenleigh C. Hobby of Phoenix; Brendan Gowing of West Sussex, Great Britain; and David P. Matt of Missoula: Viewing and participating at virtualized locations. 10,158,685, Dec. 18, Equisight Inc., McKinney, Texas.

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* I understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its user agreement and privacy policy.