Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors May 28-July 2. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

Gregg Tvetene of Billings: Sod harvesters. 10,299,443, May 28, Trebro Holding Inc., Billings.

Michael Buckman of Plains: Personal heating and cooling device. 10,299,525, May 28.

Daniel Aloysius Nolan of Corning, N.Y.; Vasudha Ravichandran of Painted Post, N.Y.; Ioannis Georgios Roudas of Bozeman; and Christine Coulter Wolcott of Horseheads, N.Y.: Textured surface for display applications. 10,302,841, May 28, Corning Inc.

Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg and James A. Proctor Jr. of Melbourne Beach, Fla.: Hybrid band radio with multiple antenna arrays. 10,306,635, May 28, Skyline Partners Technology LLC, Boulder, Colo.

Charles A. Cummings of Kalispell and Mikael R. Borjesson of Lakeside: Plating power supply with headroom control and ethercat interface. 10,309, 031, June 4, Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.

Michael E. Pokorny of Kalispell: Submersible-rated roller table motor. 10,312,766, June 4.

Daniel Stoops of Powell, Ohio; James Kraeulter of Cardiff, Calif.; and Cliff Bell of Kalispell: System and method for identity authentication. 10,313,341, June 4.

David Andrew G. Lea of Vancouver, Canada, and Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg: Aperture-fed, stacked-patch antenna assembly. 10,313,898, June 4, Skyline Partners Technology LLC, Boulder, Colo.

Jefferson M. Jones, Andrew M. Wade, Michael C. Monaghan and Justin A. Hogan, all of Bozeman, and Nicholas G. Evans of Omaha, Neb.: Long-range voice and data transmission using LoRa modulation and sensitivity-enhancing buffering techniques. 10,313,925, June 4, Beartooth Radio Inc.

Michael Mansfield of Bozeman and Daniel Cox of Belgrade: Manufacture of biomaterial implants via three-dimensional printing technology. 10,314,942, June 11, Bacterin International Inc., Belgrade.

Thomas E. Wood V: Motorized snowboard system. 10,315,097, June 11.

Scott Fahrenbruck and Bruce Hazeltine, both of Missoula: Heater and related methods therefor. 10,315,181, June 11, GTAT Corp., Hudson, N.H.

Jeremy Smith of Missoula: Method of rejuvenating the interior of a toasted barrel. 10,315,333, June 11.

Reza Nemovi of San Marcos, Calif., and Robert Bartlett of Kalispell: Multi-rotor vehicle with yaw control and autorotation. 10,315,759, June 11, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.

Dave Shuck and Jerry Kolstad, both of Billings; Mark Rapkoch of Laurel; and Grenvil Marquis Dunn of Gauteng, South Africa: Precious metals recovery. 10,316,388, June 11, Stillwater Mining Co., Billings.

Paul N. Smith of Bozeman: Recoil abatement stock with reduced rattle. 10,317,166, June 11, Vista Outdoor Operations LLC, Anoka, Minn.

Vivek R. Dave of Concord, N.H.; Mark J. Cola and Alberto Castro, both of Sante Fe, N.M.; Bruce R. Madigan of Butte; and Martin S. Piltch of Butte: Optical manufacturing process sensing and status indication system. 10,317,294, June 11, Sigma Labs Inc., Santa Fe.

Jeffrey Scott Maltas of Sibley, Iowa; Ronald G. Story of Irvine, Calif.; Jeffrey D. Tschetter of Sioux Falls, S.D.; Justin C. King of Richland, Mich.; Guy B. Longbrake of Buford, Ga.; and Michael E. Pederson of Lewistown: Labeling band with elastic extension. 10,319,262, June 11, Bedford Industries Inc., Worthington, Minn.

Rick C Powell of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Upali Jayamaha and Anke Abken, both of Toledo, Ohio; Markus Gloeckler of Perrysburg, Ohio; Akhlesh Gupta of Sylvania, Ohio; Roger T. Green of Monclova, Ohio; and Peter Meyers of Lakeside: Photovoltaic devices including doped semiconductor films. 10,319,873, June 11, First Solar Inc., Tempe, Ariz.

Adam Bily of Seattle; Anna K. Boardman of Allston, Mass.; Russell J. Hannigan of Sammamish, Wash.; John Desmond Hunt of Knoxville, Tenn.; Nathan Kundtz of Kirkland, Wash.; David R. Nash of Arlington, Wash.; Ryan Allan Stevenson of Maple Valley, Wash.; and Philip A. Sullivan of Bozeman: Surface scattering antennas. 10,320,084, June 11, The Invention Science Fund I LLC.

Bruce Tribbensee of Missoula and Thomas Hagan of Boothbay, Maine: Fast and secure way to fetch or post data and display it temporarily to a user: 10,320,789, June 11, Actioneer Inc., Charlestown, Mass.

Brian Ross Gollehon of Anaconda and Mark Franklin of Bozeman: Techniques for determining an angular offset between two objects. 10,323,504, June 18, Accu-scribe LLC, Butte.

Grant Nelson, Michael J. Thiesen, Aaron Hall, Nathan Woods and David Marne, all of Bozeman: System and method for convergent document collaboration. 10,325,014, June 18, Workiva Inc., Ames, Iowa.

Daniel W. Price and Jacqueline C. Aronhalt, both of Loveland, Ohio; Sora Rhee of Pennsylvania Furnace, Penn.; Cory G. Kimball of Hamilton, Ohio; Timothy G. Dietz of Wayne, Penn. Ashvani K. Madan of Mason, Ohio; Donna L. Korvick of Bridgewater, New Jersey; Jeffrey D. Messerly, William D. Dannaher and Michael R. Lamping, all of Cincinnati; William E. Clem of Bozeman; John B. Schulte of West Chester, Ohio; Danius P. Silkaitis of Seattle; and Stephen J. Balek of Springboro, Ohio: Surgical instrument with orientation sensing. 10,327,798, June 25, Ethicon LLC, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

Chris F. Forseth of Kalispell: Wood clamp with lateral support member: 10,328,552, June 25.

Scott Douglas Bechtle and Val Lint, both of Bozeman; Joseph L. Balay of Sugarloaf, Penn.; and Thomas Balay of Drums Penn.: Enclosure system. 10,329,789, June 25, Tambour Enclosures LLC, Bozeman.

Brandon W. Miller and Joshua R. Boyce, both of Kalispell, and Dean G. Grommet of Whitefish: Automatic/semi-automatic rifle assembly for large caliber belted cartridges. 10,330,410, June 25, Guardian Defense LLC, Columbia Falls.

Michael J. Thiesen, Dominic J. Frost, Grant Nelson and Benjamin Echols, all of Bozeman, and Stephen Bush of Missoula: System and method for convergent document collaboration. 10,331,776, June 25, Workiva Inc., Ames, Iowa.

Kim Ormsby, Sky Sterry and Trisha Wookey, all of Bozeman: Design for a diaper bag. D851,927, June 25.

Irene E. Palmer of Mills River, N.C., and Michael S. Owen of Cascade: Argyranthemum plant named “G15101.” PP30,615, June 25, GardenGenetics LLC, Ballafonte, Penn.

William J. Ritter of Bozeman: Splitboard latching device. 10,335,665, July 2, Spark R&D IP Holdings LLC, Bozeman.

Peter A. Lucon and Lawrence C. Farrar, both of Butte: Mechanical system that fluidizes, mixes, coats, dries, combines, chemically reacts, and segregates materials. 10,335,749, July 2, Resodyn Corp., Butte.

Gil Fredsall of Whitehall: Cutter assembly for grinding and crushing machines with replaceable cutting edges. 10,335,798, July 2.

Lawrence Berg of North Grafton, Mass.; Henry Kelley of Woburn, Mass.; and Stephen C. Collins, Zachary Cole and Randy W. Equall, all of Bozeman: Boresighting a laser to an imaging sensor systems and methods. 10,335,896, July FLIR Systems Inc., Wilsonville, Ore.

Brian D. Albert of Fairfax, Va.; Theodore Trent Trier of Billings; Jose X. Simonetty and Michael Louis Hergenrother, both of Kingwood, Texas; Magaly A. Barroeta of Tomball, Texas; Victor Alva of Everett, Wash.; and Owen P. Jacobs of Plainfield, Ill.: Desalter emulsion separation by hydrocarbon heating medium direct vaporization. 10,336,951, July 2, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co., Annandale, N.J.

Duane R. Bender of Billings: Toilet splash guard systems. 10,337,182, July 2.

Barry A. Freel, Geoffrey D. Hopkins and Cameron A.F. Stiles, all of Ottawa, Calif.; R. Lee Torrens of Missoula; and Stefan Muller of North Vancouver, Calif.: Liquid biomass heating system. 10,337,726, July 2, Ensyn Renewables Inc., Wilmington, Del.

Aaron Kreitinger and Michael Thorpe, both of Bozeman: high-sensitivity gas-mapping 3D imager and method of operation. 10,337,859, July 2, Bridger Photonics Inc., Bozeman.

David Andrew Haila of Ames, Iowa, and Graham Cummins, Robert Ray Lamb and Jeroen Sebastian Cranendonk, all of Bozeman: System and methods for providing query-based permissions to data. 10,339,338, July 2, Workiva Inc., Ames, Iowa.

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