The following is information that was available as of Oct. 18, 2019.

Addition Single/Duplex/Garage

1400 Easy St., Schell, Kenneth and Marsha M., $9,798

222 Nash Lane, Archer, Cynthia, Jones, Steve, $45,312


766 Calhoun Lane, John Gonitzke, Chester, Scott J., $22,000

545 Judith Lane, Covert Company LLC, Cayton Excavation Inc., $10,000

New Accessory Structure

3932 First Ave. S., Huck, Dale M., $126,192

933 Delphinium Drive, James E., Lavaun, Marie Black L., Brocklebank, Dan, $50,000

932 N 22nd St., Hagstrom, Daniel F., $27,648

New Single Family

6363 Southern Bluffs Lane, Buscher Construction Ltd., $206,971

6365 Southern Bluffs Lane, Buscher Construction Ltd., $206,971

2421 Cielo Circle, Ed and Pam Kaufman, Jeff Engel Construction Inc., $318,900

6125 Timbercove Drive, Akta LLC, Hanson/Larson, Lee/Annie, $422,894

New Two Family

1509 Columbine Drive, Felton Associates Inc., Parks, Trenton, $363,330

1513 Columbine Drive, Trent Parks, $363,330

Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage

210 Ave. C, Gee, Jerry Victor, $15,000

1928 St., Andrews Drive, Swift, Alfred C. and Grace L., Judson Enterprises, $15,539

117 S. 36th St., Morley, Robert and Tiffany J., $10,000

185 Annandale Road, Pritchard Family Revocable Trust, $275,788

5301 Clemson Drive, Big Time Construction, Langford, Aaron, $219,582

5307 Clemson Drive, Big Time Construction, Langford, Aaron, $224,630

362 Cherry Hills Road, Hellekson, Douglas, Hill, Jeff and Tammy, $420,212

6101 Norma Jean Lane, McCall Development, McCall, James, $353,727

621 Ave. D, Johnson, Zane L., Ackaret, Marvin and Gregory, $400

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2006 Northridge Circle, Ganser, June M., Judson Enterprises, $9,221

2491 Aspen Way, Allen, Nathan G. and Erin M., Naylor, Anthony R., $30,000

1840 Wentworth Drive, Luterbach, Duane, Kirtland, Damon, $3,000

120 Morningside Lane, Larsen, Matt G. and Teresa, Freyenhagen Construction Inc., $88,000


146 S. Crestwood Drive, McKenna, Sally J., Harris, Dale, $2,991

228 Parkhill Drive, Hughes, Nancy S., Bisso, Jason, $9,750

203 Foster Lane, Ash, Melissa, Judson Enterprises, $3,876

2549 Interlachen Drive, Ans, Martins E. and Wanda L., Therlault, Rick, $26,000

218 Sixth St. W., Anders, Michael R., Dipasquale, Brett, $4,285

12 S Crestwood Drive, Meyer, Mary K., Lynnrich Inc., $7,692

4706 Stone St., Deibele, Leo and Joanne, Anderson, Demi, $9,682

4633 Phillip St., Puliafico, Charles M. and Susan K., Anderson, Demi, $6,966

929 Lewis Ave., Martin, Iva B. and Ross H., Anderson, Demi, $12,304

2109 Brentwood Lane, Aslakson, Leigh R. and Katherine, Anderson, Demi, $4,507

621 Ave. D. Johnson, Zane L., $3,600

75 Aster Circle, Wiseman, Russel J. and Kathleen A., Bjorgum, Keith, $305

624 Aronson Ave., Lamb, Joanne M., Bisso, Jason, $1,200

502 Miles Ave., Aldrich, James K., Judson Enterprises, $27,204

2218 Fairway Drive, McMullen, Matt and Michele, Bisso, Jason, $1,600

913 N. 22 St., Jones, Stephen W. and Teresa K., Jones, Stephen, $1,200

2117 High Sierra Blvd., Ketchum, Karena L., McMorris, Chris, $3,000

2130 Lakehills Drive, Specialized Construction Inc., $650

2124 Lakehills Drive, Specialized Construction Inc., $500

2018 Wentworth Drive, Bachman, Sandra L., Sunset Construction LLC, $784

129 Shaw Circle, Clark, Jordan, Replogle, Jerry, $3,100

529 Ave. C., Sommers, Marcy Ann, Norwood, Craig, $1,300

870 South Heights Lane, Cerovski, Doran and Mary, Skinner, David, $1,500

There were 392 Fence/Roof/Siding and Roof/Siding residential permits issued in September.

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