2953 Rockrim Lane, Sam Bergman, Weber, Gary Construction Inc., $4,500

217 N. 20th St., Currie, Trent, BTU Buster, $69,000

Exterior Remodel

2525 Broadwater Ave., Montgomery, Scott and Rebekka, C's Construction of Billings, $8,348

New Accessory Structure

6028 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $42,064

6043 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $42,064

6025 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $42,064

New Single Family

1413 Las Palmas Ave., Aaron Higginbotham, $210,776

1302 Jean Ave., Felton Associates Inc., Lorenz Construction, $273,093

7046 Copper View Way, LC Custom Homes, $246,011

1507 Rancho Vista Ave., Infinity Home LLC, $283,065

4772 Audubon Way, Built Homes Inc., $561,538

2415 Bonito Loop, High Sierra II Inc., Infinity Home LLC, $283,540

3147 Falcon Circle, Trent Buscher Construction, $450,912

1211 N. Ping Circle, Habitat For Humanity, $178,020

1425 Las Palmas Ave., Infinity Home LLC, $242,331

2613 Strapper Lane, South Pine Design, $235,166

New Two Family

1911 Front St., McCall Development Inc., $508,608

6417 Signal Peak Ave., Magnus Land Development LLC, Brown Builders Inc., $327,260

Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage

525 Daniel St., Carl Rose Jares Fence Co. Inc., $9,397

2996 W. Copper Ridge Loop, Wilhelm, Robert I. and Lindsey M., $3,000

2038 Forest Park Drive, Wentz Family Trust, Barrett Concrete Cutting, $7,000

3719 Hayden Drive, Oswald Revovable Trust, Freyenhagen Construction Inc., $44,000

2977 W. Copper Ridge Loop, Riley, Stewart D. and Melissa J., $49,000

224 Wyoming Ave., Blewett, William A., Vandever Construction, $550

5520 Gene Sarazen Drive, Lapito, Gabriel Edward, Brand, Steve Monson Custom Builder, $155,000

820 Aurora Drive, Stiller, Levern M. and Raquel D., Alpha-Omega Disaster Restoration, $10,000

1745 Sylvan Lane, Cimmino, Paul F., Angela Freyenhagen Construction Inc., $32,000


6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $174,000

6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $155,000

6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $122,000

6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $122,000

6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $155,000

6044 Mollie Rose Lane, McCall Development, $174,000


1223 Benjamin Blvd. Jones, Kent V. and Kimberly A., H Colters Construction LLC, $3,700

358 Delta Circle, Sullivan, Kerry Scott and Stephanie, One Source Construction LLC, $1,350

2736 Custer Ave., Demontigny, Patrick E., Craigo Construction, $2,467

1903 10th St. W., Regele, Elizabeth, $1,500

1204 Nasturtium Drive, Neuman, Daniel E. and Rita F, One Source Construction LLC, $1,150

1415 Watson Peak Road, Henderson, Betty, Ekle Construction, $2,000

876 Sargeant At Arms Ave., Ross, Timothy C., K-Designers, $3,762

1110 Cook Ave., Bird, Dean Sr., K-Designers, $6,520

1228 Broadwater Ave., Holt, Sonja Ruth and Joan E., Rae Contracting Inc., $10,000

1202 Benjamin Blvd., Smith, Kenneth D. and Margaret T., C's Construction of Billings, $3,331

44 Marshall Drive, Fellows, James M. and Jolynn, One Source Construction LLC, $1,500

There were 153 Fence/Roof/Siding and Roof/Siding residential permits issued in November.

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