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Residential building permits

Residential building permits


Addition Single/Duplex/Garage

Construction Solutions Inc., 2605 Emerson Place, Taylor, Rocky David and Christine, $269,343

Wayne Construction, Replace Existing Deck. 575 Tabriz Drive, Corneliusen, Brian and Judi, $19,000

2617 S. Bridger Drive, Williams, Carol I. and Kevin F., $5,700

Pinnacle Services, 2464 Westfield Drive, Brekke, Kyle and Allyson M., $15,600

All Decked Out Inc., 2020 Greenbriar Road, Zink, Edward E. and Marcie L., $20,146

4421 Phillip St., Collins, Kevin M. and Virginia, $2,250

3812 Tommy Armour Circle, Waarvik, Brendan, $20,000

Les Nouveau Milieux-Bob Habeck, 4347 Palisades Park Drive, Denegre, John G. and Corinne B., $6,400

Bauer Construction, 3740 Corbin Drive, Walter, Kevin K., $30,000

New Accessory Structure

4406 Laredo Place, Sterup, Robert L. and Carolyn I., $12,000

Freyenhagen Construction Inc., 43 Clark Ave., Leigh Morrison Revocable Trust, $94,400

Courtesy Construction LLC, 1529 Ave. F, Neary, Richard and Marcee F., $6,500

Northwest Construction, 2160 Skyview Drive, Morton, Ryan W. and Kristina D., $36,864

Vaughn Lane, Larry Wagoner, $246,800

Steve Gountanis Homes Inc., 933 Vineyard Circle, Nielsen, Rod and Juleen, $19,200

B&W Builders, 736 Ave. D, Nyquist, Sverre and Sara N., $32,256

New Single Family

537 Clark Ave., Blanding, Nathan and Kristen, $189,302

Infinity Home LLC, 3107 70th St. W., Infinity Home, $0

Aaron Higginbotham, 1428 Las Palmas Ave., Upfront Development LLP, $247,296

Infinity Home LLC, 1429 Las Palmas Ave., Infinity Home, $197,975

Formation Inc., 2502 Mountain Range Court, $298,619

Oakland Built Homes Inc., 1436 Rancho Vista Ave., Oakland Built Homes, $196,864

Infinity Home LLC, 3134 Forbes Blvd., $221,576

Jorden Construction 4223 Arrowwood Drive, Butt, Jacob and Jennifer, $650,000

2525 Bay Hills Road, Thievin, Amanda Jo, $299,250

2123 Gleneagles Blvd., Ron S. Hill Living Trust, $221,498

Oakland Built Homes Inc., 1449 Rancho Vista Ave., $186,060

McCall Development, 1626 Annas Garden Lane, $221,434

Trails West Homes LLC, 924 Bitterbrush St., Trails West Homes LLC, $279,888

Infinity Home LLC, 1523 Rancho Vista Ave., High Sierra II Inc., $195,196

Image Builders, 4250 Cedarwood Lane, $485,228

Had Inc., 1461 Rancho Vista Ave., Trevor Sheener, $236,556

Green Jeans LLC, 1368 Watson Peak Road, $224,344

Ketchum Construction & Woodworks Inc., 1002 Beringer Way, Tyrell Keller, $303,619

Yellowstone Basin Construction, 2108 S. Stone Creek Trail, $580,000

HD Building Inc., 1405 Jean Ave., Felton Associates Inc., $237,221

McCall Development, 1730 Annas Garden Lane, $351,602

Design Builders, Inc., 2513 Blue Mountain Trail, Boyer Land LLC, $294,582

Art Work Builders, 1284 Watson Peak Road, Trio Construction LC, $245,582

Art Work Builders, 1320 Watson Peak Road, Trio Construction LC, $245,582

McCall Development, 1820 Annas Garden Lane, $197,525

McCall Development, 6033 Norma Jean Lane, $221,434

Wells Built Inc., 4205 Snowywoods Drive, $398,227

Big Time Construction, 1407 Tania Circle, $216,544

Yellowstone Property Solutions LLC, 5211 Clemson Drive, David Mutch, $246,800

Habitat For Humanity, 1212 S. Ping Circle, $201,072

6113 Norma Jean Lane, McCall Development Inc., $230,680

McCall Development, 6033 Farmstead Ave., $224,174

McCall Development, 6009 Farmstead Ave., $140,650

McCall Development, 6039 Farmstead Ave., $222,024

HG Designs 2706 Cornell Circle, Hanser Capital Holdings LLC, $350,000

McCall Development, 6015 Farmstead Ave., $140,650

Wagenhals Enterprises Inc., 1118 Daylight Lane, $260,000

New Two Family

Teske Construction Inc., 4235 Bell Ave., Regal Land Development Inc., $408,076

Teske Construction Inc., 4229 Bell Ave., Regal Land Development Inc., $408,076

Plan Revision

Buscher Construction LTD, 3143 Falcon Circle, $97,370

Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage

Big Sky Exterior Designs Inc., 615 N. 24th St., Morehead, Mark, $20,000

Freyenhagen Construction Inc., 21 Stanford Court, Thompson, Peter M. and Calley K., $19,000

Brown Builders Inc., 6319 Absaloka Lane, Magnus Land Development LLC, $327,260

Brown Builders Inc., 6313 Absaloka Lane, Magnus Land Development LLC, $327,260

Teske Construction Inc., 4217 Bell Ave., Regal Land Development Inc., $408,076

Teske Construction Inc., 4223 Bell Ave., Wells, Daniel W. and Julane, $435,340

137 Ave. B, Buckley, Angie, $3,000

506 S. 35th St., Scott, John T., $10,000

Interex Contracting, 4206 Cedarwood Lane, Knell, James W. and Patricia A., $12,000

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 490 Indian Trail, Haggerty, Jeffrey W. and Vickie L., $4,410

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 36 Marshall Drive, Pullishy, Ken, $4,366

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 1248 Calendula Circle, Marum, Tom L. and Susan J., $5,542

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 1290 Lonesome Pine Lane, Kerr, Jimmie L. and Carrie M., $4,750

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 2460 Fern Drive, Kirby, Douglas J., $5,950

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, Tear Out Replace Tub 2215 Yellowstone Ave., Pacot, Connie J and $5,165

291 Bohl Ave., Christensen, Jai and Robin, $11,760

3323 Reimers Park Drive, Demars, Sean M. and Sarah F., $30,000

849 Ave. E, Wheatley, Eric and Becky, $70,000

413 S. 38th St., Silva, Karen L., $11,550

Northwest Construction, 1430 Ave. E, Tallman, Carol E., $9,100

3369 Tahoe Drive, Jeff and Heidi Grundhauser, $29,750

Sundance Solar Systems LLC, 3119 Gregory Drive, Fulton, Angus B., $12,500

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 1723 Ave. C, Prigan, Loren W., $5,100

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 517 Luther Circle, Holmes, Mark P. and Pamela J., $7,500

Your Home Improvement Company LLC, 615 Burlington Ave., Peterson, Garrett M., $4,250

Lightning Electric, 1436 Benjamin Blvd. Searles, Albert A. and Lacey A., $20,000

Luminasun Smart Home LLC, 4226 Iron Horse Trail, Livingston, Paul B. and Janea B., $718


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