Addition Single/Duplex/Garage

408 S. 29th St. W., Nette, James P., Sealey, Terry, $22,464

4149 King Ave. E., Schoenenberger, David L., and Marg Sung, Kim, $4,000

1937 Stony Meadow Lane, Ayer-Svingen, Bonnie E., $10,000

12 S. Crestwood Drive, Meyer, Mary K., Lynnrich Inc., $15,644

2539 Lake Heights Drive, Fawcett, Ryan, Owen, Steven, $4,500

1821 Ave. D, Gehring, Darryl B. and Susan H., Cueva, Anna Mercedez, $28,000

2701 Clark Ave., Jay and Trista Wahl, Besel, Zach, $80,000

433 Tabriz Drive, Besel, Zach, Specht, Brian, $71,744

7040 Copper View Way, Infinity Home LLC, $9,000

2047 Andromeda Lane, Haney, James K., $8,280

New Accessory Structure

407 Glee Place, Moore, Thomas G. and Peterson, Scott, $24,288

2206 Hoover Ave., Barber, Rebecca L., $25,344

6829 Copper Ridge Loop, Ailen Halter, $8,330

2105 Locust St., Robinson, Thomas A., Reule, Timothy, $10,000

913 N. 22nd St., Jones, Stephen W. and Teresa K., Jones, Stephen, $7,000

3522 St. Johns Ave., Ostermiller, Steven J. and Joyce, $36,864

New Single Family

4214 Snowywoods Drive, Classic Design Homes Inc., $324,456

1205 N. Ping Circle, Habitat For Humanity, $151,908

1117 Daylight Lane, Wagenhals, Chad, Wagenhals Enterprises Inc., $260,000

824 Sandcherry St., Wilson/Dorn/Stock, Rod/Rick/Mike, Trails West Homes LLC, $257,104

5357 Amherst Drive, Cougar Construction, Sam Nelson, $271,371

2532 Strapper Lane, Blatchford, Kevin, South Pine Design, $311,726

2617 Strapper Lane, Blatchford, Kevin, South Pine Design $207,680

5133 Chapel Hill Drive, Boschert, Daniel, Matt and Judy Crampton, $287,880

7034 Copper View Way, New West Construction Inc., $267,969

2351 Gleneagles Blvd., Trent Parks Billings Best Builders LLC, $363,330

2145 S. Stone Creek Trail, Ott, Jesse, Robert and Rachel Lee, $690,000

2438 Bonito Loop Infinity Home Infinity Home LLC, $242,331

2237 Gleneagles Blvd., Diverse Construction LLC, Diverse Construction LLC, $226,974

1248 Watson Peak Road, Art Work Builders, $253,671

5338 Amherst Drive, Mark and Kari Bentson, Beartooth Holding & Construction, $552,064

Remodel Single/Duplex/Garage

4340 Stone St., Christopher Crane, $13,500

1505 Topanga Ave., Infinity Homes, Wanner, Levi, $10,000

1821 Gleneagles Blvd., Svee, Gary D. and Diane, Les Nouveau Milieux-Bob Habeck, $350

1104 Poly Drive, Barnea, Uri N. and Lizbeth A., Les Nouveau Milieux-Bob Habeck, $400

430 Josephine Drive, Wilson, Barry and Marcie, Schultz, Daren, $500

5146 Chapel Hill Drive, Hanser Capital Holdings LLC, Hanser Construction Co., $5,000

2346 Stillwater Drive, Katherine Jabs Trust, Reimers, Dara and Daryl, $25,000

701 Cook Ave., Riske, Craig A. and Nikki M., Eggebrecht, Chad, $10,535

5145 Granite Peak Way, Nation, Tate W., Scozzari Family Trust, $5,500

1750 High Sierra Blvd., Lix, Lisa, $7,000

701 S. 34th St., Hoffman, Max, $20,000

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1134 Custer Ave., Mark Noble, $500


335 Clark Ave., Colton, Shane D., Anderson, Demi, $6,284

2520 Raymond Place, Nelson, Richard J. and Linda L., Anderson, Demi, $4,113

537 Wigwam Trail, Belgarde, Ronald, and Anderson, Demi, $7,943

2014 Wilshire Blvd., Detienne, Mearl M., and Anderson, Demi, $8,611

543 Mecca Drive, Brown, Chandra J. and Braxton, CMW Construction, $3,000

1231 Terry Ave., Resser, Eddie Bill, and Mary Elle, Bjorgum, Keith, $2,512

2021 Wentworth Drive, Neill, Gregory D. and Sherry D., Martzold, Mark, $1,200

2142 Sierra Vista Circle, Wittmer, Arthur Tyler, and Jessie Replace 5 Windows $1,500

824 Miles Ave., Administration Of Veterans Affairs, Barrett Jr. James A., $6,500

1212 Governors Blvd., Michaelis, Patrick and Katie, Norwood, Charles C., $3,600

2736 Custer Ave., Demontigny, Patrick E., Lynnrich Inc., $11,635

2219 11th St. W., Polkowske, Michael G. and Genevie, Lynnrich Inc., $2,667

3530 Glenfinnan Road, Dow, Susan, Dupont, Jon, $40,000

1210 Ave. C, Larry and Jan LLC, Bisso, Jason, $650

1647 River Stone St., Nicholson, Edwin Jr. and Sherri. Judson Enterprises, $15,492

4212 Clevenger Ave., Rodda, Frederick and Julie, Cotter, Phil, $2,000

2015 Ave. B, Johnson, Michael S., Mcclintock, Doug, $2,000

4047 Rimrock Road, Sandoval, Ismael and Laura M., Judson Enterprises, $10,988

1126 Vera Cruz Circle, Asil Properties LLC, Lahey, Mark, $1,500

4305 Rio Vista Drive, Difronzo, Michael J. and Patricia, Bisso, Jason, $750

14 E. Almadin Lane, Almadin LLC, Casterline, Kevin - Roofing Contractors Replace 4 Windows $2,400

2158 Largo Circle, Michael, Edward J. and Connie Ann, Terry, John, $4,600

27 Wyoming Ave., Stalling, Phillip and Linda C., Bisso, Jason, $950

4340 Stone St., Gibson, Clara B., Norwood, Craig, $1,166

723 Aronson Ave., Collins, Darrin and Dana M., Collins, Terrence, $2,500

1320 Cortez Ave., Fuhrmann, Brian Robert, Brewster, Cody, $300

1121 Strawberry Ave., Day, Douglas A. and Colleen B., Brewster, Cody, $1,300

2136 Del Mar St., Eller, Michael L. and Amelia, Rambur, Dale, $1,133

2408 Brook Hollow Drive, Dreyer, Coni L., Rambur, Dale, $1,272

1424 Watson Peak Road, Smith, Carrie Lynn, Harris, Dale, $1,526

2315 Woody Drive, Kuhr, Robert H. and Robyn R., Norwood, Craig, $1,185

5520 Gene Sarazen Drive, Jones, Joshua R., $24,000

2047 Andromeda Lane, Rosman, Stacey, Haney, James K., $17,807

690 Black Diamond Road, Rambur, Dale, Thimsen, Christopher P., $3,147

3907 Audubon Way, Bisso, Jason, Rick and Buffy Stiles $7,550

2808 Sunnyview Lane, Judson Enterprises, Nation, Johnny W., $15,247

1328 Twin Lakes Drive, Rambur, Dale, Maust, Marvin H. and Virginia A., $1,538

1545 Topanga Ave., Rambur, Dale, Reinhardt, Jackie Lee and Ronda, $265

1632 Broadwater Ave., Vande Veegaete, Richard Trust, Renewal By Andersen Of MT, $5,019

1187 Keno St., Carter, Bryan C., Renewal By Andersen Of MT, $4,785

2403 Woody Drive, Ballard, Janet L., Renewal By Andersen Of MT, $5,526

851 Governors Blvd., Anderson, Theodore R. & Deborha, K-Designers, $1,779

On Oct. 20, The Gazette reported a total of 392 Fence/Roof/Siding and Roof/Siding residential permits were issued in September, which reflected the information available at press time. Since then, the City of Billings announced the issuance of an additional 356 Fence/Roof/Siding and Roof/Siding in September, bringing the total to 748.

There were 467 Fence/Roof/Siding and Roof/Siding residential permits issued in October.

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