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One Community. One Billings.

This fall, Billings was recognized by Fortune Small Business Magazine and as the number one small market community to launch and grow a business. As a community we have again proven that we can weather any storm that heads our way and come out on top. As our community's Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau we are proud of Billings and proud of the role we play in bringing groups and individuals together to tackle issues at hand.

Our 1,100 business members who employ 44,000 people in the area are working hard on Chamber/CVB focus issues that include workforce development, education, transportation, quality of life, meeting the needs of small business and much more. We offer you a forum to debate, decide and act in the interest of making Billings number one in many categories. Dr. Mike Schaer is a great example of a small business owner who has grown and expanded his endeavors while making many positive impacts our hometown. Mike also serves on the Chamber/CVB Executive Committee. The reason Mike belongs to the Chamber/CVB…

Dear Billings Resident,

Our company, Computers Unlimited, has been a member of the Billings Chamber of Commerce/Convention and Visitors Bureau for many years. We develop integrated software solutions for industrial gas distributors, providers of infusion therapy and oral medications in the home care industry. Our software is sold throughout the world and in relation to our total revenue, only a small portion is derived in Billings or Montana. So you might ask, "Why be a member of the Chamber?" The answer is simple. We employ over 200 employees who live in Billings who purchase from and take advantage of the services provided by Billings businesses every single day. It is important that these businesses have a voice at the table in dealing with local, state, and federal government, bringing great entertainment to Billings, helping with quality air service, lobbying for our great trail systems, and promoting Billings as a destination place for conventions and meetings. The Billings Chamber of Commerce/CVB provides a mechanism for timely forums for networking among these businesses.

All of these services cost money and we feel that it is our responsibility to do our part. We view Chamber/CVB membership as a benefit to all of our people to help to make Billings a great place to live and raise a family. Our Chamber has been very successful in making Billings a great business environment and a growing town for many years.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Schaer

Owner, Computers Unlimited

John Brewer, CAE

President & CEO

Billings Chamber/CVB