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Falstad Column: West End prepares for openings
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The Skyview Terrace Restaurant at Billings Logan Airport will keep its stunning view of the mountains around Billings, but the rest of the place will have a different look when it reopens in a week.

Randy Freeck, an architect with CTA Architects Engineers, is coordinating the remodeling with the owners, Air Host of Memphis, Tenn. Freeck said the design is driven, in part, by tightened airport security.

"The new entry to the restaurant will be on the south side or the front of the airport so people who want to eat, but don't want to go through airport screening, can do that," Freeck said.

When the 4,000 square-foot restaurant is remodeled, another project will begin. A small deli that is open to airline passengers will be expanded and upgraded.

"We're raising the floor of the deli 3 1/2 feet, so you can walk into the deli from the secure concourse side," Freeck said.

The theme of the restaurant will be rustic Montana.

A five-foot by 40-foot mural will show Montana scenes like cowboys, fishing, hunting and camping.

The metal sculpture featuring silhouettes of three horsemen cut out of 1/4-inch steel also will be used to separate the bar from the restaurant. The sculpture used to line the staircase in the bar.

The upgrade costs about $140,000 and is the first in about two decades, Freeck said.

General Contractors Construction is handling construction. Skyview Terrace closed on Oct. 31 and Air Host reopened temporary food service in the space on Nov. 1.

The temporary restaurant employs 17 people now and will add eight more when the restaurant/bar is open again.

The restaurant will also get a new name, although nothing has been settled on yet. Restaurant manager LaRae Norris said the people in Memphis will decide. Norris said she didn't come up with any ideas, but a construction worker did.

"One of the contractors suggested Twin Pines," she said.

Wendy's good to go Construction will begin soon on the fifth Wendy's in Billings.

"We are going to break ground June 1," said Greg McDonald, vice president of Wendy's of Montana.

The latest restaurant will be at 4077 Grand Ave. on the retail "frontier" in Billings as the town pushes west.

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