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You can no longer stop at the legendary Kit Kat Cafe on Main Street to eat their fantastic hash browns because the cafe closed last night and will be torn down to become a Taco Bell.

A reader already has suggested that the funky sign in front of the Kit Kat be preserved, perhaps at Oscar’s Dreamland or somewhere else.

The Kit Kat closure isn’t the only restaurant that may go dark in Billings Heights. Elmer’s Pancake & Steak House may be next.

Felix P. Mattern, who owns Elmer’s at 875 Main St., confirmed that Fuddruckers is considering buying his property. He said nothing is definite, and if anything does happen, “it’ll be six months at least.”

Fuddruckers had no comment on the possible deal.

Mattern has owned the Heights Elmer’s for 18 years and has owned the Elmer’s at 2455 Central Ave. for 23 years.

In case you missed it, the first Target store in Billings Heights officially opens Sunday.Energy boom and bust?While Montana and Wyoming, among other states, are racing to build new power generating plants, the overall picture in the Pacific Northwest is changing.

After a flurry of announcements about all the power plants that companies were ready to build, the tide is turning somewhat. Over the past month, utilities say they are backing out of promises to build 1,300 megawatts of new power in the West due to market uncertainty.

The decision by the Federal Election Regulatory Commission to place “price caps” (although they aren’t officially called that) on wholesale power across the West put a damper on new plant construction. Electricity prices have fallen. And predictions that the West will be awash in power in two to three years also adds to the market uncertainty.Walking tour books readyThe Yellowstone Historic Preservation Board has released the books that guide folks through a walking tour of historic downtown Billings.

The book details the first four decades of Billings from 1882 to 1925.

And the Billings Area Chamber of Commerce has released the latest 2001-2002 Official Metro Area Maps.

Maps may be purchased for $1 at the Chamber’s Visitor Center at 815 S. 27th St., and can be bought 100 copies at a time.Red Lodge hardware store remadeThe McCampbell Hardware store, a fixture along Red Lodge’s Main Street since 1894, has been remodeled into professional office space.

Allen Nelson and his son, Kent Nelson, bought the building last November and are showing off the 12 suites at an open house today.

“It’s a building that was really important to town and it sat empty for four years,” Kent said. “Dad and I are ranchers, not real estate developers, but we decided to fix this up and put the building back into use.”More workplace manners, pleaseProfessional courtesy in the workplace, including saying “please” and “thank you” has dropped over the past five years, according to one poll.

A survey conducted by Office Team of Menlo Park, Calif., found that nearly 44 percent of the respondents said workplace etiquette has decreased somewhat or greatly.

Nine percent said courtesy has increased greatly, while 27 percent said it had increased somewhat.

Office etiquette includes courtesy, respecting boundaries by knocking, valuing other people’s time and giving fellow workers credit when due. Jan Falstad can be contacted at (406) 657-1306 or at Ed Kemmick contributed to this column.