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Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez.

Christina Rodriguez is always on the lookout for the best and the brightest.

As president of Big Sky Executive Search, Rodriguez relies on a decade of experience in human resources to recruit top executive positions for her clients.

She works with a team of recruiters who help her search for top executives capable of filling openings for some of the region’s most important jobs.

In fact, many of the candidates that end up being hired by her clients aren’t actively looking for a new job.

“By in large they have been very successful in their current position, but it's up to me to recruit them to see if they fit into the culture of a new job. So there’s a bit of a sales aspect to it,” Rodriguez said.

Here, Rodriguez talks about the art of finding gems in the talent pool.

Q: How did this business get started?

A: We saw a need from employers who were looking for executive level candidates but were not having success in this tight labor market. Since we’ve been in business for over 10 years mostly in other states/cities, we thought this was a natural extension. This enables local employers not to rely on national search firms that may not know much about Billings. Big Sky Executive Search brings the benefit of a having the broad reach of a national firm right in our backyard.

Do you limit your searches to professionals and executives?

Our searches are predicated on what our client, the employer, is looking for. In most cases that is also our sweet spot: professionals and executives. With a group of trained, experienced, and knowledge recruiters, we can target and recruit professionals and executives from many different industries and sectors.

What’s the most frequent job opening that you seek to fill?

Since we have a team of recruiters who specialize in different industries, we can fill any role that our client needs. In the past, we have filled a variety of finance positions from controllers to CFOs and legal professionals from associates to partners and counsels to general counsels. With our generalist background, we can focus in a variety of industries.

Do you recruit from outside of Montana, and are your clients local?

This of course is dependent on the employer. Our goal is to find the best possible candidate that meets the candidate profile we create with the employer. Sometimes that means that education, experience, or compensation is more important than geography and we have to relocate someone to Billings. Sometimes local is the best answer or a candidate who wants to return to their home state.

We hear a lot that skilled workers are in short supply. What are you seeing out there?

Skilled workers are always in short supply and that the labor force is even tighter in the executive and professional level. That is where we come in, we find that candidate that is successful in their current position and may not be actively seeking employment elsewhere. Utilizing our unique recruiting techniques, we are able to bring to the employer the best possible candidate.

Does your company work independently, or are you part of a larger organization with access to job openings and people looking for work?

We are an independent company with a team of experienced and knowledgeable recruiters whose only mission is to find employers the best possible candidate. We use every tool available to achieve that goal. That is what we do, we help employers find hard to find candidates.

Who pays your fees? Is it the employer or the job seeker?

The employer is our client and they pay our fees. Most of our clients see our fees as an investment in their company and their best assets, the employee.

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