The corporate woes of energy broker Enron will someday make it to the small screen.

Cable’s FX has reached a deal with Artisan Entertainment to develop a film based on the company’s rise and fall, it was revealed Thursday.

“With each passing day you kind of see the guts of what’s happening,” said Kevin Reilly, president of FX Entertainment. “There’s a pretty clear set of who were the heroes and who were the villains.”

Documentary producer Lowell Bergman, perhaps best known as the producer behind the “60 Minutes” tobacco story profiled in the film “The Insider,” has been brought in as a consultant to the film.

Because the story continues to unfold, a script for the film probably won’t be written until later this year, if not next.

It’s possible the film won’t hit the airwaves until late 2003 or 2004, Reilly said.

The key, he said, is creating a film that’s not heavy on the minutiae of corporate deals and focuses instead on the people and conflicts involved.

“The average guy would be hard-pressed to tell you what happened at Enron,” Reilly said. “But they can tell you a bunch of fat cats gutted the 401(k)s.”

Bergman’s approach to the story is that Enron was a case of the guys against the girls, Reilly said.

“Some credible, educated women were manipulated by the boys,” Reilly said. “It seems like there was a systematic breakdown at almost every level of this company.”

Much of the movie will be based on information available to the public, through press accounts and Congressional hearings. The producers are also hoping to lock up the stories of some participants.

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