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Lots of steel is framing in the next home of Western Security Bank in Billings Heights.

Western Security's bank at Main Street and Wicks Lane towers over the corner. A wooden beam was installed that runs the east-west length of the roofline. Construction has been a bit tough on employees and customers, says bank president Jim Walker.

Completion is set for early November and even in early summer, thoughts of the next season aren't far away.

"We'll probably be looking at demolition of the existing facility in mid-September so they can pave the parking lots before the asphalt plants shut down for winter," Walker says. "It's going very well."

That corner and the one across Wicks, the future home of Walgreens, will look bare for awhile. Both the bank and the Heights Home Center are looking at a wrecking ball to clear the way for the next building wave.

Laugh lines

This is a true story as reported June 9 in the New York Times.

Two attorneys litigating an insurance case in Florida were unable to agree on how to settle a trivial issue.

A federal judge hearing the case got tired of the lawyers' childish behavior. So he ordered them to "convene at a neutral site" and "engage in one (1) game of 'rock, paper, scissors.' " Let the outcome of the childhood game decide the court issue, he ruled.

Judge Gregory Present of Federal District Court in Orlando called his order "a new form of alternative dispute resolution."

One of the attorneys was not amused.

The other said he was busy practicing techniques with his daughters, age 5 and 9.

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