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When he announced he was running for the United States Senate, midway through his talk he said, "I am sure that Jon Tester is a good man, but I think he is misguided."

A month or so later he came to visit with me and I asked him, "Why haven't we seen much of your campaign regarding TV or other ads?"

He replied, "TV ads are very expensive and I feel that later in the run will be a better time to get my message out."

I asked, "Why do you want to run? Why put yourself and your family through the scrutiny whether good or bad running in a Senate campaign?”

His reply was, "My family supports my decision, and we are ready for the challenge, and I feel too strongly that our country has gone in the wrong direction in many ways and we need to move in a better direction, and I feel I can bring forth better ideas and make things better for all. Whether I win or lose, my family and I are ready for the journey and in my heart I know I have to try because I truly believe in the United States of America and our people."

Honesty. Integrity. Love of God, family and the United States of America. Please vote for Russ Fagg for the United States Senate.

Randy Bentley