Teresa Erickson


Olivia Stockman has assumed the role of staff director for the Northern Plains Resource Council, a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group founded in 1972.

The staff director is responsible for overseeing Northern Plains’ entire program, directing all other staff, coordinating the organization’s leadership model of member-controlled grassroots democracy, and seeing to Northern Plains' financial and organizational health.

Before taking over as staff director, Stockman previously served as Northern Plains’ Director of Organizing and Campaigns. She joined the organization in 2008, directing a team of community organizers that has doubled since then. Prior to joining Northern Plains, Stockman brought extensive nonprofit experience having worked for the New Mexico League of Conservation Voters, Service Employees International Union, Montana League of Rural Voters, and the Western Organization of Resource Councils.

Teresa Erickson preceded Stockman in the role and has retired from the position after 33 years of leadership. Erickson will continue to work part-time for the organization managing the organization’s History Project, which has aimed to document and preserve Northern Plains’ legacy of protecting Montana’s environment and agricultural communities for almost 50 years.

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