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Wal-Mart Costco

• 4,312 stores in the U.S., including Walmart supercenters, discount stores, Neighborhood Markets and Samâ??s Club warehouses. Operates another 3,979 Walmart stores in 16 countries.

• Runs 604 Samâ??s Club in 49 states, plus 134 stores in four other countries.

• Wal-Mart employs more than 2 million people worldwide and is strongly anti-union.

• Average full-time hourly wage is $11.24, more in some big cities.

• Worldâ??s largest retailer with sales of $401.2 billion for the year ending Jan. 31, 2009, a 7.2 percent increase over the previous year.

• Wal-Mart does not break out sales numbers for Samâ??s Club or for individual stores.

• Samâ??s Club membership fees: Individual $40, business $35 and collegiate $40, including a $15 gift card. Advantage Plus membership is $100, which includes various benefits from cash back on purchases to insurance discounts and travel services.

• Wal-Mart stock trading around $54.07. The 52-week range $46.25 to $57.51.

• The first Samâ??s Club opened in 1983 in Midwest City, Okla.

• Operates 566 warehouses, 413 in the U.S., 77 in Canada and 76 in six foreign countries.

• Employs more than 147,000 employees worldwide. Half are full time.

• Teamsters union represents 14,000 of Costcoâ??s employ-ees.

• 87 percent of Costco employees qualify for health insurance, and of those, 90 percent are enrolled.

• Average U.S. full-time hourly wage is $18.Â

• Costco claims to be the No. 1 U.S. warehouse retailer based on gross sales of almost $70 billion for fiscal year 2009.

• The average U.S. Costco sells $133 million in products per year.

• Membership fees are $50 for individuals and businesses. An executive membership is $100, which offers up to a 2 percent rebate on purchases.

• Costco stock is trading around $59.47. The 52-week range is $38.17 to $61.25.

• Started in 1976 as a Price Club store in a San Diego airplane hanger. The first Costco opened in 1983 in Seattle.

• Corporate headquarters are in Issaquah, Wash.