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4Kids: Your link to the latest tecKNOWLEDGEy on the Web

4Kids: Your link to the latest tecKNOWLEDGEy on the Web

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Kid Quest Challenge

The View From Above

See how Extraordinary Birds are helping people all over the world at Did you know that each year the people of Kundha Kulam are warned by birds about the coming of the next monsoon? In eastern India, pigeons are active members of the police force. Feathered Friends tells you about all these facts and more. Find out how farmers are using owls to control rat problems with a RealPlayer video. Then, visit Winged Warriors to meet Steve Jones, a falconer in Wyoming, and discover the relationship between bird and man. Be sure to dig your talons into this bird knowledge.

How much money do sugar cane farmers lose each year due to rodent damage?

A Northern Spectacular

Northern lights are among nature's most spectacular phenomena. At Nordlys Northern Lights,, watch these dancing lights illuminate the night sky. In What Are Northern Lights?, discover what causes the splashes of light and when they occur. In Auroral Mythology, read the Viking, Native American and Danish explanations for the lights. For those of you who live too far away to see them, Photo Contest contains tons of awesome pictures that capture the moment. Prepare your eyes for this beautiful site.

What is the scientific name for the Northern Lights?

Defying Gravity

Space is the place at With NASA Quest, get the lowdown on lots of different NASA projects. In Future Flight Design, you can research problems with air transportation and aircraft design. Then, design a whole new system based on your research. Visit Robin Whirlybird for a fun story about special NASA helicopters called rotorcrafts. You can also follow the Personal Satellite Assistant to learn about the future of astronaut assistance in space. Information on weather and aviation can be found in Virtual Skies. Get ready to take one giant leap into information that's out of this world.

The PSA is similar in size to what kind of ball?

To complete the Kid Quest Challenge:

Visit the Web sites featured in this issue, find the answers to our questions, then go to

Ask Amy

Get Your Hands Dirty

Spring is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and plant a garden. You can start with a vegetable garden or try a colorful flower garden. The Web has all kinds of resources to teach you how to start your garden, from the materials you need to the best type of seeds to plant for your location. These sites are great for beginners and offer tons of extras such as how to make a scarecrow or a bean teepee. Have fun getting your hands dirty.

Junior Master Gardener

Smithsonian Horticulture Services Division

The Butterfly House

Weekend Gardener

Global Garden kids.htm

- Amy

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