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If you have been listening, you know that video is taking the Internet by storm. The ability to create videos is in the hands of the masses. Sometimes that is for the better. Just as often it is for the worse. Most videos I create are boring, even for me after I watch them once. I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch my grandson being cute playing in my living room or my dog being cute playing in the back yard. But it turns out that some hobby videomakers make some downright interesting, not to mention clever, videos.

Upload your videos

I know that because I called up YouTube, which lets you upload videos of your pets or your grandchildren as well as just about anything else. This very easy-to-use site is organized in categories such as people, pets, sports, comedy, travel and many others. Naturally, considering how many videos I have of my dog being cute, I checked out the pet category. OK — be warned. If you are really sensitive, you will find some videos on YouTube that will set off your alarm bells. Among the cute pet videos, for instance, you will find a video of a giant centipede eating a mouse and some suggestive video titles. Some of the clips contain less then genteel language.

You can rate the videos from one to five and flag a video you find offensive. If a video is deemed to be offensive, the sitemasters won't let you watch the video until you register on the site and swear you are 18 or older. Most videos you can watch without signing up. Outright porn is aggressively purged from the site but about anything else is OK.

In every category, I found interesting videos. Some of the videos were downright hilarious. Some were clips of odd moments taken from television. Some of the clips are news oriented — Flight 93 crashing into the Pentagon.

Sharing the clips

If you like a clip and want to share with a friend, you can click on "share this video," put in an e-mail address and click on send. You can also keep your favorite clips all in one place right on the YouTube site. One reason this site keeps growing exponentially is because it sets few rules and makes what it does so easy you wonder why other sites can't seem to do the same.

If you want to publish a video, it is about as easy as watching one of the site's clips, which is truly simple to accomplish. If you can use a mouse and read, you can watch and publish videos on this site.

YouTube is next generation Internet, frequented by mostly young people who love interactivity and the ability to contribute. I am probably one of the site's oldest registrants. I have to get with the program, focus my attention and knock those young folks out with some great videos of my grandson and my poodle:

When I turn on my computer a message appears as follows: "Windows — Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low. Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process memory requisition for some applications may be denied." What does this mean and what do I need to do to correct the problem? Do I need more RAM. I have 256MB now.

— Bob

Windows uses two kinds of memory. Random access memory (RAM) is called physical memory. It is fast. If you don't have enough RAM, your machine will use the other kind of memory called virtual memory. Windows creates virtual memory by using space on your hard drive. Virtual memory is slow. When you start doing things with your computer that get you close to using up all of the RAM you have installed, Windows will start shuffling things to virtual memory on your hard drive. If you really put pressure on memory by opening many programs at once or using software that inherently uses large amounts of memory, you put Windows up against a wall and get the error message you mention. The problem is also sometimes caused by poorly written software that leaks memory. If you are using Windows XP, you can check in Task Manager to see how much memory the programs you have open are using. Hit control/alt/delete in sequence and click on the Task Manager box. Or try control/shift/escape. Once in Task Manager, click on the processes tab.

For today's computers, 256MB of RAM isn't much. I would go with a minimum of 512. I have one gig on my machine. You could also change the virtual memory settings, which Windows sets by default at 1.5 times the amount of RAM installed. Here is a beginner's guide on how to change the virtual memory settings:

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