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Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Jan. 31-Feb. 21, 2017. For assistance in patent filing, call Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease at 406-294-9000.

David R. Munter of Condon: Apparatus and method for distributing a tarp over a cargo on a truck load bed. 9,555,696, Jan. 31.

Peter A. Roos, Randy R. Reibel, Brant Kaylor, Zeb Barber and William Randall Babbitt, all of Bozeman: Precise broadband frequency modulated laser. 9,559,486, Jan. 31, Montana State University and Bridger Photonics Inc., Bozeman.

James Palakovich of Bozeman; Jeffry Eigeman of Alpharetta, Georgia; Charles Edward McDaniel Jr. of Seattle; Michael Maringas of West Palm Beach, Florida; Sridhar Chodavarapu of Suwanee, Georgia: Virtual agent proxy in a real-time chat service. 9,559,993, Jan. 31, Oracle Internatinal Corp., Redwood Shores, California.

Dean Folkvord of Three Forks, and David Yakos, Stephen Sanford and Joel Switzer, all of Bozeman: Fluid management device for exercising athletes. 9,560,887, Feb. 7, Folkvord Products LLC, Three Forks.

Michael D. DeGrandpre of Missoula; Todd Martz of Aptos, California; Andrew Dickson of San Diego: Titration method using a tracer to quantify the titrant. 9,562,881, Feb. 7.

Allan G. Kern of Red Lodge: Rate-based multivariable control with stability assurance. 9,563,184, Feb. 7.

Ronald Brent Kandarian of Kalispell: Stabilizer for lower dental appliances. 9,566,139, Feb. 14.

Wendell Guthrie of Missoula: Compositions and methods for enhancing the efficacy of contraceptive microbicides. 9,566,232, Feb. 14, EVOFEM Inc.

Thao Ngo of Shakopee, Minnesota; Kathleen Kresge of Minneapolis; Michael Kane of Pewaukee, Wisconsin; and Scott Patrick Simon of Billings: Systems and methods for using pulmonary artery pressure form an implantable sensor to detect mitral regurgitation and optimize pacing delays. 9,566,442, Feb. 14, Pacesetter Inc., Sylmar, California.

Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg and James A. Proctor of Melbourne Beach, Florida: Hybrid band radio with adaptive antenna arrays. 9,572,163, Feb. 14, CBF Networks Inc., Santa Clara, California.

Danile W. Price of Loveland, Ohio; Sora Ree, Cory G. Kimball, Jeffrey D. Messerly and Micahel R. Lamping, all of Cincinnati; Timothy G. Dietz of Terrace Park, Ohio; Ashvani K. Madan and Foster B. Stulen, both of Mason, Ohio; Donna L. Korvick of Mainevill, Ohio; William E. Clem of Bozeman; Jacqueline C. Aronhalt of Loveland, Ohio; William D. Dannaher of Suzhou, China; John B. Schulte of West Chester, Ohio; Danius P. Silkaitis of Seattle and Stephen J. Balek of Springboro, Ohio: Surgical instrument with orientation sensing. 9,572,592, Feb. 21, Ethicon Endo-Surgery LLC, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

William J. Ritter of Bozeman: Boot binding system with foot latch pedal. 9,573,043, Feb. 21.

Paul Beard of Big Fork and Jeffrey Walker of Champaign, Illinois: Optical spread spectrum detection and ranging. 9,575,185, Feb. 21, Horizon Hobby LLC, Champaign.

Kristin Precoda of Mountain View, California; Horacio Franco of Menlo Park, California; Jing Zheng of Sunnyvale, California; Michael Frandsen of Helena; Victor Abrash of Montara, California; Murat Akbacak of Palo Alto, California; and Andreas Stolcke of Berkeley, California: Method and apparatus for adding new vocabulary to interactive translation and dialogue systems. 9,576,570, Feb. 21, SRI International, Menlo Park.

David Andrew G. Lea of Vancouver, California, and Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg: Radio with asymmetrical directional antenna sub-arrays. 9,577,700, Feb. 21, CBF Networks Inc., Santa Clara, California.

Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg and James A. Proctor of Melbourne Beach, Florida: Method for installing a backhaul link with multiple antenna patterns. 9,577,733, Feb. 21, CBF Networks Inc., Santa Clara, California.

Kevin J. Negus of Philipsburg: Back haul radio with antenna array and multiple RF carrier frequencies. 9,578,643, Feb. 21, CBF Networks Inc., Santa Clara, California.

Rod Herrick of Whitefish and Jared. W. Shapell of Kalispell: Ornamental design for a spur handle bursting head. D779, 572, Feb. 21, RODDIE Inc., Columbia Falls.

Dean G. Grommet of Whitefish: Ornamental design for a staircase. D779,681, Feb. 21, Acutech LLC, Columbia Falls.

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