Below are listed U.S. patents issued to Montana inventors Oct. 26 to Dec. 21, 2010. The information is provided by Billings patent attorney Antoinette M. Tease. Call 657-1562 to include patents in our list.

Inventor name and city: description of patented item. U.S. patent number, date and assignee (if any).

Carl R. Ewan of Three Forks: Apparatus for covering semitrailer payloads. 7,819-262, Oct. 26.

David Douglas Dieziger of Missoula: Rotary propulsion nozzle set. 7,819,339, Oct. 26.

Charlie Grady Guinn of Lewistown; Edward Donald Schoppman of Oak Ridge, N.C.: Target with thermal imaging system. 7,820,969, Oct. 26.

David Lawrence LeMieux of Boulder: Methods and apparatuses for wind turbine fatigue load measurement and assessment. 7,822,560, Oct. 26, General Electric Company, Schenectady, N.Y.

William J. Ritter of Bozeman: Splitboard bindings. 7,823,905, Nov. 2.

Christopher Brewer of Lavina: Turbine. 7,824,149, Nov. 2, Momentum Technologies Corporation, Roundup.

Lee E. Cannon of Bozeman; Mick D. Roemer, Michael J. Mitchell of Las Vegas; Robert Guinn of Henderson, Nev.: Method and apparatus for gaming machines with a tournament play bonus feature. 7,824,267, Nov. 2, IGT, Reno, Nev.

Kurt A. Toenjes and David K. Butler of Billings: Method for controlling the yeast-to-filamentous growth transition in fungi. 7,825,143, Nov. 2, Montana State University Billings.

Casey Smith of Bozeman; Sheila Kennedy, Sloan Kulper, Frano Violich of Boston; Tonya Ohnstad of Jamaica Plain, Mass.: Portable lighting and power-generating system. 7,825,325, Nov. 2, Kennedy & Violich Architecture Ltd., Boston.

Kirk Ogrin, Rodney F. Ogrin of Big Fork; Ron Cagle of Ventura, Calif.; Jose Ruiz of Oxnard, Calif.: System and method for hand hygiene compliance management and horizontal pump dispenser therefore. 7,825,812, Nov. 2.

Christopher Roger of Bozeman: Arrow rest. 7,827,979, Nov. 9, SOP Services, Las Vegas.

Jeff Slesar of Fortine: Quick-release support strap device. 7,828,180, Nov. 9.

Robert Eugene Able of Bozeman; Jing James Yao of Mississauga, Canada; Louis E. Silay of Twain Harte, Calif.: Continuous vibratory milling machine. 7,828,393, Nov. 9, Boart Longyear Inc., North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Masaki Uchida of Bozeman; Tadashi Kokubo of Nagaokyakyo-shi, Kyoto, Japan; Masahiro Nawa of Osaka, Japan: Hard tissue repairing material. 7,829,196, Nov. 9, Panasonic Corporation Works, Ltd., Kadoma-shi, Japan; Tadashi Kokubo, Nagaokyakyo-shi, Japan.

Jory R. Baldridge of Victor; David A. Johnson, Christopher W. Cluff of Hamilton: Prophylactic and therapeutic treatment of infectious and other diseases with immunoeffector compounds. 7,829,542, Nov. 9, Corixa Corporation, Seattle.

Jay Wilkins, William E. Clem of Bozeman; Robert J. Hughes, Michael J. Andreyko of Cincinnati; Timothy G. Dietz of Terrace Park, Ohio; Kent Swendseid of Seattle: MRI biopsy device localization fixture. 7,831,290, Nov. 9, Devicor Medical Products, Inc., Cincinnati

Emmett R. Burns of Florence; Lester F. Ludwig of Redwood Shores, Calif.; J. Chris Lauwers of Mountain View, Calif.; Keith A. Lantz of Los Altos, Calif.; Gerald J. Burnett of Atherton, Calif.: Storage and playback of media files. 7,831,663, Nov. 9, Pragmatus AV LLC, Alexandria, Va.

Ben Meager of Bozeman: Device for creating a seal between fabrics and other materials. 7,832,065, Nov. 16, Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Newark, Del.

Jeffrey T. Abel of Victor; James Abel of Spokane, Wash.: Wrist toy. 7,833,115, Nov. 16, Ketch-It Corporation, Spokane.

Recep Avci of Bozeman; Gary S. Groenewold, Robert V. Fox of Idaho Falls, Idaho: Methods for removing contaminant matter from a porous material. 7,833,357, Nov. 16, Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, Idaho Falls.

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Edward A. Dratz, Paul A. Grieco of Bozeman: Zwitterionic dyes for labeling in proteomic and other biological analyses. 7,833,799, Nov. 16, Montana State University, Bozeman.

Richard D. Jones of Bozeman; Darryl J. Bornhop of Nashville, Tenn.: Interferometric detection system and method. 7,835,013, Nov. 16, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.

Lee E. Cannon of Bozeman; Robert R. Blair Jr. of Reno, Nev.: Gaming device having an interactive poker game with predetermined outcomes. 7,837,545, Nov. 23, IGT, Reno.

Lee E. Cannon of Bozeman: Gaming device having a wagering game wherein a wager amount is automatically determined based on a quantity of player selections. 7,837,547, Nov. 23, IGT, Reno, Nev.

Sean C. Smyth of Billings; Benjamin S. Umansky of Fairfax, Va.; James F. Stanley of Arlington, Va.; Thomas R. Melli of Haymarket, Va.; Eugene M. Roundtree of Fairfax Station, Va.: Process for benzene reduction and sulfur removal from FCC napththas. 7,837,861, Nov. 23, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co., Annandale, N.J.

Randy W. Equall, Steven C. Seitel of Bozeman: Monoblock laser systems and methods. 7,839,904, Nov. 23, Scientific Materials Corporation, Bozeman.

Klein S. Gillhousen of Bozeman; Irwin M. Jacobs, Andrew J. Viterbi of La Jolla, Calif.; Roberto Padovani of San Diego; Lindsay A. Weaver Jr. of Boulder, Colo.; Charles E. Wheatley III of Del Mar, Calif.: System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system. 7,839,960, Nov. 23, Qualcomm Incorporated, San Diego.

John J. Saucedo of Lakeside: Surfboard separating device. 7,841,466, Nov. 30, Done Right, LLC, Lakeside.

Thomas M. Gregory of Belgrade; Robert A. Kincaid of Bozeman; Clifton L. Cook of Boise, Idaho; Eric M. Yeates of Virginia Beach, Va.: Holster retention system. 7,841,497, Nov. 30, Blackhawk Industries Product Group Unlimited LLC, Norfolk, Va.

Robert Cardana of Rexford: Universal exercise bicycle seat adapter device. 7,841,654, Nov. 30.

Paul R. McHugh, Gregory J. Wilson, Daniel J. Woodruff of Kalispell: Apparatus and methods for electrochemical processing of microfeature wafers. 7,842,173, Nov. 30, Semitool, Inc., Kalispell.

James Frederick Arnold of Helena; Douglas A. Bercow of Menlo Park, Calif.; William S. Mark of San Mateo, Calif.; Norman D. Winarsky of Palo Alto, Calif.: Method and apparatus for collaboration and media access using mobile communications devices. 7,844,254, Nov. 30, SRI International, Menlo Park, Calif.

Dale Avery Poling of Potomac: Firearm suppressor wrap. D628,260, Nov. 30.

Leland P. Cade of Billings: Garden seed planting apparatus. 7,845,294, Dec. 7.

Randy Wills of Florence; Thomas R. Moench, Richard A. Cone of Baltimore: Intravaginal device with improved rim designs and methods of making same. 7,845,355, Dec. 7, Reprotect, Inc., Baltimore, The John Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Christopher H. Pearson of Billings; Derek Campbell, Lee Allan Dexheimer of Portland, Ore.: Carrying or storing devices, such as golf bags, having externally accessible storage systems. 7,845,492, Dec. 7, Nike, Inc., Beaverton, Ore.

Larry G. Blackwood of Bozeman; Edward L. Reber, Kenneth W. Rohde of Idaho Falls, Idaho: Method and system for detecting an explosive. 7,847,265, Dec. 7, Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC, Idaho Falls.

James G. Clough of Great Falls: Orthopedic shoe appliance and method. 7,849,610, Dec. 14.

Randy A. Harris of Kalispell: System for processing a workpiece. 7,849,865, Dec. 14, Semitool, Inc., Kalispell.

Jason Nordberg of Bonner: Archery sight mounted rangefinder. D629,063, Dec. 14, Nordco, LLC, Missoula.

Eric Logan Hensen of Great Falls: Audio earphone device. D629,397, Dec. 21, K&E Holdings, LLC, Great Falls.


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