Happy Holidays from the Etheric Family!

this complementary GROUP POLARISATION and Guided Meditation has been tailored to introduce owners of Etheric Wands to the enigmatic practice of building up the Etheric Potential & harnessing these energies for the Polarisation of all 13 energetic fields (aura) - activating & amplifying the body's natural healing processes


::: this Guided Meditation will boost your psychic potential and Self-Healing capabilities - intensely

::: Energetic blockages will be dissolved resulting in the imminent & irreversible goal of total Self-Realization

::: side-effects may include: the onset of Magikal Powers - clarity of 3rd/Eye Vision - instant healing abilities - significantly increased Manifestation Potential - spontaneous implosion

> & those who wish to directly experience working with the Ethers, this Group Polarisation provides a unique opportunity to utilize Etheric Wands, ask questions and learn more about the Fifth Element, Hermetics and ZepTepi Alchemy of predynastic Egypt.

::: New Users/Seekers :::

::: PLEASE RSVP to ensure your set of Wands for group usage


your energetic body offers a more complete view of every facet of your health ::: stress, toxicity, dis-ease and frequency interferences block inner energy flows and disrupt outer energy fields working to maintain & restore wholistic health & vitality

Etheric Wands are an extraordinary tool to amplify your ability to sense and communicate with your physical & energetic body. This method of biofeedback offers a greater understanding of your possible needs, imbalances and vulnerabilities ::: resulting in your heightened ability to be more capable, accountable & responsible for your own Self-Healing on every level

the Polarisation process using Etheric Wands closes your 13 outer energetic fields providing a level of protection from frequency interferences & grounding your physical presence to alleviate tension, stress & refractory pain ::: this allows for harmonization of your energetic body, which in turn activates and facilitates your body's natural healing processes


a most subtle form of magnetism - namely /Individual Magnetism /Vital Nerve-Fluid /Etheric Magnetism - is naturally generated within the body. This Magnetic Vital fluid keeps the Etheric matter circulating along the nerves or more accurately, along a coating of Ether which surrounds each nerve and every cell

this Etheric magnetism may be “loaded-up” within the Etheric Wands and within the body - to be employed for the healing or mesmerization of others, to Polarise the bodily processes and all energetic fields, and also for “Magnetization” of objects.

this “Magnetization” or transfer of LifeForce Magnetism is absorbed by any individual or object that comes in contact with the Etheric Wand practitioner - both directly or remotely


the Etheric Wands Polarize all energetic layers (auric fields), restoring balance to bodily functions & activating the natural bio-energetic processes for Self-Healing

::: the implosive, receptive forces flow through the left hand

::: the explosive, transmissible forces flow through the right hand

::: these extremes combine & collide in the Central Source Vortex

Etheric potential is built-up within the individual and the Wands, purifying the organism and expanding outward several meters(+); strengthening & fortifying the 13 energetic fields

the Etheric Wands interact directly within the body through its network of acupoints and axiatonal lines along the hands and fingers

::: stimulation of the acupoints provide relief and healing to their corresponding internal organs and bodily processes

::: stimulation of the axiatonal lines harmonize energetic meridians (chakras) and amplify SuperNatural and psychic abilities


  • Starting Sunday, December 17th, 2017, repeated every 2 weeks on Sunday until Sunday, January 28, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


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Betsy Anh Stringham