Dustin LaVelle 40-40

Dustin LaVelle, 40-40


Hometown: Butte, Montana

Dustin LaVelle is a manager at Glass Specialist, an auto glass repair and replacement company. He was nominated by several customers who were impressed with his customer service and helped solve a problem with a bad windshield. He also takes pride in mentoring others in the career path. 

How did you begin your career?

I was working full time at Taco Johns when a friend of mine informed me there was an opening at Glass Specialist. After visiting with John and Matt, I felt compelled to join their team. I shared there passion for cars and shortly after joining there team, I had become just as passionate for Auto Glass Replacement.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Embracing the constant challenges in a rapidly changing and evolving industry. Learning and perusing growth for myself, my company, and the team is very fulfilling for me. A properly installed windshield could literally save a person’s life in the event of a major collision. Knowing we didn’t cut any corners and our guest is safer because of it brings me great satisfaction.

Has mentoring been challenging?

My natural aspiration to be a leader has fueled me through challenging times as a mentor. My brother Nate and my best friend Jeremy work with me. Watching them grow under my leadership has been very fulfilling.

What’s your greatest failure?

Choosing friends that did not share my common values, goals and motivation.

What do you enjoy about working with guests?

A cracked windshield can really put a person in a sour mood. I find it very meaningful to put a smile on our guest’s face turning there negative incident into a positive experience. If they leave with a smile, I find great joy in that.

What is your goal in the next 10 years?

To continue being intentional, pursuing growth, becoming the best man, father and leader I can be.

Your nomination mentions you’re a leader in the organization. How did that come about? 

John, my leader and mentor, helped me to untap my hidden potential. He has helped push me to a level I thought was unachievable for my young age. My family and friends keep pushing me forward and encourage me to keep hustling, stay humble, and hungry.

What word best describes you?


What is the one thing you detest?

Decision paralysis.

How do you relax when you’re not working?

Spending time with my daughter Alliah, working on cars, camping and snowboarding.