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How to avoid paint color mistakes in your home

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Celebrate the Coming of Fall with Seasonal Decorations

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Trampolines

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Paint paneling

If you’ re faced with ugly-, dark- or a hideous-colored paneling in a room, you have two choices: remove it completely or cover it up. If you rip it off the walls panel-by- panel, you’ ll find more challenges. The paneling was likely installed on furring strips leaving the walls pockmarked with nail holes to patch or removing dried up adhesive, both a lot of work. Read more


A reluctant homage to squirrels

There is an old saying about squirrels, “you either learn to defeat them or you just give up and feed them.” Whether you love them or loath… Read more


Ask the Builder: Roofing 101: Tips for an expert installation

I have no clue how many new roofs are installed in the USA each year, but it’s got to be in the hundreds of thousands. Perhaps a new roof is in your future or in the next few years. If so, you’d be wise to read up on the topic at before it’s time for you to meet with a roofer. Read more


Buyers hang hat on technicalities of the contract. Is the seller out of luck?

Q: I am the designated power of attorney for my husband, who is a firefighter. He was exposed to chemicals at a gas station explosion, had a severe reaction, and I have been taking care of him since 2016 because he now has early onset Alzheimer’s, encephalopathy and Parkinson’s. Read more


How to know when your cleaning products have expired

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Top budget-friendly mirrors for the bathroom‌

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Old shoes and clothes

“I promise you won’t miss the clothes and shoes you’re storing in the garage,” says Gordon. “These are the items that you don’t even have in your weekly outfit rotation, and if they haven’t been kept in an airtight container, they will require a lot of laundering to nix the garage fumes and dust.” Read more

Outdated tech

Sadly, your beloved tape collection is now obsolete. “Remember the static or flipping over to the ‘B-side’? Compared to streaming services, these outdated forms of entertainment require a lot of fussing,” says Gordon. “Make a quick list of the albums and movies you consider staples for your household, and plan to purchase in digital format.” Read more

Unused decor

Bring that old chair you’ve been meaning to reupholster for years, or those old and outdated holiday decorations, to the thrift store or a donation center. If you can’t imagine placing them back inside your house anytime soon, you should say goodbye to those pieces. Read more

Unused DIY project materials

While you’re clearing cans from old home-improvement projects, toss out old materials from DIY projects. “Almost every garage in America has a flimsy aluminum paint tray coated in house paint, with a matching roller in a crumpled grocery bag,” Gordon says. “As homeowners, we like to think we’re going to get more than one use out of our paint brushes, trays and other DIY tools, but it’s more likely we’ll forget and buy these items again anyway. The only reason to save otherwise disposable DIY tools would be if you have a project in mind that you plan to tackle soon.” Read more

Plastic planter trays

“It’s tempting to keep the trays after popping our spring blooms,” says Gordon. “Unless you’re a regular gardener, there’s no reason to keep these trays after transplanting. Clear them out so you don’t have to deal with spiders or other garage critters that will make a home in them.” Read more