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Gazette opinion: Keep Tester working for Montana in U.S. Senate

A champion for U.S. veterans, agriculture producers, affordable health care, accessible public lands and the First Amendment, Jon Tester wi… Read more

Gianforte afraid to meet people

I have a question. Why is Rep. Greg Gianforte so afraid of meeting the people he is supposed to represent? He only meets people by written … Read more

6-mill renewal will help Montanans finish college

I’m a first-generation college student from Billings and I’m writing in support of the six-mill levy. This levy has been in place since 194… Read more

McGillvray great leader for Montana Senate

In my eight years in the state Senate, one thing became abundantly clear. With the current short term limits on Legislators, a candidate’s … Read more

Mercer works for Billings community

I have had the privilege of knowing Bill Mercer over the last 10 years and have been impressed by his ability to communicate effectively wi… Read more

Elect Moore in Billings HD54

The election in November will be an opportunity for the voters of House District 54 to have a strong conservative represent them. Terry Moo… Read more


In-home care options for Billings people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who needs some extra help.


Security solutions to keep your Billings family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

George F. Will: How to heal our epidemic of loneliness?

WASHINGTON — If Sen. Ben Sasse is right — he has not recently been wrong about anything important — the nation's most-discussed political p… Read more

Guest opinion: Patients benefit from Montana Medicaid expansion

There is a lot of local confusion about ballot Initiative 185, a proposal to tax tobacco and vaping products, extend Medicaid expansion and… Read more

Guest opinion: Raise awareness of domestic violence in Billings

Historically, our nation is a nation founded on violence which continues today in myriad ways — one of which is domestic violence. Our coun… Read more

Commentary: Climate politicking isn't working. We need climate civil disobedience

The small town of Bagley, Minn., looked set to be the scene for one of the nation's most interesting airings of the climate controversy this week. Three people went on trial there on Monday for shutting down a pipeline from Canada's tar sands in 2016 - one of them, after warning the company, turned the valve that shut the pipe, and then they waited for the police to arrive. They were arrested ... Read more

Commentary: Don't worry, all is not lost. State and local activists are fixing our elections

Despair appears to be the common mood of the day. Everything is terrible. U.S. democratic norms have devolved so much that it seems impossible to know how to recover. Our political outcomes don't consistently reflect our true aspirations. Yes, the whole system feels rigged - against the majority of Americans. Why not just throw up our hands? The answer is that this moment also presents a ... Read more

Guest opinion: Big Horn County taxpayers can’t afford to bail out Two Rivers

Two Rivers Authority has publicly accused Big Horn County of misrepresenting information about the Two Rivers Detention Facility. Big Horn … Read more

Guest opinion: The Importance of the 1989 Montana Bad Actor Law

During the last few weeks I have read three well written articles that appeared in the Billings Gazette, that spoke of the importance of th… Read more

Guest opinion: Why not Two Rivers? Here are the facts!

Big Horn County has been making certain statements recently about the Two Rivers Regional Detention Facility in its campaign to gain voter … Read more