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Gazette opinion: Zinke’s Interior time runs out

Two years ago, The Gazette praised Ryan Zinke’s nomination for U.S. secretary of Interior. A former Montana state legislator, who had just … Read more

Gazette opinion: Finally, ag and nutrition win on Farm Bill

Congress finally provided the measure of certainty that Americans need for food production and nutrition. Read more

'Godless Commies are at it again'

The godless Communists are at it again. Here are a few ideas they plan to use to destroy America. Read more

Save America; dump Trump

Donald Trump, occupant of the highest office in America, continues to demonstrate how he is not qualified to be there. He behaves like a sp… Read more

Gazette opinion: Surviving climate change in Montana

The conclusion that human activity is precipitating more extreme droughts, storms and floods is supported by scientific research and the co… Read more

Christmas wishes for our world

What America, no the world, needs for Christmas: Read more

Guest opinion: Save the last dance

The mating dance of the sage grouse is like a ballet with percussion and wind. If you were to view it in slow motion, here’s what you’d see… Read more

Commentary: Finding the heart of Christmas in a nursing home visit

At this time of year, many Americans become deeply conscious of essential living: love of family, enjoyment of friends, the value of "quality time" and the joys of simply being alive. Especially in these trying political times, many people of all faiths now fervently attempt to gain deeper sustenance and satisfaction from religious holidays. To appreciate life's blessings in the midst of ... Read more

Commentary: Santa Claus vs. Amazon — a modern Christmas story

The old man with the red suit and white beard trudged dejectedly into the psychiatrist's office. The psychiatrist motioned him to lie down on the couch. "What did you say your name was?" "Claus. Santa Claus. " The psychiatrist did a double take. It was indeed Jolly Old St. Nick himself lying before him. "Well, Santa, can I call you Santa? This is quite a privilege. What can I do for you?" ... Read more

Commentary: Making a Christmas list? Make sure it doesn't include animals

It's a white Christmas, and the fireplace is crackling - whiffs of hickory mingle with the aroma of fresh coffee. While the kids try out their new toys, Mom and Dad cuddle on the couch. She gives him a wink, he slips out of the den. "You missed one," he announces, setting a big box with a big bow amid the heaps of crumpled wrapping paper. Skidding over on their knees, the kids tear off the ... Read more

Commentary: 'Tis the season for 2020 presidential fantasy politics

For a certain type of sports fan (coughs loudly to self) there is no sweeter part of the season than the day after the World Series or Super Bowl. Why? Because that's when you can construct fantasy rosters divorced from all real-world constraints. This is roughly where we're at with the 2020 presidential election. The midterms are over; the official candidacies have yet to be announced. ... Read more

Commentary: Will Santa's sleigh be autonomous next Christmas?

For those of us who will soon head over the river and through the woods to meet up with family, the holidays mean travel. Last year, nearly 100 million Americans hit the road during the season and the number only seems to rise each year. 34 percent of people find it stressful. Travel can also be time-consuming and dangerous, taking some fun out of a joyous time. Luckily, the latest and ... Read more

Commentary: Michael Cohen finds his inner Pelosi

Swearing disloyalty to President Donald Trump has debuted as a dramatic set piece for 2019. Ideally, this disloyalty-swearing aria is performed in Milanese street style: Armani sunglasses and a dashing midweight boule-shaped burnt-orange coat from Max Mara. Last Tuesday, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi wore this ensemble for a victory stroll, having called Trump's universe of bluffs in an ... Read more

Commentary: The Fed can pause and still resist Trump

When the Fed meets this week it is widely expected to raise its target for the federal funds rate by a quarter of a percentage point. President Donald Trump is not the least bit happy about this. Monday morning he offered what might be his sharpest rebuke yet of the Fed, and that's saying quite a bit. His tweet had the flavor of a direct order: "It is incredible that with a very strong dollar ... Read more