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Gazette opinion: Don't mix partisan messages with U.S. Census

Montana has a lot riding on an accurate 2020 Census count. The decennial count of everyone living in the United States will be used to allo… Read more

U.S. loses by abandoning Kurds

It is an unfortunate and concerning issue that America has decided to withdraw approximately 1,000 soldiers from northern Syria. This actio… Read more

Climate change forces stark change

The climate change deniers' bawling grow fainter and more irrational as their heads burrow deeper into the fly ash, as Sovereign Citizen Tr… Read more

Questions for Trump on the Saudis

So, the president asks, “Where were the Kurds on Normandy?” Let’s ask the question, “Where were the Saudis”? Not on Normandy beach, either.… Read more

It's a disgrace to tolerate Trump

Since President Donald Trump began the office of president it has seemed to me that truth, integrity, ethics and courage in speaking truth … Read more

Gazette opinion: Montana going wrong way on traffic fatalities

In the last quarter of 2019, Montana's traffic fatality toll looks particularly grim. As of this week, 157 people have lost their lives on … Read more

Guest opinion: Montana deserves better BLM land plan

The Bureau of Land Management public lands around Lewistown in the central part of the state are a hidden gem of incredible wild scenery. T… Read more

Guest opinion: Invest in Montana by preserving our rivers

This past August I watched a group of 16- and 17-year-old Montanans struggle against headwinds, strong currents and rapids as they paddled … Read more

Guest opinion: American Prairie Reserve grounded in free market principles

My good friend and long-time collaborator Terry Anderson wants “the market to decide whether the cowboy will survive or be replaced by bure… Read more

Commentary: Americans have spent 230 years trying to rein in presidential misconduct

Many presidents, starting with Thomas Jefferson, have faced calls for impeachment. Most presidents and members of their administrations, starting with the presidency of George Washington, have come under fire for serious breaches of law and conduct. How can we understand our present crisis against the long record of presidential wrongdoing? Until the presidency of Richard Nixon in the 1970s, ... Read more

David Ignatius: U.S. should double down on support for Lebanon

BEIRUT — The aftershocks of President Trump's abandonment of the Kurds in Syria are rumbling through the region, and a string of Lebanese o… Read more

Commentary: Why 'Sesame Street' is smarter about foster care than your local child welfare agency

When "Sesame Street" adds a character and a storyline to its fabled neighborhood, people notice. In May, the show's creators introduced Karli, a Muppet in foster care, and this month they revealed the reason for her situation: Her mom struggles with substance abuse. In supplemental "Sesame Street in the Community" videos available online, Elmo's dad explains to him that "Karli's mother has a ... Read more

Commentary: What the gun lobby gets wrong about the Second Amendment

The Supreme Court will hear a gun control case in December that could significantly limit the ability of state and local governments to regulate guns for public safety reasons. The case involves a New York City regulation on transporting handguns that was repealed in July. Although that original rule is no longer in effect, for now the court has not determined the matter to be moot, so the ... Read more

Commentary: Gender wealth gap hurts all

Media outlets across the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region are currently recognizing some of the most influential and powerful women in the area, acknowledging and praising achievements in many fields. To learn about these leaders is inspiring and illustrates women's myriad contributions to society. Such progress fuels hope for continued advancement and its positive implications for our ... Read more