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Gazette opinion: Let Montana's local public health boards do their jobs

Last week, the Montana Senate voted 30-20 in favor of rescinding authority of city-county health boards to carry out their legal mandate un… Read more

Fighting 'soft totalitarianism' in Billings

I introduced Senate Bill 179 in an effort to protect the citizens of Montana from having an un-elected body make rules that carry the force… Read more

Trump is biggest con man ever

Our president is the biggest con man ever in U.S. history. He gave big corporations the largest tax break at the expense of the middle work… Read more

Trails enhance community life

I recently overheard a spirited lunch discussion about trails and future trail development in our community. The party against trails focus… Read more

Billings should boost energy conservation efforts

Over the past year, I’ve met with city and community leaders across Montana to learn about energy conservation plans. I believe that Billin… Read more

Trump lacks dignity, integrity

Wow! In my 77 years, I thought I had seen or heard most everything. I never thought I would ever read Donald Trump described as a man of “i… Read more


Security solutions to keep your Billings family and home safe this spring

Talk to a local expert about a digital alarm system that will protect your family and belongings.

Guest opinion: Despite challenges AWARE still serves Montana communities

In Montana, we’ve recently experienced historic funding cuts to services for people with disabilities; thousands have been displaced in the… Read more

Commentary: New York dodged an Amazon bullet. Wisconsin still faces a bazooka Inc.'s decision to ditch its plans for a New York headquarters doesn't augur well for governments and corporations intent on using taxpayer money to fund job-creation schemes. Many in New York, and on the left, are celebrating their victory over big, bad Amazon; they should spare a thought for the people of Wisconsin who are stuck with the boondoggle known as Foxconn. From the ... Read more

Guest opinion: No viable solution to address behavioral health crisis in our state without Medicaid expansion

Montana is in the midst of a substance use disorder and mental health crisis. The evidence is all around us from the latest youth suicide r… Read more

From the editor: Getting to vote on your past

For such a big state, Montana sometimes feels small. Read more

Guest opinion: Montanans embrace people with disabilities

To truly include everyone, we must embrace our differences; not ignore them. Read more

Guest opinion: Montana Medicaid expansion is a good deal for growing economy, fighting cancer

As a business owner for the past 18 years in Billings, I know what a good deal looks like and continuing Medicaid expansion is not just a g… Read more

Guest opinion: Montana Senate should vote to build up parks, trails

Montana state legislators have an opportunity next week to support access to public lands, invest in Montana’s outdoor heritage, and provid… Read more

Commentary: Trump gets sued over his asylum policy. Again. Next up: His fake national emergency

Injunction, here we come? Immigrant rights groups sued the Trump administration Thursday over its brazen decision to force asylum-seekers from Central American to wait on the Mexico side of the border as their cases proceed. The policy is a blatant attempt to make it even harder for the desperate to exercise their legal rights to ask for protection from persecution in their home countries, and ... Read more