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Most loved this week

Montana House rejects Colstrip bill 1 day after it passed easily

The “Save Colstrip” bill that could have required the state to add an increased share of Colstrip p…

Wolf population declining in Yellowstone

POWELL, Wyo. — Officials say Yellowstone National Park's gray wolf population has dropped to about …

After the closure of Pug Mahon's building, Guido's Pizza finds two new homes

Guido's Pizza, after suddenly losing its location in January, is coming back and it'll open in the …

Ivanka Trump, Kushner in Wyoming for Passover

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are in Wyoming for Passover.

MSUB students mapping unmarked graves, uncovering history at one of Billings' oldest cemeteries

Lucy Kramer has driven past Boothill Cemetery countless times going to and from the Heights. But be…

Montana Senate passes bill to continue Medicaid expansion

The public outcome from days of behind-the-scenes horse-trading played out Tuesday in the state Capitol, where the Senate passed a Medicaid expansion bill and the House killed a bill to “save Colstrip” and the town’s coal-fired power plant.


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