"'I Love Lucy' — Live On Stage"

“ ‘I Love Lucy’ — Live On Stage," featuring Euriamis Losada as Ricky Ricardo opposite Thea Brooks as Lucy Ricardo, re-created the vibe of a live studio taping of a classic TV show — a truly nostalgic treat for the audience at the ABT.

One of Thea Brooks’ favorite parts of playing Lucy Ricardo is how the show brings families and people of all ages together.

“Generations of people come: grandparents, parents and kids. It’s good clean fun,” Brooks said in a phone interview.

Brooks and the rest of the cast will bring “‘I Love Lucy — Live On Stage” to the Alberta Bair Theater on Tuesday, April 14 for a 7:30 p.m. show.

In the stage adaption, the audience is transported back to the 1950s and becomes a studio audience member eagerly awaiting the filming of the newest “I Love Lucy” episodes. The audience gets to see Lucy planning her shenanigans, much to the dismay of her husband, Ricky (Euriamis Losada). And, of course, who better to rope into those crazy antics than Lucy’s best friends Ethel (Lori Hammel) and Fred (Kevin Remington). As always, the audience can expect Lucy will have plenty of ‘splain to do to.

Brooks, who discovered both her love for comedy and Lucille Ball in college. Playing an iconic character is demanding, but Brooks looks forward to the challenge. It helps that she quickly learned to let go of the pressure to be Lucy.

“Lucille Ball was one in a million. The best I can do is channel her essence.”

Brooks points out that the entire cast is taking on challenging roles because comedy isn’t easy.

“Comedy is all about timing, Brooks says, “If we aren’t all on the same page, it doesn’t fall right.”

“I Love Lucy” was genius because of the energy between the cast members and their uncanny talent for comedic timing.

The hit sitcom “I Love Lucy” aired in 1951 and America quickly fell in love with the eccentric redhead. As brilliant and talented as Lucille Ball was, her on-screen persona portrayed a different side of her. Along with her exceptionally grating singing voice and wailing cry, Lucy Ricardo is known for her desperate madcap scheming to break into show business. For Brooks, Ball’s famous wail came easily, but, herself being a musician, she had to work on the singing.

“I had a great time learning how to sing badly,” she laughed.

For those die-hard Lucy fans, Brooks feels like she and the rest of the cast can live up to their high standards.

“Those looking for a nostalgic experience, that’s what they’ll get, hopefully,” she assures.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of “I Love Lucy,” the night of comedy should prove to be an entertaining experience for any generation.

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