After their 24-hour lock-in art challenge on Dec. 27, Central High art students will be premiering their created pieces during the Feb. 2 ArtWalk at Clark Marten Photography, 2606 Montana Ave.

Central High student Carter Song shows his mother, Vicki, a portrait he created of "Star Wars" character C-3PO as part of a 24-hour art challenge. CASEY PAGE, Gazette Staff

Blank frames will be hung, saving the space for the 25 pieces of artwork that will be unveiled at 6 p.m. when the art students make their dramatic entrance displaying their work for the first time.

Easels hold some of the pieces created by students as part of a 24-hour art challenge at Central High. CASEY PAGE, Gazette Staff

This is the second annual 24-hour art challenge, collaborated by Clark Marten Photography and the Central High art teacher Lisa Fine.

“These kids worked hard on this and I’m proud of them," Fine said. "This is a level most have never been challenged to. This has become the favorite event of the year for many of my students.”

Students were challenged to create a piece of art worthy of hanging in a museum. They could be paintings, drawings, mosaics, digital works or 3-dimension pieces.  The two rules are that works had to be created within 24 hours, and they had to fit within a 24-inch-by-30-inch frame.

Each student recruited a friend or media student to record their process and their feelings throughout the period. These videos will accompany each piece via the student’s school iPad.

“I was first inspired to do this challenge for myself in photography,” said Rudi Marten, of Clark Marten Photography. “As we brainstormed how we could make it bigger than ourselves, we all landed on local art students. It’s important that we excite investment in youth art.”

Following ArtWalk, the 24-hour art challenge pieces will be celebrated with a black-tie gala at Yellowstone Art Museum on Friday, Feb. 9. All are welcome.

Each piece will be for sale starting at $100. All money raised will go towards each student’s art travels. Many are raising money for an art trip to Greece this summer.