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On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to see the Billings Symphony's performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, one of the best pieces of music ever, in the whole world, ever. Sadly, later that evening, I began singing the "Ode to Joy" melody with the words "You are a cute buggy-wuggy, buggy-wuggy, buggy guy!"

The face of evil

Because my kid has watched that stupid Little Einsteins movie a lot.

I get that the Little Einsteins are supposed to be introducing kids to the arts, I do. But couldn't they do it in a better way than "buggy-wuggy, buggy-wuggy, buggy guy?" I don't know, maybe just play the music? Like I try to, and then my daughter insists we watch the DVD instead?

I mean, if Beethoven isn't rolling in his grave over "buggy-wuggy," then I will dig a grave myself, lie in it and roll. It's just awful. "Buggy-wuggy." Ugh-y wuggy.

Not too mention, they call themselves Einsteins, but these cartoon kids are none too bright. They're always asking my little one for help. C'mon, guys! You're a cartoon! She won't even help me, and I'm real!

Also, who is the voice actor playing Annie, the annoying little blonde one who loves to sing? Couldn't they have found a voice actor who doesn't sing through her nose? You know they're out there.

Anyway, the Little Einsteins have ruined just about every piece of classical music that has ever been written, and I blame the people at Disney. Also someone's grandmother, for buying her these movies.

But I guess I should thank the Little Einsteins. They make Dora look good.