Gail Grossman, Bill Letson, Vonnie Anderson, David Kahl, Carol Brown, Moe Cairns and Olivia Stockman Splinter are among the participants during a 2016 contradance session at Cedar Hall at MetraPark.

Contradance Billings will host its season-opening dance at Cedar Hall at MetraPark on Friday.

Contradancing is community dancing. All that’s needed is the ability to move briskly to music and know left from right, according to a news release from the group.

Dances start with a basic lesson for beginners — or a refresher for experienced dancers — and continues with contradances that are taught and cued.

Contradancers come from all walks of life and range in age from 7 to 85. In addition to a core group from Billings, Contradance Billings attracts dancers from all over the region. Dancers come for the fun factor, and find that contradancing is healthy socially and physically — terrific exercise and an opportunity to interact with a lot of smiling folks.

At the season opener, Amy Letson will teach and call the dances, and house band Copper Kelly will provide lively tunes from the stage. Dancers are advised to take water bottles. Shoes with clean, non-marking soles are required.

Admission costs $10 at the door. Contradance Billings memberships are also available.

For more information, go to squaredancemontana.com.

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