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PRYOR — The Crow Lifeways summer program will be held at Plenty Coups State Park & Museum. Each free presentation will allow audiences the chance to learn about Crow traditions, history, lore, native games, arts and crafts. All presentations will begin at 10 a.m., Saturdays, at Plenty Coups State Park, except on July 8, when the Lifeways presentation will be held at the Arrow Creek Battle site, about six miles north of Pryor. Signs will be posted. All presentations are approximately an hour in length.

Events are:

  • June 17 — "Crow Historical Perspective and Lore," presented by Patrick Stands Over Bull, an elder and former chairman of the Crow Tribe.
  • July 8 — "Battle of Arrow Creek," presented by Elias Goes Ahead, tribal historian.
  • July 15 — "Crow Arrow Throwing," presented by Eymard Left Hand, a coordinator and participant in the annual Crow Arrow Tournaments.
  • July 29 — "Music and Drum-Making," presented by Collins Deputy, a teacher at the Lodge Grass Public Schools.
  • Aug. 5 — "The History of Crow Indian Dolls," presented by Mary Lou Big Day, a doll maker who has been asked to display her dolls in Washington, D.C., Albuquerque, N.M., and at many other Native American art and craft shows.
  • Aug. 12 — "Setting Up a Crow Tepee," presented by Wales Bull Tail.
  • Aug. 26 — "Crow Beadwork and Buckskin Blanket Display," presented by Bertha Bear Claw, a former teacher in the public school system and granddaughter of Chief Medicine Crow.
  • Sept. 9 — "Crow Cuisine," presented by Sarah Hugs Left Hand.

For more information, call 245-5821 or 252-1289, or e-mail Sharon Stands, executive director, Friends of Chief Plenty Coups, at

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