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Special edition Campbell's Soup cans

Limited-edition Campbell’s soup cans feature art and sayings by Andy Warhol, who turned the original cans into pop art masterpieces. The new cans are for sale at Target.

This week’s question: Campbell Soup just created a new line of colored cans with Warhol quotes. For less than a buck, you can have a Warhol-inspired soup can. What other artist would you like to see on your food?

David Minor: Norman Rockwell

Robbin Mulkey Nagel: Banksy

Greg Gordon: I would like to see the Black Eyes Peas on a can of black-eyed peas and maybe the Red Hot Chili Pepers on a can of red hot chili peppers.

Jaci Webb, Enjoy staff: I thought Picasso would look cool on a pumpkin I carved last year at Harvest Fest. Turns out off-kilter eyes and a weird nose don’t work on jack-o’-lanterns.

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