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Bread pudding

The bread pudding at Famous Dave's on Billings' West End is made from scratch and contains lots of cream, butter and sugar. No wonder it's five times more popular than any other dessert on the menu.

Dessert: Bread pudding

Where: Famous Dave’s

Address: 2883 King Ave. W.

Cost: $5.99

How good is it? Doug Schultz, general manager at Famous Dave’s said the bread pudding is the most labor intensive dessert on the menu. It is also five times more popular than any other dessert on the menu, which also includes key lime pie, pecan pie and Kahlua brownies.

How is it made? Our bread pudding is made from scratch, using bread soaked in custard and baked and topped with a praline sauce. It is served with a scoop of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. The sauce, made with pecans and sugar, has to be cooked at just the right temperature and stirred constantly. This isn’t a low-calorie dessert. It has lots of cream, sugar and butter.

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What meal would this be a good finish for? We are known for our ribs. The bread pudding would be a nice way to finish off a meal of ribs, which have a robust flavor, to the subtle flavors in the pudding. This is a comfort food.

Speaking of comfort, what life’s drama would your dessert ease the pain of? Relationship troubles. If you are having trouble with a relationship, this will help.

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