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Dessert from Kerry Kaiser at Jake's

Kerry Kaiser makes a Caramel Apple Wontons dessert at Jake's that features maple syrup. 

Featured dessert: Caramel apple wontons

Price: $4.95

Restaurant: Jake’s

Chef: Kerry Kaiser

What are the key ingredients that make it special? It’s the caramel and the maple syrup. I have made this dessert for a while and it wasn’t until I added the maple syrup that it tasted so good.

What life drama would the dessert ease the pain of? A breakup.

What would you recommend serving with this dessert — coffee, wine or whiskey? Coffee.

What entrées would this be a good finish for? Probably our filet mignon. A lean meat is nice to pair with a heavier dessert.

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Can you ever add too much whipped cream? Yes. Too much whipped cream can take away from the flavor.

What percent of your customers order dessert: 60 to 70 percent, more over the holidays.

What other desserts are you cooking up for the holidays? Kerry’s Corner is a special place on the menu where we list seasonal and special desserts. This time of year, pumpkin, caramel and apples are good. When it gets closer to Christmas, I will use ingredients like white chocolate and peppermint.




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