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Age: 33

Hometown: Dallas, Ore. (Living in Billings)

Title of film: "Crazyrad"

Description of film: What prompted 16 year-old Jackson Laverman to build his own wearable and glowing Iron Man armor? What was a great accomplishment on his part turned out to also bring a lot of joy to others.

Where was the film shot? Billings: Jackson's home and Shiloh 14 Cinemas

Your background in filmmaking: I've worked on every level of the broadcast programming and production industry for the past 14 years, launching boutique film production and finishing studio Red Futon Films in 2009 to focus on value-added content creation. Since then, I've traveled the world telling stories from Cuba to Egypt and India and other parts of southeast Asia. I'm currently wrapping post-production on our second feature-length documentary, "Half Devil Half Child" focusing on insider movements in Christian missions as well as development on a couple other projects.

Inspiration for your film: What motivates a kid to spend over 400 hours building his own costume armor?

What makes this film unique? Jackson is a great example of a local person doing some really cool things. On top of that, he's not just keeping it to himself but using it to bring joy to others. This kind of drive and dedication is really inspiring.



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Jaci Webb covers entertainment for The Billings Gazette.