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Age: 26

Hometown: Billings

Title of film: "The Jimenéz Family"

Description of film: While interning with the Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture ( in Peru last summer, Seth and Meredith Nehring followed and filmed this family for two days, learning from their example as they applied the principles taught through the institute. The Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture (SRA) is helping families become nutritionally self-sufficient for generations to come. The Jiménez Adrianzen family in northern Peru shares their hopes, dreams and promise for their children — a better world. Through SRA's efforts, rural farming families will build a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their children for generations. Using less than one hectare of land (2.47 acres), a family of seven will be able to provide a balanced nutritional diet that will be perpetuated for years to come.

Where was the film shot? Nueva Esperanza, Piura, Peru

Your background in filmmaking: Seth has been dabbling in film since he was 12 years old, making everything from shorts with his friends to commercials for college events. Meredith graduated with a bachelor's degree in communication and broadcast journalism at BYU-Idaho. Her experience in producing news packages and journalistic eye truly captured the vision and heart of this exceptional family.

Inspiration for your film: When the Nehrings arrived in Peru for their internships in late April 2011 with the Institute for Self-Reliant Agriculture, the first family they met working in the fields of Northern Peru's desert countryside was the Jiminéz family. Despite their apparent poverty and difficult circumstances, they beamed with love and genuine hospitality, offering much of the little they had recently harvested. Despite their hardships, they were as happy and as hopeful as ever, as each member of the family from father to their littlest, 4-year-old Carmencita, worked to build a better life for one another. These very traits are the key the SRA's success as it works with entire families to raise up nutritionally self-reliant families for generations to come. Their compassion and dedication prompted the Nehrings to share their example with others. "The Jimenéz Family" is a short glimpse into the life and dreams of this extraordinary family.

What makes this film unique? This short is the compilation of two days' worth of filming and working side-by-side with this exceptional family. The Nehrings weeded, fed the animals, ate, cooked, laughed and learned with this family to gain an insight into what their lives are truly made of. This short is not about poverty or the developing world, but rather our shared aspirations for human dignity and a better world for our loved ones — something we can all relate to. For this reason, "The Jimenéz Family" serves not to remind us of the suffering around us, but as a mirror into our own humanity and potential as parents.



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Jaci Webb covers entertainment for The Billings Gazette.