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Alder Lights

Alder Lights

When Marcus Barkac, drummer for Alder Lights, hatched a plan to open the show for the Foo Fighters on Dec. 9, his bandmates thought he was crazy.

He wrote a script and asked a friend to help video a pitch by the band to Foo Fighters bandleader Dave Grohl. The Grammy Award-winning Foo Fighters are performing at MetraPark's Rimrock Auto Arena.

“I just heard that Dave Grohl is one of those nice guys of rock," Barkac said. "If he catches wind of someone doing something like making a video pitch, he might accept it.

The video went up in mid-August on Alder Lights’ social media accounts, including Facebook, and it was an instant hit, surprising even the band. Over the first 24 hours, the video averaged 1,000 views an hour.

“We got over 40,000 views of the video and 700 shares. The right person needs to share it and the right people need to see it for it to work.”

Barkac said he’s long been a fan of the hard rock band. He traveled to Denver to see the Foo Fighters in 2014, a memorable show since Grohl had fallen off a stage in Europe and broken his leg a few weeks before. Grohl reportedly wouldn't leave the stage after he broke his leg, asking instead for one of his roadies to help prop it up so he could finish his set.

“He is the purest definition of a rock star,” Barkac said.

His other bandmates, including younger brother Kaleb Barkac, who plays bass, and lead singer/guitarist Jake Goldberg are fans, but not quite to the level Marcus Barkac is. 

At one point in the video, Goldberg promises that if Alder Lights opens the show in Billings for the Foo Fighters, they will all get Foo Fighters tattoos. Kaleb, nods in agreement, then says, “Wait, what?”


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Jaci Webb covers entertainment for The Billings Gazette.