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Foundation Bass Music Collective coming

With Skyjack, Mike Dodge, and ET, Friday, March 9, 9 p.m., Pub Station Taproom. Tickets for the all-ages show are $8.

Foundation Bass Music Collective Presents: Skyjack, Mike Dodge, ET featuring PK Sound provided by Electrophilic Professional Audio.

Pablo and the Buddha return

Saturday, March 10, Pub Station Taproom, 8 p.m. Tickets for the age-21-plus show are $5.

Acoustic duo plays an eclectic blend of modern and classic tunes across an array of genres.

Santa Cruz playing free show

Tuesday, March 20, 9 p.m. The age-21-plus show is free.

The Finnish hard-rock band Santa Cruz was formed in 2007, inspired by such greats as Skid Row and Guns ´n´ Roses. After a few lineup changes and two demos, the boys Taz (age 20, drums), Archie (20, lead vocals & lead guitars), Middy (20, bass) and Johnny (21, lead guitars) made a self-produced EP “Anthems For The Young ´n´ Restless” and a music video for the title track, according to the website Melodic-Hardrock.

With the EP they achieved international media attention, including from Classic Rock magazine and national television of Finland, played well over a 100 shows, and scored a worldwide record deal with Spinefarm Records.

In 2012 The Cruz Boys began working on their highly anticipated debut album “Screaming For Adrenaline.” After intensive studio sessions at Hollola and Helsinki Finland, the 11 track album was shipped.

Phutureprimitive to play Pub date

Thursday, April 26, 8 p.m., Pub Station Taproom. Tickets for the all-ages show are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Phutureprimitive is the moniker of Bay Area producer and songwriter Rain. Early childhood photos reveal Rain sitting at the piano plinking keys, grinning from ear to ear, a true sign of things to come.

Continuing his early fascination with music, Rain was later drawn to electronic music, inspired by its ability to combine the best of organically played instruments and the synthetic pleasures of sounds more exotic to the human ear. After beginning a DJ career in the 90s, Rain began incorporating the music he was making in his home studio into his DJ sets. That was all it took to trigger a full-blown love affair with electronic music and the process of its creation... and Phutureprimitive was born.

Phutureprimitive's music is singular and unique in its approach. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, his music also manages to convey a sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into hypnotic movement and often escalating into a full-on kinetic experience. 

Country newcomer Russell Dickerson plans show

Saturday, May 5, Pub Station Ballroom, 8 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Russell Dickerson was born for the stage. “I’m just naturally that kind of dude: a big, loud and over-the-top guy,” he says with a laugh.

Yes, one of country music’s most talked-about new talents -- and the voice behind the smash single “Yours,” a stunning ballad inspired by his wife of four years, Kailey, that’s racked up over 33 million streams to date on Spotify, where he’s been on the Hot Country, Country Gold Playlists and more for over a year.

“I go out there, and I’m just me,” Dickerson, who recently tore up arenas with Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini on the Home Team Tour, says. Watch the massive-voiced singer up there, whipping the crowd into hysterics and performing with that time-honored killer instinct. He’s “running around and singing to people and messing with them and loving on them. It’s about interacting the whole time. I want people screaming their faces off. It’s all for the crowd.”

Even as a Union City, Tennessee-raised, obsessive teenage music fan, one who’d regularly wait in wraparound lines to see his favorite artists perform in Nashville and held up Garth Brooks and Keith Urban as his personal gospel, Dickerson, says being “that dude onstage was always the dream.

Zoso bringing ‘Led Zeppelin Experience’

Saturday, May 12, 9 p.m., Pub Station Taproom. Tickets for the age-21-plus show are $16 in advance and $18 at the door.

Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience was formed in 1995 to perform the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin live show since the real thing, the band’s press materials state. For Zoso, it’s much more than just being a tribute, it’s about touching a golden era in music. Zoso embodies Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones in their spirit, tightly¬ wound talent and authenticity.

Each band member has been carefully selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of their Led Zeppelin counterparts. In 18 successful years of touring, they have perfected their art, the band says. As one of the longest tenured Zeppelin tributes, Zoso’s 2,400 live shows around the world, including a slot at Bonnaroo in 2003, have established them as one of the most traveled and successful band in the market.

Zoso’s live shows are not about simply playing the right notes, they are about aura and feeling, harkening back to the unique atmosphere Led Zeppelin created, the band says.

MC Prof hits Billings May 16

With Mac Irv, Cashinova, Willy Wonka, Wednesday, 8 p.m., May 16, Pub Station Taproom. Tickets for the all-ages show are $15.

No artist has emerged from Minnesota this decade and walked their own private catwalk quite like Prof. After spending the early part of the 2010s having amassed a strong loyal following, distributing nearly 200,000 records through his own imprint, Stophouse, his 2013 signing to Rhymesayers Entertainment helped propel him to the next stage of his career before releasing his landmark 2015 Rhymesayers debut, “Liability.”

Additionally, his annual self-headlined Prof Outdoors festival has repeatedly sold out a 4,000-plus capacity for years. While there’s been a perception that the eccentric Minneapolis MC is out of control, Prof's undeterred, unwavering commitment to his mission has revealed the detailed craftsmanship behind the perceived chaos.

Today, as his latest album title states, the newly sophisticated Prof is more accurately referred to as Pookie Baby.

As much of a showman as he is a shaman, Pookie Baby was poured out of the perspective of a man known for wild live shows, whose rigorous touring and performance schedule led to debilitating injuries.

Lita Ford to play Ballroom

Saturday, May 19, 8 p.m., Pub Station Ballroom. Tickets for the all-ages show are $30 in advance and $35 at the door.

To Lita Ford, the title of her latest solo album “Living Like a Runaway” has two deep and distinct meanings: The first refers to her first band The Runaways, which she was a member of between 1975 and 1980, achieving her international breakthrough. The second reason is of a much more personal nature: “There have been days in my life when I ran away, when I was unhappy and had to get out of my previous life,” Lita confesses.

“It‘s like walking through fire and being able to come through the other side unscathed.” she continues. “I wanted to write an album which gives people courage, inspires them and gives them new power, in other words the power of music. As it has done for me on difficult days, I want this music to help people to get through tough times, while remembering their happy times as well. It’s happened to me plenty of times: fans come up to me and tell me how my songs have helped them in difficult situations, in a way it is almost like a soundtrack to their lives.”

Following the demise of the Runaways, Ford concentrated on her own career and now looks back on many memorable hits including: the chart-topping duet with Ozzy Osbourne ́”Close Your Eyes Forever,” “What Do You Know About Love,” “Shot Of Poison,” “Larger Than Life” and “Kiss Me Deadly.”

Casey Donahew returns to Ballroom

Friday, Aug. 10, Pub Station Ballroom, 8 p.m. Tickets for the all-ages show are $25.

Over the last 15 years, Casey Donahew has risen from a favorite on the local Texas music scene, racking up 15 No. 1 singles, to a nationally hot touring act who consistently sells out venues all across the country with 10 sell-outs and 17,000 tickets sold already in 2018 alone, according to his press materials.

With more than 326 million digital music streams and more than a half-million followers on his social platforms, Donahew has released four independent albums to critical and commercial acclaim.

His most recent project, a 15th anniversary record released called “15 Years, the Wild Ride,” is a collection of Donahew’s most popular songs and the ones fans sing night after night as his live concerts. The album was inspired by and became a gift for the fans who remain loyal in Donahew.

— Information provided by Pub Station