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LEWISTOWN -- Nancy Padilla, of Bozeman, won the open competition in the Montana Winter Fair Fiddle Contest at the Eagle's Hall in Lewistown on Saturday, Jan. 28.

Everyone played in three full rounds of competition with each participant performing three songs in each round, consisting of a hoedown, waltz and a tune of choice.

Results for the competition were:


PeeWee (Ages 8 and younger)


1. Madison Anderson, Bozeman.


2. Lydia Hickel, Ray, N.D.

3. Avery Buglione, Great Falls.


Junior/Junior (Ages 9-12)


1. Carsten Manring, Three Forks.


2. Jurnee Armstrong, Bozeman.

3. Jeremy Haagenson, Williston, N.D.

4. Kyndria Buglione, Great Falls.

5. Jackie Long, Shonkin.


Junior (Ages 13-18)


1. Julia Heinen, Great Falls.


2. Max Armstrong, Bozeman.

3. McKade Mahlen, Froid.

4. Kirk Cartwright, Ray N.D.



1. Nancy Padilla, Bozeman.


2. Lilly Brogger, Three Forks.

3. Infinity Thomson, Denton.

4. Penny Callender, Sand Coulee.

5. Lori Shreiner, Livingston.