MSU Billings music majors Drew McDowell, Juan Chavis and Darryn Lombard, from left, make up the self-described “New Age bluegrass” trio DDX.

It’s all about that bass.

When bass player Juan Chavis joined the musical collaboration of guitarist Drew McDowell and keyboard player Darryn Lombard, the 30 or so original songs the two had been sweating over for months, some of them for years, took on a more powerful sound.

The band name even sounds like an experiment. DDX stands for Darryn and Drew plus the excitement of Chavis on bass.

All three are majoring in music at Montana State University Billings. McDowell and Lombard are part of the music business program and Chavez is studying music education.

As part of their program, Lombard and McDowell are learning how to promote and organize shows. Their April 16 show at NOVA Center for the

Performing Arts can be seen as this spring’s final exam. The show starts at 8 p.m. and admission is $5 for students or $10 for adults.

McDowell is completing an internship at NOVA this spring, running lights and sound for the downtown theater’s production of the comedic thriller, “Communicating Doors” so he got a deal on renting the Roebling Theater for the show.

“We’ll have professional lights, comfortable seats and good music,” McDowell said.

Lombard adds, “The music is going to get people off their seats that’s for sure.”

The music is hard to describe and the trio works at finding just the right label. Finally nodding their heads to Lombard’s suggestions that it’s “New Age bluegrass.”

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