All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Kalli Lyn Kieffer and Cameron Mark Wescott, on May 20

Ashley Anika Jefferson and Dawan Deonte Jones, on May 23

James Michael Limberhand and Isabel James Ti Morales, on May 30

Lisa Marie South and Rodney Todd Shores, on May 11

Michaela Rae Longbottom and David Franklin Henning , on May 11

Lauren Leigh Fox and Spencer Edward Bakich, on May 18

Sarah Katherine Callahan and Scott Leon Anderson, on May 21

Brittney Marie Silvis and Samuel Norris Sailors, on May 18

Amber Christine Conley and William Andrew Green, on May 18

Keturah Beth Lund and Marcus Lee Schwarzrock, on May 11

Alyssa Dale Hoffman and Samuel Gettemy Worcester, on May 26

Melinda Jean Field and Sean Michael Davis, on May 11

Lynette Diane Oderifero and Steven Loyd Berger, on May 8

Sarah Elizabeth Temple and Austin Brandon Carroll, on May 4

Charmayne Kay Williams and Brennan Travis Barta, on May 19

Jazmyn Marie Turell and Glencharles Smith, on April 20

Abigail Sue Byrne Whelchel and Michael James Uhrich, on May 1

Melissa Beth LaRoque and Daniel Aaron, on May 10

Carole Lea Wyers and Terry Dale Randall, on May 18

Mariel Danielle Rieland and John Wesley Barnaba Mulford, on May 11

Miranda Marie Neves and Steven Michael Jones, on May 25

Heidi Joy Hodges and Terence Alan Apa, on May 4

Alisha Mae Walker and Kyle Martin VanHorn, on May 5

Erica Lynn Leighton and Jacob Walter Goodrich, on May 17

Emely Activa Gatungan and Brett Allen Harbert, on April 27

Suzanne Kay Lauridsen and Tom Lee Fulton, on May 4

Marissa Alexis Navejar and Cody Jeffery Palen, on May 3

Mitchelle Tunda Cusan and Dominic Anthony Silva, on May 3

Shannon Marie Sedlacek and Jason Jerry Kitzmann, on May 10

Samantha Lynette Fee and Jeremiah James Taylor, on May 18

Jessica Jean Burke and Justin Craig Nelson, on May 4

Cherish Lynn Copeland and Dylan Thomas Job, on May 4

Susanne Louise Moore and Jess Ray Reis, on May 24

Joseph Andrew Weidinger and Mikala Marie Selina Klein, on May 26

Kyla Candee Steppler and Isaac Thomas Diaz, on May 11

Alejandra Rachel Cohen and Peter David Funnell, on May 1

Bethanie Alisa Erickson and Martin John Russert, on May 19

Angelica Mishell Gutierrez and Natelyn Cy Little Owl, on May 18

Jaylee Jean Erickson and Joshua Lewis Peterson, on May 11

Nichole Rae Jones and Joel Scott Fachner, on May 2

Ashley Rose O'Loughlin and Steven Maurice Williams, on May 17

Rebecca Lynn Ortmann and Sean Michael McDonald, on May 20

Sarah Grace Lauver and Kyle Gordon Steiger, on May 25

Beth Ann Hayes and Paul David Buck, on May 18

Crystal Danielle Matthews and Jordan Cyril Jamison, on May 6

Tomie Ray Bowman and Christopher Michael Welch, on May 23

Rachel Angeles Pajulas and Jacob Charles Wood, on May 13

Amandea Elaine Salazar and Nathan Dayn Desoto, on May 11

Cassidy Rae Lang and Cody Mark Havig, on May 13

Echo Marguerite Croman and Estevan Dale Hatfield, on May 28

Betsy Kaitlyn Hust and Joshua Damian Holle, on May 18

Kelsie Elizabeth Burnett and Eric Jon Pickens, on May 9

Emily Ruth Suydam and Cody James Kisling, on May 25

Ashley Rose Campbell and Jordan Christopher Johnson, on May 9

Marcia Bessie Blacksmith and Zackary Ryan Wilson, on May 10

Ouana Jade Harkins and Benjamin Hunter Reed, on May 16

Kyle Raymond Reitler and Shae-Breaun Gayle Nordlund, on May 18

Lisa Nikole Deyle and Lyle Gordon Buckalew, on May 10

Blake Aryn Fandek and Nathan Andrew Pyeatt, on May 18

Brett Allison Bennett and Cody Lee Reitz, on May 18

Miriana Redolfi and Brian Allen Tippets, on May 15

Cory Benjamin Lehman and Richard Fields, on May 18

Crystal Dawn McCamis and Timothy Ray Rickett, on May 18

Jessica Alexandra Clark and Patrick Michel Costello, on May 17

Mindy Nicole McCord and Jeremy James McCune, on May 20

Dereka Dee Hanel and Paul DuPea, on May 23

Taylor Anne Bianco and Chase Vincent Vollhaber, on May 25

Prairie Rose Bighorn and Troy William Blount, on May 25

Alice Michelle Davis and Matthew Charles Reeck, on May 24

Kerstyn Carol Grinsteiner and Dylan Michael Jasmann, on May 28

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Aubrie Jo Melvin and James Michael Quincy, on April 18

Kjersti Leigh Johnson and Brendan Patrick Wiser, on March 30

Crystal Lynn Herrick and Tasha Renee Rainey, on Jan. 26

Amanda Ray Hansen and Cory Richard Keltner, on April 7

Janet Maureen McDowall and Harold Edward Nies, on April 19

Angelina Ellan Mandala and Nicholas Ryan Chaffee, on March 12

Adrian Del C. Fiallos Orellana and Jesse Tyler Ryan, on April 11

Stephannie Ann Keegan and Richard William McBeth, on April 13

Kristen Nicole Heitzenrater and Paden Matthew Nation, on April 27

Crystal Dawn Stirm and Keefe Lee Frank, on March 29

Kayla May Pietz and Jacob Daniel Bergen, on April 12

April Lynn Spangrud and Keith Lewis Baker, on March 29

Breanna Nichole Matteson and Christopher Hayes Kuckler, on April 6

Chelsei Leighann Graham and Christopher Matthew Williams-Fox, on April 12

Lauren Beth Meiers and Seanan Patrick I. Dowling, on April 20

Erlinda Ortega and Keith Hudson Hull, on April 1

Lacie Danarie Bishop and Jeremy Robert Chapman, on April 24

Carla Lima Verbsky and Matthew Anders Riley, on March 17

Gena Renee LeNoue and Shane Eugene McCormick, on April 26

Amanda Dawn Helgeson and Mason Riley Johnston, on April 6

Kelsey Jo Smith and Kaleb Ben Perdew, on April 6

Sarah Michelle Spragg and Shawn Edward Nemmers, on April 19

Haylee Rose Baker and Tyler Joseph Hay, on April 13

Chelsey Rose Morris and Michael John Bosse, on April 12

Joesie Lou Williams and Duane Jacob Hankel, on April 4

MacKenzie Lynn Michael and Thomas Patrick Manweiler, on April 20

Erika Christine Fried and Tyson James Donaldson, on April 13

Terri Lyn Braun and Richard Lee Todd, on March 26

Molly Anne Lyons and Christopher Michael Daniels, on April 2

Tonya Sue Hovland and Michael Wayne Camp, on April 4

Kirstin Ellen Dorn and Hyrum Mercer Hanson, on April 13

Laurie Lee Smith and Jack John Comfort, on April 14

Rianna Marie Galloway and Colton Robert Naillon, on April 26

Mandi Jo Fischer and Steven Klaus Habener, on April 25

Alyssa Diane Rogers and Cankuna Allen Smith, on April 20

Michaelia Cheyenne Mowatt and Laramie Shey Rogers, on April 20

Cheryl Marie Lindell and Robert Martin Ash, on April 14

Kamryn Alayla Lauzon and Brandon Chase Cizek, on April 11

Carlie Nicole Navarro and Nathan Paul Lucero, on April 11

Darlene Louise Gatlin and Brian William Donaldson, on April 13

Caelyn Mona Thoreson and James Alonzo Resser, on April 27

Teisha Nicole West and Jeremy Russell Jerome, on April 17

Sydnee Loreen Gleason and William Taylor Schilt, on April 20

Connie Irene Samuelson and Ronald Gilbert Samuelson, on April 19

Evelyn Manrisa Lustre and Charles Wayne Julian III, on April 26

Elizabeth Ann Hazzard and Brandon Kyle Theodore Davey, on April 24

Courtney Kaye Buechler and Cameron James Lane, on April 26

Heather Naomi Bering and Talon James Vollin, on April 25

Anya Victoria Hanks and Chad David Freitag, on April 25

Tamara Lynn Good and Donald Robert Mosier, on April 25

Bonnie Beth Schickel and Edward Richard Corcoran III, on April 29

Bryli Mariah Blankenship and Brodie Michael Arnold, on April 26

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Katie Lynn Burst and Devin Joe Otto, on March 8

Brittni Beau Masbruch and Jesse Lawrence Rea, on March 5

Caitlin Brooke O’Brien and Buddy Joe Webster, on March 9

Shelby Lynn Sauter and Dean Jason Ballinger, on March 25

Stephanie Lynne Cook and Ryan Patrick Mahar, on March 8

Marian Gay Ingles Naig and Brennen Jesse Richardson, on Feb. 28

Catherine Jean Grams and Lance Griffith Goss, on March 1

Darlene Louise Wooden Legs and Kenny Lee Looks Behind, on March 2

Michelle Lynn Maida and Clinton Arthur Altman, on March 23

Ashley Rose Short and Noah Douglas Reichenbach, on March 15

Victoria Leigh Watts and Alexander James Stitzel, on March 15

Penni Jean Bishop and Greg Edward John Simpson, on Feb. 23

Donna Rae Charette and Morey Martin Winchell, on March 23

Amity Faith Malberg and Christopher Roger Burkhadt, on March 16

Kiley Sue Ann Keene and Tevin Trey Hamilton, on March 24

Lacey Monique Buckles and Dean Douglas Spotted Eagle Jr., on March 11

Amanda Michelle Buck and Casy Gene Glennon, on March 1

Mary Joanne Weigel and Noah Riley Hodges, on March 2

Blair JoAnn S. Woodworth and John Wayne Reynolds, on Feb. 21

Terry Lynn Baillargeon and Richard Pacheco Flores Jr., on March 14

Maria C. Salazar-Valdez and Mark David Lipa, on Feb. 28

Jennifer Rose Lang and Dalton Dan Dvorak, on March 16

Rebekah Lynn Rinaldi and Aaron Joseph Bibler, on March 5

Christina Lynn Burows and Mathew Alan Duray, on March 27

Misty Michele Munoz and John Robert Gillette Jr., on March 4

Hope Anne Glunt and Timothy Benjamin-Daniel Lich, on March 21

Ashley LaRene Knofczynski and Jack Dale Greer, on March 2

Claudia Promise J. Esparza and Brandon Lee Johnson, on March 6

Madchen Isabella Spiker and Brendan Coby Hibl, on March 5

Angelea Christina Marie Krebs and O’Neill Douglas Valverde, on March 21

Kastina Jones Benoit and Eric Stuart Waddington, on March 23

Nancy Elizabeth Vroman and Edward Robert Regele, on March 15

Sabrina Marie Dent and Christopher Kenneth Reaves, on March 17

Brianna Rachelle Gray and Mason Lance Moe, on March 23

Gabriella Monique Jabaut and Jacob Dylan Swecker, on March 11

Alisha Ann Meeks and Johnathan Mathew Nishikawa, on March 15

Taylor Luann Martin and Daniel Keith Haywood, on March 14

Anne Marie Stetler and Danny Ray Regensberg, on March 13

Sarah Ann Selvig and Steven Daniel Dalke, on March 24

Christie Jean Reiling and William Curtis Hill Jr., on March 18

Devin Kay Grangaard and Brian Lee McCalip, on March 28

Trudi Elizabeth Ann Miller and Rance Waylon Remme, on March 21

Tiffany Nicole Morrison and Randal Eugene Keele, on March 22

Nizhoni Morning Glory LeeBoy and Geoffrey Allen Burgess, on March 26

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Elias Plain Bull and Nema Lynn Rogers, on Nov. 2

Rodger S. Giesick and Gey M. Glenn, on Feb. 4

Eric Charles Garner and Lorina Gutierrez, on Feb. 14

Brian Martin Speasl and Sydney Lynn Davis, on Jan. 31

Kara Lynn Charette and Brittney Ann Wegner, on Feb. 14

Eric Layne Whittemore and Sierra Brooke Reid, on Feb. 9

Harold Leroy Hamm Jr. and Bonnie Jean Hoppel, on Feb. 7

Jack Russell Slotsve and Lesley Rose Lee Alexander, on Feb. 22

Trevor John Pierce and Amanda Leigh O’Neil, on Feb. 21

Antonio Michael Lippincott and Lisa Anjanette Clark, on Feb. 8

Justin Stephen Hall and Candence Karmen Archambault, on Feb. 8

Ashley Marie Franchello and Drew Alan Lowe, on Feb. 10

Fabian Gene Malatare and Megan Rae Gruhlk, on Feb. 2

Johnathan Chase Escobar Clark and Jessica Elizabeth Silva, on Jan. 31

Jason Posselt Teal and Jessica Sue Matney, on Feb. 22

David Otto Wills and Debra Lynn Lockwood, on Feb. 22

Eric Tom Gehant and Cory Ashley Revillas, on Jan. 31

Rodney Allen Yates Jr. and Rebe René Petersen, on Feb. 1

Thayne Markus Weighall and Eva Lynn Jean Lyons, on Feb. 1

Taylor Lee Cook and Marissa Dawn Garcia, on Feb. 1

Chandler John Crowe and Hope Danielle Reid, on Feb. 1

Gordon Scott Ryder and Betty Lynn Ronan, on Feb. 4

Anthony James Castro and Robin Elizabeth Russette, on Feb. 10

David Emil Weber and Eva Mlejnkova, on Feb. 4

Jacob Allen Dukart and Megan Nicole Salo, on Feb. 6

William Scott Erdmann and Tammy Sue Madden, on Feb. 7

Caleb Isasc Barrett and Danielle Christine Regan, on Feb. 7

Gary James Abbott and Jill Anne Sahnow, on Feb. 12

Jordan Douglas Hampton and Mikayla Alexis Darnell, on Feb. 19

Anthony Joseph King and Karrie Antonette Andreini, on Feb. 16

Steven John Walton and Andrea Kay Chambers, on Feb. 23

Joseph Steven Mahar Jr. and Jazmine Lace Washburn, on Feb. 24

Clarence Louie Seminole Jr. and Julee Kate Morris, on Feb. 20

Cody Brayden Pearson Cuppy and Kaitlinn Paige Blankenship, on Feb. 22

Travis Lee Croy and Erika Lynn Refsland, on Feb. 22

Tyler James Brant and Ariel Michelle Stevens, on Feb. 22

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Karissa Doral Flick and Michael Joseph Silvernagel, on Dec. 7

Josh Fredrick Lee and Arielle Marissa Horsman, on Dec. 16

Katelynn Rana Frantz and Michael Emmett Wheland, on Dec. 12

Noelle Raelene Johnson and Logan Robert Heine, on Dec. 1

Charlotte Jane Stevens and Jordan Russell Kern, on Dec. 5

Kassidy Marie Kaufman and Bryan Matthew Barth, on Dec. 1

Heather Angelina Loar and Andrew Jason Kober, on Dec. 27

Stephanie Ann Hazen and Jared Blayne Berry, on Dec. 9

Mikaela Marie Hagl and Tanner David Mostad, on Dec. 8

Kathryn Jane Mrachek and Tyler Jon Bispo, on Nov. 24

Dubraska P. Pina Dominguez and Brendan Tyler Waarvik, on Dec. 15

Emily Kirstin Demaray and Michael John Victoria III, on Nov. 24

Natalia Elaura Ramirez and Eli Andrew Shults, on Dec. 10

Alyssa Marie Ostwalt and Christian Chandler Wright, on Dec. 16

Alexis Michelle Wood and Dylan Ray Wood, on Dec. 20

Laura Anne Harrison and Luke Lauderdale, on Dec. 28

Laura Marie Harper and John Leslie Hall, on Dec. 23

Josie Pauline Evans and Keenan Scott Makin, on Dec. 12

Meghan Rachelle Ainsworth and Cody Allen Mollett, on Dec. 21

Rachel Diane Elizondo and Luis Enrique Elizondo-Leal, on Dec. 24

Megan Elizabeth Swanson and Jamison Michael Lee, on Dec. 30

Bethany Dawn Rice and Robert Francis Nemitz, on Dec. 4

Patricia Kelli Hoagland and Cody George Coles, on Dec. 7

Amanda Jean Zabel and Jacob Auguste Miles, on Dec. 10

Christine Jelinek and Robert Joseph St. Martin, on Dec. 13

Anna Marie Salway and Brent Lee Sudduth, on Dec. 15

Bailey Louise Wingate and Kenneth Arnold Calhoon, on Dec. 14

Kelli Storm Martin and Parker Hale Jimison, on Dec. 18

Nathyn Christopher Thompson and Michalia Rose Marie Berumen, on Dec. 22

Karina Lynn Lundahl and Philip James DeCamp, on Dec. 21

Dominic Emilio Valles and Chenae Raeann Quintana, on Dec. 21

Nikela Evette Clemmons and Axel Eden Russell, on Dec. 28

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