All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Victoria Leigh Moran and Brian Philip Smith, on Sept. 8

Felicia Matese Bullshows and Brando Chester Duggins, on Sept. 1

Kara Tam Letasky and Rodney John Kraft, on May 24

Destiny Kaytlyn Schuck and Miles Gregory Ryan, on Aug. 25

Alexandra Josephine Dugas and Heath Stead Simpson, on Aug. 18

Mary Ann Stambaugh and Matthew Morgan Williams, on Sept. 15

Kendra Jonelle Wold and Matthew Michael Metzger, on Sept. 1

Kelly Marie Burtnett and Nicholas Spencer Pearson, on Sept. 1

Kellee Lynne Kagarise and Michael Edward Medhus, on Sept. 8

Chelsea Nicole Otsuki and Justin Dean Bauman, on Sept. 15

Elissa Rae Baker and Justin Robert Snow, on Sept. 15

Abbygail Anna Belle Nordlund and Cody Seth Perkins, on Sept. 8

Elecia Lynn Hurry and Chad Allen Martens, on Sept. 14

Amanda Elizabeth Hinrichs and Chance Allen Atwood, on Sept. 1

Thomas Matthew Crocker and Fiona Jane Johnson, on Sept. 15

Cammie Leigh McKinley and Troy Robert Guptill, on Aug. 18

Leslie Lu Idstrom and Sam A. Johnson, on Aug. 31

Jaelene Mikale Zygmond and Sean Richard Flynn, on Sept. 1

Nour Bughdadi and Peter Christopher LaCro. Huss, on Sept. 1

Elise Grace Green and Trevor David Williams, on Sept. 1

Mackenzie Dianne Painter and Kelly Mellville Frost, on Sept. 4

Trisha Ann Crofton and Gerald Vincent Mourich, on Sept. 1

Summer Dawn Lee and Steven Yasu Kurokawa, on Sept. 2

Abigail Ceicle Ketterling and Alex Eugene Marion Picicci, on Sept. 22

Courtney Leigh Ellis and Miguel Anthony Lopez, on Sept. 8

Heather Lee Staus and Shaun Roger Biggerstaff, on Sept. 1

Jessica Judith Gerttula and Randy Matthew Mayes, on Sept. 8

Lauren Elizabeth Steinmetz and Adam Robert Johnson, on Sept. 8

Sarah Audrey McLeod and Frank James Lipari, on Sept. 8

Lindsay Jean Angvick and Steven Joseph Weiss, on Sept. 15

Dorothy Lucille Hilzendeger and Robert Owen Anderson, on Sept. 19

Lorene Marie Knowlen and Van Michael Harris, on Sept. 21

Shyann Danae Didyoung and Hector Michael Johnson, on Sept. 1

Elizabeth Marie King and Kevin Edward Bruhaug, on Aug. 31

Kimberly George and Hunter Z. Hartvigson, on Sept. 8

David John Young and Michael Joseph Skehan, on Aug. 18

Bianca Marie Moss and Matthew Tracy Bell, on Sept. 1

Catherine Jewel Pfau and Drew Christian Treglown, on Sept. 2

Rebecca Sue Fleck and Michele Lynn Moore, on Sept. 7

Amanda Renee Hennessy and Duane Edward Cox, on Sept. 22

Amy Marie Wheeler and John Albert Nickelson, on Sept. 5

Ashley Renae Ruzick Soelter and Aaron Thomas Kosmann, on Sept. 8

Leslie Hope Swanson and Miguel Andres Marquez, on Aug. 25

Katelynn Elise Duncan and Isaac Gardner Stanworth, on Sept. 1

Catherine Elizabeth Petersen and Rennon Scott Wilson, on Aug. 21

Sofia Cruz and Charles Lowery, on Sept. 22

Carol Lynn Wohlleben and Brian Jean Brewer, on Sept. 24

Myra Marie West and Matthew Lyle Gleason, on Sept. 1

Violeta Rugh Kulakevich and Seth Royal Kroft, on Sept. 9

Justine Marie Geraghty and Chad Robert Degele, on Aug. 31

Jessica Rae Haley and Matthew Darol Hamill, on Sept. 1

Catherine Kay Zickuhr Thiel and Jacque Alan Wetmore, on Sept. 2

Cynthia Elise Wells and Daniel Wesley young, on Aug. 28

Rachel Leigh Dahl and Frederick Christ Mehling III, on Sept. 8

Meagan Elizabeth Hennessy and Christopher Stephen Skalet, on Sept. 1

Allyson Kimball Trotter and Jared Paul Bourque, on Sept. 4

Katie Louise Hewson and Charles Trevor Crellin, on Sept. 1

Cheryl Lynnett Moerman and Eugene Eddy Baker, on Sept. 16

Shandy Hanks and Trenten Jacob Moran, on Sept. 1

Megan Marie Dundas and Justin AllenTinnes, on Sept. 8

Margaret Elisa Zaback and Joshua Joseph Gordon, on Sept. 22

Keisha Lynn Stauduhar and James Jacob Lenzen, on Sept. 8

Janel Charis Morgan and Tyler David Johnson, on Sept. 8

Hiedi Lee Hanna and Shawn Leland Wood, on Sept. 4

Brianna Rochelle Logan and Tyler Mark Striegel, on Sept. 16

Jade Adelia Uhrich and Courtland Shane Roy, on Sept. 8

Taylor Ryan Foote and Justin Daniel Williams, on Sept. 7

Stesha Lynn Gulick and Thane Walter Reukauf, on Sept. 9

Megan Elain Howard and Jared Jeffery Strickland, on Sept. 16

Shelbey Lynne and Terril Robert Streck, on Sept. 15

Leanna Marie Hoffman and Luis Felix Martinez, on Sept. 10

Christine Jill Jones and Carson James Willis, on Sept. 8

Shawna Marie Wilder and Zachary Vincent Wallis, on Sept. 21

Louise Kay Chism and Rocky Price Steward, on Sept. 10

Jennifer Marie Taylor and Jeffrey Dale Wolcott, on Sept. 14

Bryanna Morgan Wood and Zachary George Blank, on Sept. 23

Ellen Marie Anderson and Jeremy William Greenfield, on Sept. 15

Alesha BreAnna DeLeon and Bryce Robert Willis, on Sept. 15

Sierra Kimber Fox and Erik Michael Gjertsen, on Sept. 22

Alison Marie Zimmerman and Judd Morgan Brost, on Sept. 15

Danika Joy Houde and Zachary Adam Schwartz, on Sept. 15

Janelise Gunning and Kelly Michael Clarke, on Sept. 14

Evaline Pearl Old Elk and Preston Simon Old Crow, on Sept. 17

Kayla Marie Corcoran and Zachary Edward Ladson, on Sept. 19

Danielle Faye Cornelius and Jeremy Miles Kruse, on Sept. 22

Kalanie Marie Gallagher and Bryce D. Ray, on Sept. 25

Carol Elaine Flattum and Rodney Dean Kimmell, on Sept. 28

Stormie Dawn Roberts and Brandon Scott Robey, on Sept. 25

Nicole Teresa Gravel and Rex Michael Stacy, on Sept. 25

Kristine Lea Kerr and Peter Norman Leek, on Sept. 26

Erin Elizabeth Gilmore and Bryson James Hayter, on Sept. 26

KaCee Lee Carter and Austin Lee Vigness, on Sept. 27

Rebecca Sumpter Escobedo and Kristian Marc Timmons, on Sept. 28

Rosemarie Rosario Nevarez and Michael Francis Hackmann, on Sept. 28

Cali Jo Ruth and Tyrell Dean Mailloux, on Sept. 28

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Asjah Tianna Akerstrom and Marc Contreras, on Nov. 9

River Madison Ford and Tanner Leland Chvilicek, on Aug. 3

Cassandra Helen Frost and Eldred Lynn Stamm III, on Nov. 24

Kari Kathleen Baker Ryan Wayne Tuttle, on Nov. 3

Sienna Autumn Buechler and Patrick Marcus Elser, on Oct. 27

Esther Elizabeth Hudson and Jerrid Bryson Bergum, on Nov. 24

Natalie Christine Watson and Jason Aaron Fallis, on Nov. 10

Sarah Brooke Warren and Torrey Shawn Anderson, on Oct. 31

Angelita Audriana Adams and Cody John Watts, on Nov. 4

Sandra Lynn Dunn and Wesley James Gillespie, on Nov. 2

Della Mae Carlyle and Patrick Edward Howey, on Nov. 16

Bailey Rose Czapko and Skyler Bradley Carroll, on Nov. 3

Reina Isabel Andino and Charles Marion Hughes, on Nov. 10

Brandi Nicole Seibel and Timmothy Roy Brost, on Oct. 31

Brandy Anne Demary and Faron Wayne Sundheim, on Nov. 2

Angelita Broken Rope and Jonathan Lee LeDeau, on Nov. 3

Jenna Morgan Smith and Darius Pharoah Ray, on Nov. 17

Amy Marie Main and Beau Colvin, on Nov. 11

Catherine Moore Van Daele and Gerald Wayne Davis II, on Nov. 2

Stephanie Ann Harvey and Gary Craig Morrison, on Nov. 3

Emma Lee R. Kerr-Carpenter and Daniel Robert Cohn, on Oct. 20

Sierra Lynn Wood and Jasen Shaun Harrington, on Oct. 27

Alexis Jade Kelch and Shaun Michael Cairns, on Nov. 11

Jennifer Kathryn O’Brien and Dustin Robert Lenz, on Oct. 27

Rachel Dawn Brown and Cory David Miller, on Nov. 1

Amber Dawn Becker and Kenneth Reginald, on Oct. 27

Lauren Noel Nicholson and Joseph Lyle Perry, on Nov. 2

Stephanie Lynn Burrell and Parker Johnson Schmitz, on Oct. 30

Ashley Nichole Crippen and Tyler Eugene Boucher, on Nov. 11

Amber Rose Fletcher and Nathan John Jones, on Oct. 31

Susan Carol Poyer and David John Wiltrout, on Nov. 3

Lisa Pearl Kenney-Oleson and Donald David Miller, on Nov. 13

Shanda Beverly McGuire and Terry Lee Haney, on Nov. 5

Brittney Anne Levang and Cody Rome Englert, on Nov. 21

Crystal Dawn Brost and James Vincent Cracraft, on Nov. 11

Karisa Ann Sullivan and Donald Matthew Curtis, on Nov. 10

Yasmin Marie Kemp and Gates Eugene Gibson, on Nov. 11

Peggy Marlenee Buer and Robert Steven Koontz, on Nov. 9

Tiffany McConnell and Conan Vern Nelson, on Nov. 13

Mari Jo Elizabeth Schlepp and Jess Timothy Piper Jr., on Nov. 19

Rhonda Mae Blankenship and Michael Lynn Magner, on Nov. 24

Tara Leigh Morehouse and Levi Aaron Dauenhauer, on Nov. 21

Jessica Maureen Richards and Christopher Allen Selvig, on Nov. 19

Brandon Scott Melendez and John Daniel Haynes, on Nov. 15

Monica Joy Drew and Lane Allen Wolff, on Nov. 19

Samantha Rose Antonio and Christopher E. Knows His Gun, on Nov. 19

Carol Jean Hicks and James Robert Edwards Jr., on Nov. 23

Osha Lynn Roberts and Thomas John Novak, on Nov. 29

Sheila Christine Wand and William Evan Mosser, on Nov. 29

Lorrie Lee Salazar and Michael Thomas Thompson, on Nov. 30

Samantha Nicole Semmler and Thomas Jared Walter, on Nov. 30

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Trisha Ann Shandy and Neith Andrew Jackman, on Aug. 3

Dana Michele Sexton and Jacob Willis Ray Foos, on July 28

Ueamporn Intama and Jesse Lee Murray, on Aug. 4

Kennedee Sheila Burk and Kyle Kennedy Blankenship, on Aug. 19

Katie Marie Malensowsky and Hunter Hayes Heller, on Aug. 10

Donna Marie Villanyi and Andrew John Desin, on July 7

Amanda Lynn Agnew and Dylan Jon Stoltenberg, on July 28

Katelyn Jo Ferguson and Shaylond James Reay, on Aug. 4

Amber Kristine Keltner and Brandon Paul Dimish, on Aug. 17

Megan Paige Cullingworth and Pete R. Zimmerman Mitchell, on Aug. 9

Karen Christiansen and Larry Russell Sessions, on Aug. 4

Christie Mae Rambin and David Jon Brown, on July 28

Linda Ruth Filpula and Teal Lynn Zankie, on Aug. 4

Alicia Jenay Smith and Kyle Jared Solheim, on Aug. 18

Kylie Ann Jimmerson and Loren Thomas Walker, on Aug. 25

Danielle Anna Cooper and Derrick Walter Jordan, on Aug. 18

Michelle Marie Lewis and Donald Mackenzie Anderson, on Aug. 24

Kathryn Danyelle Webber and Adam Gene Potter, on July 22

Mariah Sky King and Jacob William Hunt, on Aug. 25

Shanon Rochelle Ashworh and Marcos Anthony Lopez, on July 4

Mykal Alexis Hatten and Matthew David Willoughby, on July 28

Nicole Marie-Beth Orrison and Jonathan Nikolaus Tokarsky, on Aug. 9

Blanca Estela Villalon and Roger Allen Simpson, on Aug. 4

Mckenna Elizabeth Sonnett and Joel Stephen Overholt, on Aug. 3

Tonya Marie Glasgow and Michael Lorin Yost, on Aug. 18

Brenna Alexandra Braaten and Cody Francis Brockel, on Aug. 25

Ashley Nicole Garcia and Evan Michael Barnhart, on Aug. 26

Asha Dawn Heggen and Ross Daniel Franzen, on July 28

Merissa Gail Biesheuvel and Joshua David Fryenhagen, on Aug. 11

Casey Fern Nelson and Todd O’Malley Lundberg, on Aug. 16

Danielle Rae Pipkey and Nile Ranson Zimmerman, on Aug. 3

Callie Ann VanLuvanee and Bryce Kendall Baker, on Aug. 4

Whitney Suzanne Harris and Jeremy Scott Ostermiller, on Aug. 11

Shylo DeEtta Gouker and Zachary Adam Crone, on Aug. 11

Katherine Joy Luttrell and Thad Blake Lensing, on Aug. 4

Katharine Ann Butler and Zachary Thomas Winkelmann, on Aug. 25

Rachel Kayla Morton and Joshuah James Cooper, on Aug. 25

Kirsten Michelle Loop and Kalvin Kahei Tang, on Aug. 5

Corinne Evelyne Cressler and Steve Henry Eriksen, on Aug. 22

Iranda Lou D. Evankovich and Samuel Mathias Wambach, on Aug. 11

Rebecca Kay Kepferle and Andres Anthony Castro, on Aug. 17

Sarah Nicole Sloan and Kyle Malin Leikam, on Aug. 18

Angela Patrice Glassing and Dane Ross Yeager, on July 28

Kayla Nicole Wanner and Clayton Reid Cathey, on July 28

McKenzie Michelle Klunder and Calub Lee Thilmony, on Aug. 11

Melissa Ann Fusco and Michael Kent Coley II, on Aug. 11

Emily Grace Kelley and Jordan Robert Smith, on July 27

Connie Frances Meland and Steven Robert Christensen, on Aug. 19

Samantha Jo Tryon and Zachery Donn Schye, on Aug. 17

Adelle Joyce Reinke and James Robert Kimmell II, on Aug. 18

Amy Leigh Monroe and Miguel Angel Hernandez, on Aug. 4

Tyla Rae Jones and Zachery Eugene Keil, on Aug. 18

April Dawn Hyem and Bridger Paul Eaton, on Aug. 18

Alan Eugene Patterson and Anthony Franklin Anderson, on July 23

Sierra Lynne Buchholz and Sean Michael Larson, on July 28

James William Stacy and Kelly Rae Church, on Aug. 13

Brandi Michelle Painter and Brandon Michael Wallace, on Aug. 4

Luis Alberto Chavez and Triniti Nicole Halverson, on Aug. 19

Helen Lalley Webber and Daniel Evan Joda, on Aug. 4

Adolfo Cameron Benavidez and Jennifer Laurie Bryant, on July 29

Sarah Colleen Shaw and Matthew Allen Gunn, on Aug. 18

Dillon Stetson Todd and Cindy Marie Staffanson, on Aug. 11

Jennifer Ann Collen and Amy Marie Koroghlanian, on Aug. 3

Kayla Janae Wallin and Michael Allen Rogers, on Aug. 4

Beth Ann Link and Richard Garfield Simons, on Aug. 18

Robbin Elizabeth Corey and William Tanner Sitton, on Aug. 4

Alison Laurel Royer and James Ethan Ray, on Aug. 18

Lillian Schoer and Sean Dylan Cox, on Aug. 4

Amber Rose Moller and Jonathon Lloyd McKibbin, on Aug. 20

Madison Marie Gaglia and Chase Martin Williamson, on Aug. 17

Katelyn Taylor Albright and Kasey Ray Kunkel, on July 31

Jennifer Lin Hardin and John Michael Perault, on Aug. 18

Chelsey Renae Zimmerman and Keithan Oliver Gregg, on Aug. 4

Molley Dianne Henneberry and Cody Weston Sutton, on Aug. 25

Jessica Lynne Sandvik and Robert Theodor Mashek, on Aug. 4

Shiann Lorraine Churchill and Joshua McHale Anthony, on Aug. 8

Shaunna Rae Kehm and Conway Craig Hendrickson, on Aug. 18

Raven Shadoh Ponce and John Richard Pantoja III, Aug. 12

Tiana Noel O’Tremba and Tanner Dale Yates, on Aug. 4

Jody Lee Ferestad and Kevin Lee Andersen, on Aug. 9

Sarah Kate Stabelfeldt and Kevin Thomas Simmons, on Aug. 17

Alexi Payne and Matthew Cook Christiansen, on Aug. 18

Yvonne Marie Bjorndal and Matthew Tyler Ransom, on Aug. 18

Shawnee Jean Conboy and Rikko Chris Bolotas, on Aug. 9

Luying Li and Tod Frank Toter, on Aug. 8

Alicia Ellen Leary and Peter Benjamin Albrecht, on Aug. 27

Karli Morgan Sullivan and Jerred Elijah Bies, on Aug. 26

Liliana Emilie Munn and Devin Eugene Williams, on Aug. 6

Michaelanne Beverly Chavez and Richard David Wedel Jr., on Aug. 25.

McKenzie Maree Jones and Cody Ray Long, on Aug. 10

Tabitha Nicole Basil and Joshua Robert Sage, on Aug. 18

Heather Ann Saulter and Dane Clark Bancroft, on Aug. 22

Caitlin Marie Chandler and Tyler Ryan Nash, on Aug. 11

Kirsten Stella Douglas and Kevin Arnold McNurlin, on Aug. 8

Morgan Elizabeth Tuss and Keith Earl Tresch, on Aug. 8

Kylee Rashell Hill and Charles Edward Kochman, on Aug. 18

Kayla Montgomery and Mickal Roy Lang, on Aug. 24

Ashley Jordan Sheehan and Brendon Ronald Cady, on Aug. 25

Ann Marie Brown and Sean Patrick Funston, on Aug. 9

Rachel Lee Bullinger and Kevin Patrick Baker, on Aug. 11

McKenzie Wray Kauer and Edward Jesse Jorden, on Aug. 18

Chevelle Marie Metzer and Jordan Markus Goodell, on Aug. 25

Lindy Dawn Anderton and Paul Albert Lancaster, on Aug. 10

Micah Nicole Blair and Phillip Kody Voigt, on Aug. 10

Athea Elizabeth Laverty and Chad Kelly Carraway, on Aug. 10

Tara Marie Hlavnicka and Beau James Newell, on Aug. 10

Tiffany Jo Vallie and Shawn William Johannes, on Aug. 13

Amanda Cheri Massey and Levi Douglas Kraiter, on Aug. 18

Morgan May Davis and Robert Joe Scheffelman, on Aug. 18

Anne Marie Johnson and Richard Anthony Jacobs, on Aug. 18

Jami Rene Clark and Anthony John Wilcox, on Aug. 18

Raschel Kaye Gallagher and Cody Michael Boehm, on Aug. 16

Karla Kay Terrel and Charles Ernest Robert, on Aug. 16

Nicole Michelle Nelson and Collin David Miller, on Aug. 24

Tristan Kay DeMers and Shane Lee Willis, on Aug. 18

Lona Kay Higgins and Kelly Dean Sanchez, on Aug. 22

Stacy Ann Hamilton and David James Moen, on Aug. 31

Jeffery Peter Flint and Margaret Mary Rolfe, on Aug. 28

Tracy Lynn Schug and Kody Beaux Bourbeau, on Aug. 29

Rochelle Rae Tuggle and Wade Steven Strietmatter, on Aug. 31

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Nicole Rae Gallagher and Neil Ryan Kiner, on Jan. 10

Denise Marie Lewis and Justin Truman Lewis, on April 14

Kaela Marie Doherty and Bryan Delane Woods, on June 30

Jennifer Lynne Moreau and Cole Jerad Weinberger, on June 30

McKenzie Nicole Poulson and Riley Thomas Grubbs, on June 22

Nola Mae Jensen and Stuart William Boyd, on June 23

Vonnda Jade Lei and Elisha Jericho Ontiveros, on June 29

Theresa Marie Truchot and Shayne Brendan Hinz, on July 20

Bryanna Nicole Bonner and Austin Skov Zopfi, on June 23

Makayla Marie Schessler and Justin James Kostelecky, on July 7

Katherine Ann Salte and Travis Eric Keller, on June 30

Mary Lea Marman and Alan Chase Dunn, on July 4

April Dawn Arruda and David Matthew Miller, on June 16

Danette Jean Komarek and Jeremy James Gilbertson, on July 5

Tish Ann Marie Guldborg and Alvin Jackson Parker III, on July 14

Cora Elizabeth Borell and Nathan William Brink, on June 24

Danielle Jade Branson and Dillon Franklin Steiger, on June 30

Shirley Mae Belisle and Joe Quentin Kemph Jr., July 6

Megan Sue Nichols Cole and Aaron Brett Staley, on July 7

Brooke Noelle LeVandre and Tyler Martin Crennen, on June 30

Gillette Anne Vaira and Justin Frank Voeller, on June 30

Holly Anne Binstock and Daniel Gordon Carr, on June 5

Jasmine Nicole Drange and Christian Jay Torralba, on July 7

Ashleigh Heather Salo and Robert Earl Cozzens, on June 23

Chyanna Love Schulz and Cody Gerald Faber, on July 6

Katherine Jean Hoff and Benjamin Jerald Mader, on July 21

Gabrielle Marie Sanchez and Christopher Ralph Wlker, on July 21

Erikka Nicole Jessen and Kieran Shea Wahl, on July 10

Sara Ann Sisk and Michael Patrick Albright, on June 30

Melissa Dawn Palmer and Samuel Ray Hicks, on July 14

Carissa Lynn Dewey and Ari Jordan Robertson, on June 30

Kelly Christina Kovash and Joshua Jay Cederberg, on June 30

Jennifer Michelle Purvis and Othniel Job Harkins, on June 30

Lisa Genevieve Guthrie and Joseph Michael Sricker, on June 30

Lizzet Rodriguez Romero and Josiah Reynaldo Johnson, on July 21

Anne Louise Streeter and Merland Brian Erickson, on July 14

Erika Paige Wegner and Keith Owen Guy, on July 15

Kaiya Nicole Bisping and Jared Clement Bud Frickel, on July 7

Karen Helen Barndt and Morgan Allen Rughardt, on June 30

Brit Lindsey Harris and Rob William Nyby, on July 14

Krystal Nichole Page and Jose Luis Rojas Quispe, on July 6

Brittany Marie Engler and Michael David Walker, on June 30

Molly Anna McIntosh and Gerrit Manfred Erich Bruhaug, on July 13

Jennifer Lynn Taylor and Sidney Peter Taylor, on July 24

Mandi Elizabeth Achten and John Chris Swandal, on July 14

Maggie Christine Petesch and Logan Reece Deeney, on July 27

Staci Jean Johns and Ehren Jon Byrd, on July 7

Krista Joelle Maroney and Mason Christopher Simmons, on July 14

Faith Christian Marie LeFevre and Nickolas Ross Myhre, on July 21

Jamie Alicia Elenbaas and Brady Jerome Fender, on June 30

Monica Rose Zamora and Connor Gene Atkinson, on July 22

Taryn Ashlei McDonald and Brandyn Douglas VanZee, on June 30

Evan Storm Crittenden and Matthew Richard Slacks, on July 1

Mylee Loraine McArthur and Dillon John Dickson, on June 30

Debbee Lyn McCallum and Rodney Wade Dunker, on July 21

Rebecca Mary Riordan and Troy Gordon McGillvray, on June 30

Desiree Michele Marquez and Justin Wade Linnell, on July 5

Briana McKenzie Price and Storm Leeland Knight, on July 11

Patricia Elizabeth Gooden and Richard Joseph Malia, on July 21

Olivia Marisol Guzman Teran and Drew Alan Gerber, on July 19

Jacqueline Delight Philips and Shane Adam Crandall, on July 13

Sage Evangeline Britton and Tyler Scott Lambert, on July 7

Jennifer Bishop Thomas and Steven Craid Rath, on July 2

Dawn Lynn Marie Cleland and Todd Dugan Miller, on July 3

Sarah Ann Neman and Nathanael David Schopp, on July 21

Antonia Rae Torres and Brett Shayne Pretty On Top, on July 9

Julieanne Marie Ragland and Zachary Noah Harris, on July 7

Shimmeri Star Selph and Burak Albayrak, on July 5

Twila Lee Wark and Herbert Mahlon Bassler, on July 5

Brigette Teresa Nibler and Michael David McNally, on July 14

Amy Elizabeth Smith and Cody Eli Waller, on July 9

Tiona Regina Jimenez and Matthew Billy Johnson, on July 8

Asher Xavier Schwindt and Leah Taylor Brown, on July 6

Kayla Marie Gugler and Dominic Christa Sheppard, on July 11

Hannah Lenita Prociv and Samuel Lee Carlton Anderson, on July 21

Thi Trang Nguyen and John Joseph Sarmiento, on July 21

Jessica Nicole Hatch and Tanner Scott Crevier, on July 9

Kendra Ann Lavinder and D’Anthony Tyerill Willis, on July 10

Holly Ruth Torres and Ryan Paul Zimmerman, on July 13

Marty Elizabeth Ortiz and Zack Deven Smith, on July 14

Tyla Gayle Hart and Luke Donnell Koch, on July 13

Melinda Diane Hunder and Carl Oliver Frederickson, on July 11

Tooshonee Lakota Sarot and Zachary Edward Belton, on July 29

Bonnie Rose Anderson and Daniel Leon Cain, on July 12

Tammy Lorraine Bridge and Jerry Lee Bridges, on July 25

Katherine Lynn Allen and Henry Jacob Kading, on July 21

Tana Catherine Tysver and Allen Paul King, on July 13

Jaimie Pearce Morton and Ryan James Clark, on July 20

Laura Sue Cain and Darren Robert Kuck, on July 20

Phyllis Jane Henderson and Robert James Hermstad, on July 26

Misty Marie Eagle Feathers and Raymond Jesse Marez, on July 27

April Nicole Seymour and Tanner Austin Felmlee, on July 21

Amber-Lee Elizabeth Isakson and Alan James Leavitt, on July 27

Abbie Lynn Mikelson and Daniel Wade Palmer, on July 17

Allison Ruth Mercier and Andrew Lane Harlow, on July 20

Rebecca Tiffany S. Gustafson and Adam Scott Nelson, on July 20

Justine Dale Charlton and Tyson Mckenzie Reese, on July 21

Amanda Marie Castro and Jesse LaColby Koch, on July 24

Susanne Jean Maturo and Gerald Joseph Jurrens, on July 22

Amethyst Jade Ganson and Hunter Lane Lewis, on July 19

Maribel Ruiz Schaff and Jeffrey Dale Parman, on July 22

Christy Rose Houger and Brandon Duane Williamson, on July 25

Brandon Joseph Linton and Timarie Danielle Wardell, on July 27

Jessica Leah Hilliard and Cody Alan Caudill, on July 30

Dina Maria Elliott and Richard George Buksch, on July 31

Jasmine Marie Robbins and Blayne Alexander Higgins, on July 31

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Tierria Lynn Staples and Taylor Edward Oberg, on June 16

Katelyn Anne Anton and Harold John Chapman, on June 2

Brittany Ann Wilcox and Richard Thomas Oblander, on June 17

Bethany Anne Brown and Braden James Meland, on June 16

Mikal Ann Forseth and Joshua William Thoren, on June 15

Syndney Janeen Hall and Sean Taylor Spillum, on June 1

Amanda Kayleen Nelson and Robert Scott Peterson, on June 2

Jamie Sue Gossard and Tell Jacob Kuehn, on June 2

Ashley Lorraine Wombolt and Michael David Surdahl, on June 21

Heidi Ann Muller and Nathan Leaon Fuller, on June 9

Megan Kathleen Murphy and Nathanial Austin Copeland, on June 9

Christina June Trouchon and Tyler Shai Bloesser, on May 17

Kara Michelle Padilla and Justin Michael Jablonski, on June 19

Lindsay Jane Temizel and Tugay Torun, on June 25

Ashley Nichole Baxter and Jeremy Eric Lundblad, on June 16

Velia Rodriguez Collins and Cory Ray Halbert, on June 17

Beth Anne Degenhart and Arlon Dale Koch, on June 24

Hannah Ashtyn Sanders and Cody Austin Linde, on June 22

Tabitha Lee Hines and Nicholas Stanton Brauer, on June 21

Mandy Lee Logan and Joshua Joseph Nunes, on June 24

Shelbi Nicole Penn and Zachery Steven Wolff, on June 16

Kathy Lynn Kroop and Mark Stephen Dunn, on May 26

Lynae Marie Sutton and Cody Lee Nichols Cole, on June 2

Keeley Shave Young and Levi Lyle Dostal, on June 22

Theresa Ann Kuhlmann and Kyle Duane Butcher, on June 2

Jordan Rae Love and Jared Gregory Creel, on June 9

Candice Rae Matlock and Zachary Joseph Taylor, on June 16

Faith Mattie Worden and Patrick Damien Wheeler, on June 16

Tressa Lee Nopper and Brendan David Beauprez, on June 2

Ariel Renee Glenn and Tyler Lee Powers, on June 2

Shelby Lynne Whitman and David Lee Burleson, on May 25

Kristine Lynn Lensing and Michael Todd Life, on June 6

Margaret Ann Dawn Boyd and Colton Edward Heifrin, on June 2

Sabrina Ann Schneider and Terry Jacob Fosjord, on June 2

Krystal Dawn Van Dyke and Thomas Anthony Maerling, on June 10

Jennifer Marie Weightman and Justice Dalton Mack, on June 9

Christina Elizabeth Yeager and Benjamin James Halverson, on May 26

Ashley Rose Skorpil and Jory Arthur Stevens, on June 23

Kylie Margo Reese and Jacob Sverre Yurian, on June 2

Catie Leigh Duncan and Robert Lee Kelleher Jr., on June 2

Korah Ann Lachenmeier and Jacob Storm Lewis, on June 2

Chrystal Marie Lee and Lee James Laird, on June 8

LaCai RaeLynn DesJarlais and Andrew James Frickel, on June 16

Carissa An Kirkness and Chad Wade Reichert, on June 2

Brennan Michelle Wagner and Andrew James Loughnane, on June 16

Nicole Marie Frizzell and Collin Jay Fisher, on June 1

Jessica Nicole Joseph and Jon Byron Smith, on May 2

Elizabeth N. Setinc Overman and Sean Matthew Koehler, on June 22

Stephanie Anne Green and Alexander James Telck, on May 27

Lexi D’lynn Moncada and Kyle Jordan Brown, on May 25

Nikki Lynn Schiff and Michael David Taylor, on May 24

Kelsey Carol Nicholson and Kenneth Edward Stanneart, on June 8

Aloma Ann Jess and Sondra Lynn Arnold, on June 16

Ivy Mae Ward and Daniel Allen King, on June 2

Cynthia Ann Manning and Stewart Eric Seidl, on June 2

Lydia Jean Baldwin and Shaun Owen Shermer, on June 16

Maureen Michelle Wilburn and Michael Anthony Maxwell, on June 15

Julie Ann Grebe and Todd Allen Grebe, on June 3

Amanda Ruth Clark and Preston Meyer Langholz, on June 1

Elizabeth Marie Stevens and Roy Eugene Pack Jr., on June 3

Kara Rose Stevens and Jamey Eric Hirschi, on June 3

Sonja Lucia Oe and Trevor Carl Thompson, on June 9

Diana Leah Sorensen and Michael James Mudd, on June 9

Shaylyn Zanna Rodriguez and Jeremy Carl Wolff, on June 2

Kaylynn Nichole Este Breshears Syrenne and Logan Garrett, June 22

Shelby Nikole Staples and Keith Jason Kuchinski, on June 22

Justine Rae Timmons and Justin Lee Wiedrick, on June 16

Marisa Joelle Moyle and Joshua Nathaniel French, on June 10

Tanielle Raquel Beede and Nicholas Brighton Unger, on June 8

Lela Catherine Hall and Thomas Eugene Reiter, on June 9

Adriana Cardenas and Ryan Michael Clark, on June 4

Bailey Renae Herman and Taylor Lloyd Throness, on June 16

Melissa Lynn Oderifero and Bryce Stephen Pedersen, on June 9

Ashley Nicole Van Vallis and Patrick Wayne Austin, on June 6

Devin Brianne Zimmerman and Tad Kyle Farmer, on June 16

Ellezabeth Betti Badgett and David Lee Swecker, on June 23

Cammy Kay Whitlock and Kole Mcklane Richmond, on June 6

Josiane Marie Layne and Kalab Jon Wolla, and June 9

Diana Ruth Davidson and Jess Albert McNiven, on June 12

Katherine Nicole Gerke and Kevin Edward Roberts, on June 9

Destiny Michelle Ross and Kelvonii Ahkeem Jackson, on June 7

Angela Amy Simic and Christopher Elmo Verlanic, on June 23

Morgan Paige Luce and Misael Vasquez Jr., on June 9

Claudia Y. Romero Martinez and Luis Edgardo Vargas Sabillon, on June 11

Connie May Powers and Michael James Purcell, on June 23

Rebecca Lynn Gottula and Shane David Keehn, on June 12

Lindsey Rae-Annette Sessions and Christopher Dayell Bittner, on June 12

Amber Nicole Platero and Wesley Heath Dunn, on June 12

Courtney Nicole Hunt and Robbie Lee Lindsay, on June 23

Andrea Elizabeth Molen and Seth Alan Hosking, on June 23

Shalene Brennan Stroppel and Justin Leigh Spitzer, on June 16

Joselynn Rose Big Lake and Jeremiah Paul Stewart, on June 15

Rachel Ann Svenson and Chad Michael Moran, on June 28

Anne Nicole Moorhead and Justin Ryan Badger, on June 20

Mackenzie Elizabeth Rypkema and Gregory Alan Bankert, on June 23

Brenna Michelle Rogers and Ryan William Corbett, on June 24

Erin Michelle Peterson and John Darrell Waldo, on June 23

Ellen Holm Cornwell and Scott James McDaniel, on June 26

Shaun Diann Tuai and Daniel Lee Stidham, on June 29

Margaret Christine Edwards and Jeremy James Arstein, on June 29

Harper Michelle Swords and Mircea Oprea, on June 29