Michelle Ann Wagner and Spencer Thomas Case, on Aug. 30

Rachel Leanne Barnes and Michael Murphy Jr., on Aug. 30

Misty Dawn Ferda and Lindsay Nicole Jerry Gran, on Sept. 7

Tiva Marie Townsend and John Henry Petrisko, on Sept. 22

Kendra Renee Ellis and Joshua Robert Ludtke, on Aug. 24

Majastina Renee Younglund-Davis, Robbie Lee Lindsay, on July 20

Jalynn Morgan Maddox and Chandler Charles McCuen, on Aug. 24

Natalie Ann Buness and Clayton Jonas Kolberg, on Sept. 21

DeAndra Jean Hardie and Cory Alan Egeness, on Aug. 30

Breana Marie Grimm and Lane Michael Terry Steadman, on Sept. 14

Ashley Nicole Sandmeier and Calvert Edward Johns, on Aug. 31

Sheridan Beth Halvorson and Ryan Nicholas Clark, on Sept. 14

Olivia Grace Salyer and Anthony John Kuchynka, on Sept. 15

May Irene Budke and Calvin Curtis Cleveland Jr., on Aug. 26

Tammy Kay Smith, Larry William Hopkins Jr., on July 27

Erika Rachelle Baldry and Vincent Joshua Araos, on Aug. 31

Sierra Dawn Boone and Anthony David Cobetto, on Sept. 13

Jamie Lynn Sukut, Tyler Eric Brown, on Sept. 7

Olivia Morgan Gaughan and Brennan Jason Nielsen, on Aug. 31

Carla Diane Leggat and John Marcus Essex, on Sept. 14

Kimberly Adrian Chobo and Robert Larenz Hill, on Aug. 31

Samantha Lyn Ganley and Christopher Randel Lamb, on Sept. 14

Brandy Lynn Goodman and Nicholas Crist Metzger, on Sept. 14

Misty Mindy Annette Arneson and Brian Rickey Evans, on Sept. 14

Jackie Jo Pentland and Cody Shane Ryder, on Aug. 31

Kristine Marie Crowell and Chad Alan Lippert, on Aug. 1

Ciana Lenae de Sousa and Chad David Kvilhaug, on Sept. 25

Christine Ann Fleming and Joseph Dale Zander, on Sept. 21

Jacquelyn Denise Rogers and Timothy Rex Burows, on Sept. 1

Kyra Christine Williamson and Tyler Philip Sennett, on Sept. 7

JoAnn Brinkman Nunley and Donald Francis Stanaway, on Sept. 14

Cassandra Kaufman-Stewart and Travis Scott Harr, on Sept. 21

Lance Dale Bevier and Cathy Mary Froehle, on Sept. 7

Linda Bishop Rykowski and Ronald Joseph Rykowski, on Aug. 14

Jennifer Rene Momohara and Christopher Eugene Steglich, on Sept. 14

Tausilia Monica Tusi and Jesse Stuart Wheeler, on Sept. 21

Holly Marie Knoche and Gregory Paul O'Donnell, on Sept. 15

Gail Marie Pomeroy and Jay William Strever, on Sept. 14

Sydney Elise Johnson and Jacoby Isaac Holte, on Sept. 21

Melissa Anne Blanton and David Allen DeVoe, on Sept. 17

Cera Dawn Grable and Scott Neil Strecker, on Sept. 14

Samantha Jo Northrop and Connor Alvin Rakowski, on Sept. 6

Jennifer Megan Sager and Benjamin Jeremiah Shipp, on Sept. 20

Caitlin Marie Glumbik and Kody John Grusing, on Sept. 7

Kelsey Lee Weatherford and Brian Patrick Menahan, on Sept. 21

Maryka Lynn Monforton and Chad Michael Ager, on Aug. 18

Bailey Megan Brumley and Hunter Sean Smith, on Sept. 6

Samantha Rae Czarny and Tanner Jacob Boehm, on Sept. 7

Mikayla Eileen Nelson and Dylan David Hector, on Sept. 7

Koryn Jean Kimmet and James Everett Smith, on Sept. 13

Chelsea Rae Ann Shuman and Kyle Arthur Miron, on Sept. 7

Deidra Lyne Halvari and Dustin Charles McCombs, on Sept. 7

Denise Lillian DesJarlais and Kenneth Paul Roesch, on Sept. 10

Chloe Marie Pritchard and Paul Everett Bumgarner, on Sept. 7

Barbara Lynn Henthorn and Lee Michael Von Hagen, on Sept. 7

Devyn Nicole Leveaux and Christopher Michael Garrison, on Aug. 28

Sydney Renee Reiter and Samuel Wilson Molen, on Aug. 31

Evan Alexandria Clark and Aaron Joseph Paine, on Aug. 31

Laura Anne Habein and Bryce Alan Frentz, on Aug. 31

Kristyn Adelle Boyd and Devon Thomas Hall, on Sept. 13

Brandi Lyn Fowler and Darrin Patrick Lang, on Aug. 31

Samatha Marie Frank and Houston James Bauer, on Sept. 21

Amy Marie Ahng and Terry Youngblood, on Aug. 30

Jasey Laine Leavitt and Roger Joseph Hermanson, on Sept. 6

Randi Alexandra Leiva-Nicholson and Riley Ted Brewster, on Sept. 6

Krista Marie Lujan and Izaiah Mitchell Long, on Sept. 7

Karley Ann Halter and Christopher Michael F. Ziemke, on Sept. 7

Whitney Danielle Ybarra and Tyler James Hove, on Sept. 21

Carla Gene Kirkpatrick and Devon William Bagley, on Sept. 21

Sara Michele Hodge and Ryan Charles Nelson, on Sept. 13

Roxsand LaVonne Reichert and Johnathon Scott Cooper, on Sept. 4

Shaylin Lee Mercier and Xavior Arnold Can, on Sept. 5

Patti Ann Humiston and Gary David Puckett, on Sept. 11

Kayla Dawn VanDuyne and Matthew Douglas Jordan, on Sept. 21

Beth Marie Stahl and Corey Ron Stahl, on Sept. 9

Michelle Marie McDermott and Steven James Murtha, on Sept. 20

Kayli Lisa Marie Teigen and Kolter Levi Steadman, on Sept. 22

Nicole Laura Loomis and Zachary Taylor Sims, on Sept. 9

Ann Marie Wesolowski and Henry Edward Melcher III, on Sept. 21

Marian Elizabeth Racine-Scofield and Gordon Joseph Jackson, on Sept. 21

Kayli Tori Yazzie and Tifton Sean Medicine Horse, on Sept. 18

Alexis Ailene Chandler and Tyler Edward Christman, on Sept. 14

Coffi Richar Delgadillo and Earl Shane Miller, on Sept. 17

Angela Jean Babby and Jon Charles Reiten, on Sept. 17

Christy Lee Sprague and Gary Curtiss Hoffmann Jr., on Sept. 21

Samantha Jean Ruth and Sydney James Singler, on Sept. 13

Karen Rose Baumgart and Andrew Jerome Miller, on Sept. 21

Tiffany Junnell Arcand and O'Shon Rambert Old Elk, on Sept. 17

Andrea Kate Beechie and KC Wayne Bieber, on Sept. 18

Angel Nicole Lafevers and Dylan Thomas Williamson, on Sept. 18

Elise Rochell Rumph and Ryan Todd Cozzens, on Sept. 19

Cathleen Jeanette Wehrman and Sydney Berg Naeb, on Sept. 22

Lori Jan Miller and Pieter Jurian Lombard, on Sept. 27

Monica Adrienne Hardcastle and Alejandro Edward Coca, on Aug. 5

Kathryn Marie Macartney and Kevin Roger Frazer, on Aug. 3

Hanna Marie Jandro and Schroder, Charles Lawerence, on July 27

Karlee Elizabeth Agenbroad and Kris Castro, on Aug. 3

Kristi Nicole Love and Derek Minoru Tsukada, on Aug. 10

Rachele Heriberta Medrano and Obed Murillo Acosta, on Aug. 3

Sierra Wren Baker and Stacy Lee Arnold, on Aug. 16

Jessie Marie Patrick and Tristan Chase Sukut, on Aug. 3

Annai Navarro and Matthew Lee Gutierrez, on Aug. 17

Blake James Williams and Kelly Marie Brotzel, on July 13

Chase Connor Gray and Lani Rae Taylor, on Aug. 10

Sienna Nicole Bell and Daniel Ryan Gordon, on Aug. 10

Tanner Allen Coomber and Ashley Theresa Kratochvil, on Aug. 3

Zachery Todd Harmon and Vanessa Renee Besel, on Aug. 10

Joele Ann Mangen and Jacob Donald Haemmerle, on July 20

Amy Elizabeth Doss and Samuel Charles Deschamps, on Aug. 10

Jeremiah Matthew O'Neill, Joseph Wayne Chalupa, on July 20

Macayla Dawn Birdwell and Wesley Curtis Jessen, on Aug. 17

Chelsie Lynn Phillips and James Aaron May, on July 31

Andrea Renee Lutz and Andrew Reed Baker, on Aug. 10

Hayley Jean Mayes, Winston Drysdale Johnson, on July 20

Stephanie Alisse Karklin, Benjamin Lee Peterson, on Aug. 3

Samantha Jo Boelter and Matthew Scott Huck, on Aug. 25

Valerie Kim Lackman and David Edwin Maier, on Aug. 17

Denise Marie Nutt and Jeffrey Martin Willett, on Aug. 6

Alyssa Nicole Tibor and Edward Malcom Carson, on Aug. 17

Soledad Guadalupe Corchado, Orlandor Bernard Westbrooks,

Marsha Anne Wolfson and William Franklin Anderson Jr., on July 3

Alycia Rachelle Tadlock and Matthew David Glasson, on Aug. 3

Sarah Freeman Yager and James Richard Hamblin, on July 7

Lynda Rae Rux and Michael Joseph Marler, on Aug. 3

Kyla Rae Pollock and Bridger Craig Jones, on Aug. 10

Abigail Marie Onstad and Cooper Michael Vinton, on July 20

Kaylee Mae Kimmet and Paul Devon Greeley, on July 27

Lana Juanna Metesh and Andre William Delano Jordan, on Aug. 11

Pamala Ann Arland, Zane Michael Holdbrook, on Aug. 4

Anessa Marie Braun and Trevor Christian Hopf, on Aug. 9

Tatyana June Chilton and Kyle Patrick Edgell, on July 27

Rachel Michelle Mayes and Nathaniel Lee Meiers, on Aug. 3

Lorraina Mae Kamps and Billy James Smith, on Aug. 23

Kylen Jade Schmitt, Skyler Dale Slade, on July 25

Denay Rae Troxell and Keegan James Bobick, on Aug. 2

Amy Christine Kanning and Kristin Wade Rosager, on July 31

Hope Ashlee Stull and Jesse Ray Feragen, on July 21

Erica Kyong Hansen, Alexander Tomas Lozada, on July 20

Ashley Anne Sharbono and Toby Chandler Tooke, on Aug. 24

Rachel Isabelle Hafla and Russell Edward Nemetz, on Aug. 24

Barbara Lynn Donaldson and Robert Raymond Kovalik, on Aug. 3

Kayla Nicole Stanek and Kier Scott Pederson, on Aug. 11

Kera Ilene Kalco and Nathan Ryan Kolata, on Aug. 17

Sarah Jean Arneson, Jacob Jerome Winter, on Aug. 17

Elizabeth Marie Burden Clites, Denver Robert James Russell, on Aug. 24

Cassandra Beth Wilson, Drew Randall Magnusson, on July 25

April Dawn Hofer, Timothy Scott Hofer, on Aug. 3

Lucila Fernandez Darkenwald, Craig Jeffrey Simonds, on Aug. 30

Maria Cristina Soto Bovone and Adam Michel Guzman, on Aug. 8

Bobbi Jean Heinle and Mark Lewis Breitwiser, on Aug. 5

Karissa Jean DeRudder and Chad Aaron Lueck, on Aug. 8

Hanna Nicole Anderson and David James Moorhead, on Aug. 17

Nisha Kay Trevizo and Heron Lee O'Neal, on Aug. 10

Maddie Madeleine C. Jones and Philip Wilson Hennessey, on Aug. 17

Tamara Lynn Bozman and William Ambrose Sweeney, on Aug. 16

Luiza Mourao Heredia Araujo and Benjamin Warren Hager, on Aug. 16

Morgan Anne Brennan and Joshua James Eickhoff, on Aug. 10

Kendra Sue Arnold and Ozcan Tiktas, on Aug. 18

Brooke George and Kyle Jacob Hamblin, on Aug. 3

Miranda Renee Sommerville and Jacob James Roney, on Aug. 10

Deborah Lee Price and Jesse Thomas Guarino, on Aug. 6

Jodi Lee Brinkman and Peter Gregory Stathos, on Aug. 1

Mitzi Susann Bestall and William Ted Murphy, on Aug. 2

Paula Rae Hawbaker and Bruce Embrey VanDyke, on Aug. 10

Savannah Spain Vaicius and Karter Dylan Estill, on Aug. 17

Marielle Marie Spitzer and Anthony Charles Cossitt, on Aug. 24

Erica Lynn Anderson and Dalton James Elmore, on Aug. 3

Delaine Emilee Becker and Chad S. Fink, on Aug. 5

Abigail Marguerite Miller and Joseph Ryan Viviano, on Aug. 10

Tasm Wilson Bear Don't Walk and Christina Haley Dunn, on Aug. 7

Michael Alan McNulty and Dixie Lynn Mikkelson, on Aug. 7

Kelly Ryan Moore and Jacqueline Elizabeth Hamilton, on Aug. 14

Ilishe Marie Harasymczuk and Chauncey Glyn Swain, on Aug. 7

Joseph Daniel Stricker and Brooke Renee Vogt, on Aug. 8

Kim Reifer and Jeanne Marie Kerr, on Aug. 14

Sherri Etta Brazil and Phillip Edward Novak, on Aug. 9

Sheena Ann Arneson and Michael Patrick Stenberg, on Aug. 17

Johanna Dianna Sanchez and Christopher Robert Hanna, on Aug. 25

Colleen Anne Smith and Thomas Patrick Barrett, on Aug. 16

Nichole Lynn Ostrem and Daniel Ray Weimer, on Aug. 17

Jennifer Leigh Vann and Martin Robertus, on Aug. 24

Mariah Sue Pantoja and Jason Alexander Lee Hopkins, on Aug. 17

Jharlenee Nava-Hernandez and Joseph Samuel Segall, on Aug. 13

Melissa Erin Leafdale and Justin Wayne Prevost, on Aug. 13

Anna Alicia Rios and Christopher Leroy Williams, on Aug. 17

Mildred Marie Schanz and Charles Haggerton Jr., on Aug. 14

Sharon Lee Zieske and Joe Carlos Jr., on Aug. 16

Margaret Anna King and Wesley Parsons Turner III, on Aug. 24

Sarah Marissa Hardy and Michael John Owens Jr., on Aug. 17

Alyssa Larene Woody and George Baptiste Faithful, on Aug. 19

Jennifer Ann Mims and James Joseph Streitz, on Aug. 18

Megan Rae Beam and Erik Scott Macke, on Aug. 23

Chelcie Rae Erdmann and Justin Ray Bertino, on Aug. 24

Carolyn Ann Prince and Mathew Merle Medley, on Aug. 24

Demi Michelle Wignot and Zachary Steven Tallon, on Aug. 24

Sara Margaret Stewart and Austin Jay Zacher, on Aug. 23

Rachel Lin Gallagher, Gary Fredrick McCleery, on Aug. 22

Katherine Louise Messimer and Chad Allen Newell, on Aug. 22

Libia del Pilar Quiroga and Joseph Michael Patton, on Aug. 24

Erlissa RosieBeth Fighter and Roman Kyle Hugs, on Aug. 29

Kristen Susanna Selk and Caleb Elijah Smith, on Aug. 27

Leah Ruth Rush and Ryan Donald Ranes, on Aug. 23

Kristen Marlene Wilson and Thaddeus Xavier Martens, on Aug. 26

Tara Jean Gibson and John Lee Elliott, on Aug. 30

Ashley Diane Lind and Seth Michael Snyder, on June 21

Kara Misty Friesz and Samuel Todd Ouzts, on July 4

Tamara Mae Giese and Matthew Harrison Kyung Rose, on July 12

Vicki Lyn Miller and Marc Ernest Berger, on June 28

Mallory Carling and Jared Jeffery Gorringe, on July 6

Kristina Marie Zarbock and Mason Matthew Leichtenberg, on June 8

Breanna Deette Beddes and Cayden Richard Brown, on July 21

Patricia Joanne Crenshaw and Christopher Keel Lanaghan, on June 15

Kayleigh Michelle Robbins and Kyle Randall Huss, on July 23

Caitlyn Marie Broker and Austin Martin Moore, on June 29

Jennefer Kathleen Hust and Keenan Robert O'Donnell, on July 13

Amy Owen Norsworthy and James Lloyd Moreland, on July 14

Carrie Grace Cota and Noah Allan Daniels, on July 7

Eric Douglas McJunkin and Naomi Starr Ward, on July 27

Asia Rei Bingham and Brett Thomas DeJongh, on July 20

Jessica Anne Marosok and Joseph Thomas Edwards, on June 21

Janelle Nicole Wilson and Alexander Lansing Clark, on July 6

Bethany Marie Wolfe and Edward Guerrero, on July 6

Macy Malina Hobart and Justin Michael MacDonald, on June 29

Gloria Catherine Ohl and Jordon Lucus Fread, on June 28

Charity Autumn Wrzesinksi and Richard Allen Doney, on July 3

William Bernard Skillman and Tamera Denice Edwards, on July 13

Jayme Lee Butler and Matthew Shelby Marko, on June 29

Darcie Kay Winkler and Nicholas William Tempel, on June 29

Bridgette Anne Larson and Cory Scott Ewing, on July 6

Grette Mae Treat and Jorey Russell Egeland, on June 6

Courtney Barbara Martinez and Kiefer Carter McKay, on June 30

Kelsey JaneKomar and Angel Anthony Alvarado, on July 6

Kaytlynn Elizabeth Hrenko and Arthur Winslow Kukowski, on June 29

Alannah J'lyn Wardell and Tyler James Tillett, on July 13

Jennee Nicole Benson and Chase Owen Berg, on June 29

Sadie Marie Christoferson and Eric Alan Shideler, on July 5

Tabitha Lydia Marie Delao and Joshua Allen Kroll, on July 4

Leah Marie Dugas and Tristan James Kovacs, on July 26

Haillie Ann Arensmeyer and Nathan Aaron McComish, on July 27

Adrianna Filiberta Castro and Kenneth John Howard, on July 8

Aubyn Opal Swigart and Robert Thomas Anderson, on June 29

Mary Rose Mosbacher and Daniel Robert Bohlender, on June 23

Beth Elaine Olson and Donald Jon Kern, on June 29

Ashley Letticia Hassler and Derek James Vickery, on July 12

Taylor Gladson Bernhardt and Benjamin Thomas Madsen, on July 13

Kandace Nicole Kunnemann and Schyler Camden Bryan, on June 21

Cindy Lou Dahlquist and Kevin Wayne Ostwalt, on June 29

Lisa Lynne Anderson and Slovak Daryn Andrew, on July 20

Ebony Linsey Pierson and Job Cardoza, on July 13

Robin Nicole Fink and James Richard Harrison, on July 20

Amanda Michelle Langager and Jason Brian Mittermaier, on June 28

Samantha Sue Prophet and Keith Alan Rigney, on June 29

Allison Cherie Orth and Nathan Anton Napolitano, on July 8

Sarah Whitney Daniels and Shane Dee Fergusson, on July 7

Lillian Brevik Corning and Robert Willia Thompson-Butler, on June 29

Amee Marie Decker and William Harvey Perreault, on June 30

Lisa Marie Deines and Brandon Dennis Walter, on July 13

Jessica May Elmer and McLane Bradley Townsend, on July 6

Jenna Lynn Gross and Chance Marcus Johnson, on July 20

Maci Jane Braisted and Michael James Deavila, on July 6

Brandy Marie Barajas and John Paul Schmieding, on July 23

Justine Jennifer Allen and James Aldo Zoanni, on July 27

Tiffany Alethia Bruckner and Nichole Amber Brakke, on July 27

Mitzi Marie Racine and Michael Orville Hearn, on July 2

Tessa Kaye Thornton and Aaron Daniel Smith, on July 14

Trista Kai Harris and Nicholas Dean Page, on July 26

Bonny Beth Leah Luhman and David Lee Olson, on July 25

Christina Louise Powell and Rodney James Ketterling, on July 1

Ryan Dionne Red Dog and Joseph Muniz, on July 19

Ruth Elizabeth Godwin and Brandon William Miller, on July 4

Meggan Shelby Williamson and Dallas Andrew Gustafson, on July 21

Destiny Jo Long and Caleb Olson Frigon, on July 2

Stephanie Marie Nile and Sagan Reese Osborne, on July 6

Destiny Marie James and Joshua Mark Haught, on July 3

Kristina Marie Hall and Tyler Patrick Pointer, on July 27

Callie Jo Ward and Colton George Jansma, on July 4

Jasmine Elan Clinton and Kenton Robert Stradinger, on July 23

Melissa Elaine Kessler and Travis Buckingham, on July 14

Patty Kay Hunter and Thomas Ray Jensen, on July 3

Ashly Nicole Thomas and Sean Matthew Buck, on July 4

Alexandria Magdaleno and Brian Alex Fuhrmann, on July 7

Erin Joy Watterud and Derek Martin Simmons, on July 6

Jenna Marie Gray and Nicholas James Tikalsky, on July 13

Savanah Lynn Kramer and Robert John Krumm, on July 5

Jacqueline Beth Becktold and James Edgar Bell, on July 5

Shelby Leigh Edwards and Colton L Houle, on July 5

Amy Fern Whittle and Bradley Scott Kahler, on July 19

Sarah Kaye Mahowald and Aaron Michael Noble, on July 5

Janet Lynn Zweegman and Chandler Renaldo Lucero, on July 10

Laura Anne Westwood and Austin James Van Delinder, on July 26

Amber Camille Beardall and Luke Thomas Butz, on July 19

Molly May Little and Weston Joel Bich, on July 12

Sterling ElAnne White and Jonathan Doyle Butler, on July 14

Margaret Frances Cherer and Wesley Alan Miller, on July 20

Samantha Marlene Combs and Zachary Lee Shular, on July 11

Brigette Nicole Schmidt and Shane Patrick Burbank, on July 11

Erin Kay Mabey and Bruce John Clifton, on July 12

Angela Marie Cook and Ryan Robert Alexander, on July 11

Michelle Marie Holzwarth and Leighton Garrett Potter, on July 12

Nancy Natali Johnson and Erick Josabeth Ochoa Garcia, on July 26

Kathryn Irene Mesch and Celvin Abra Garcia Rodriguez, on July 26

Trisha Gay Collins and Pascal Thomas Warner, on July 12

Jin Tian and Bao Ren Zheng, on July 15

Beatriz Alcantara Belotti and Garrett Clayton Slade, on July 15

Breanna Breshea Juday and Patrick Ethan Juday, on July 26

Hope Rebecca Youngren and Devon Douglas Gibson, on July 19

Eve Lorraine Decker and Joseph Allan Seward, on July 16

Micaela Grandfield Foley and Kevin Patrick Schriver, on July 25

Cara Ranae Egel and Nicholas James Lam, on July 19

Kristina Marie Hansen and Rory Lee Mead, on July 27

Libby Cassandra Huber and Tyler James Jensen, on July 18

Marissa Michele Van Atta and Matthew Paul Jones, on July 18

Taylor Marie Thein and James Albert Yates, on July 19

Bianca Alvarez and Terrence Jon Losleben, on July 19

Kyla Jo Johnson and Will Harrison Martin, on July 27

Aimee Elaine Hauber and Christopher Lee Steiner, on July 23

Tiffini Nichole Gallant and Sean Joseph Sapone, on July 23

Anita Lee Yeager and Luke Jonathan Deacon, on July 26

Tayler Rose Reichert and James Thomas Sutliff Jr., on July 25

Julieanna Rose Absher and Daniel John Waller, on July 28

Hannah Leah Westwood and Mason Thomas Clarey, on July 28

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Christina Rae Webster and Cole Joseph Wilson, on June 4

Jordan Savanna Silbernagel and Brendon Michael Swift, on June 1

Ashley Simmons and Joseph James Anderson, on June 22

Elizabeth Michelle Silva and David Robert Hoiness, on June 8

Madison Shae Havens and Kane Allen Purcella, on June 15

Sandrart Milena Meide and Robert Douglas Norman, on June 8

Madison Nancee Smith and Cameron Blake Ryan, on June 8

Breanna Chere Jones and Shawn Michael Nardella, on June 15

Erika Lorraine Berryman and Joseph David Ward, on June 20

Mary K. Heishman and Steven Lamar Heishman, on June 1

Hannah Bethany Overholt and Jason Alan Sonnett, on June 1

Echo Christina Whittle and Robert James Luptak, on June 17

Holly Ann Harpold and Richard Kent Beeman, on June 21

Charlotte Ann Partin and Edward Mathias Biessener, on June 4

Hannah Brooke Robinson and Merval Bud Phelan, on June 18

Victoria Irene Hudyma and Connor Carl Maddox, on May 30

Rachel Renee McDonald and Davin Marcus Birge, on June 8

Lori Lynn Jones and Leon Wayne Antikainen, on June 8

Dawn Marie Johnson and Christopher Michael Metzger, on May 24

Abigail Marie Gravgaard and Alexander James Frazier, on June 22

Jenelle Lynn Mehling and Joshua Wayne Lanphear, on June 9

Chantel Marie Litzsinger and Johnny Louis Sparovic, on June 8

Mary Theresa Piatte and Tracy Lee Wittenberg, on June 8

Julie Marie Russell and Jeremy Wallace Jack, on June 7

Kandee Lynn Wight and Spencer Lee Bellamy, on June 7

Amanda Lee Sanders and Michael Dean Armstrong, on June 1

Chelsea Ann Charles and Adam Scott Hergenroeder, on June 2

Allicen Jo Kiekover and Brysen Bruce Hansen, on May 19

Arlee Tenille Schneider and Nicholas Richard Carpenter, on May 18

Elizabeth Emma Parks and Noah David Carpenter, on June 8

Mallory Ann Monaco and Marcus Matthew Norftill, on June 22

Betty Louise Fleenor and Michael Louis Van Haele, on June 22

Katherine Esther M. Pedersen and Dominic Shad Noel, on June 15

Kendra Rose Rader and Cody Patrick Osborne, on June 1

Shannon Lee Ridenour and Josh Edward Rohloff, on June 1

Hannah Joy Bondurant and Cole Robert Kenneth Reiman, on June 15

Kiersten Danielle Lammers and Nicholas James Lamphier, on June 1

Kristal Inez Cocho and George Wade Berry, on May 25

Shelby Nicole Barredo, and Matthew James Pentecost, on June 21

Jennifer Alexis Marie Maurer and Tanner David Payton, on June 15

Brandi Lee Sticka and Matthew Anthony Weber, on June 15

Dian Ausen and William Murdock Chadwick, on June 2

Satit Napol Gress and Andrew Glenn Baker, on June 8

Stacey Marie Embry and Thomas Andrew Winkel, on June 15

Lacey Lynn Granger and Bradley John Robe Davenport, on June 8

Katherine Elizabeth Browning and Jacob Donald Cox, on June 22

Alexis Elaine West and Cody Dallas Hart, on June 8

Brittney Rose Bellows and Brennan James Bourne, on June 7

Nichole Allison Bentz and Jacob Daniel Hembd, on June 15

Tina Louise Christensen and Clinton Wesley Wright, on June 8

Erica Jeanne Gilrein and Zachary Dale Garhart, on June 9

Ashley Irene Wright and Scott Wayne Berry, on June 1

Marion Elizabeth Board and Joshua Grayson Roney, on May 28

Kendra Danielle Donaldson and Trevor Djett Pipkin, on June 22

Ashley Noel Qualmann and Jonathan Alan Martin, on June 1

Kristen Marie Carey and Ty Michael McWilliams, on June 18

Alexandria Lynn Newby and Jaden Manti Selfridge, on June 15

Jamie JoLyn Farnsworth and Konrad Andrzej Czeczel, on June 18

Chelsea Marie Lynn Boeve and Winston Warwick Horn, on June 1

Kylyn Kaye Sowards and Kurtis Mitchell Contovasilis, on May 30

Kathleen Marie Cannon and Clifford Wayne Kindsfater, on June 22

Joan Sarah War Club and Trevor Lewis Stover, on June 5

Sheri Kaye Hanson and Jason Gregory Smith, on June 22

Latoya Faye Hannon and Daniel Gene Burwell, on June 21

Margaret Mary Klebokel Klein and Marcus George Twichel, on June 11

Madison Alice Rose and Brandon Joseph Lambrecht, on June 15

Carrie Marie McCoy and Shane Thomas Smithson, on June 15

Trina Deanne Besel and Michael Douglas Wood, on June 13

Lorraine Anne Rovero and Jason Robert Platt, on June 25

Penny Lee Tolman and Samuel Robert Allred, on June 1

Melody Jane Lindsay and Paul Thomas Smith, on June 23

Baylee Joe Adamson and Kristian Andrew Dolman, on June 1

Kaitlin Jolene Conley and Kaleb Wardell Leithead, on June 8

Elizabeth Esther Wang and Garrett Evan Smith, on June 16

Ashley Christene Harless and Justin Jerrold Gordon, on June 4

Tiffany Rose Johnson and Scott Fredrick Yucha, on June 3

Nicolette Maxine Casino and Daniel Wayne Roberts, on June 12

Jay Edward Galt and Andrea Jean Sutton, on June 22

Gina Lee Avila and Carl Anthony Reed, on June 8

Ashley Alyssa Nicol Kautzman and Derek Bradley Krueger, on June 16

6/6/2019 Cullen, Catherine Sue Kuhr, Kris Lorne

Jayce Roland Dorman and Aleah Faith Robinson, on June 21

Catrina Seanin King and Ryan Jack Bastian, on June 15

Ian Levi Reyes and Diana Nikolaeva Georgieva, on June 10

Katherine Leigh Johnson and Scott Michael Blair, on June 12

Jeannie Marie Hoyt and Dillon Cole Ness, on June 22

Tara Nichole Kennedy and Stephen Edward Pinnow, on June 22

Emily Lynn Kuhn and Alan Robert Stark, on June 13

Abigail Noelle Brault and Nicholas Alan Colbert, on June 14

Katelyn Rose Escene and Sean Francis Wolff, on June 15

Shannon Nicole Hedges and JD Joseph Steadman, on June 23

Hannah Leigh Davis and Eric Michael Jensen, on June 22

Lisa Marie Rigas and Shawn Clayton Petrie, on June 24

Jennifer Nichole Nugent and Benjamin David Raymond, on June 27

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Kalli Lyn Kieffer and Cameron Mark Wescott, on May 20

Ashley Anika Jefferson and Dawan Deonte Jones, on May 23

James Michael Limberhand and Isabel James Ti Morales, on May 30

Lisa Marie South and Rodney Todd Shores, on May 11

Michaela Rae Longbottom and David Franklin Henning , on May 11

Lauren Leigh Fox and Spencer Edward Bakich, on May 18

Sarah Katherine Callahan and Scott Leon Anderson, on May 21

Brittney Marie Silvis and Samuel Norris Sailors, on May 18

Amber Christine Conley and William Andrew Green, on May 18

Keturah Beth Lund and Marcus Lee Schwarzrock, on May 11

Alyssa Dale Hoffman and Samuel Gettemy Worcester, on May 26

Melinda Jean Field and Sean Michael Davis, on May 11

Lynette Diane Oderifero and Steven Loyd Berger, on May 8

Sarah Elizabeth Temple and Austin Brandon Carroll, on May 4

Charmayne Kay Williams and Brennan Travis Barta, on May 19

Jazmyn Marie Turell and Glencharles Smith, on April 20

Abigail Sue Byrne Whelchel and Michael James Uhrich, on May 1

Melissa Beth LaRoque and Daniel Aaron, on May 10

Carole Lea Wyers and Terry Dale Randall, on May 18

Mariel Danielle Rieland and John Wesley Barnaba Mulford, on May 11

Miranda Marie Neves and Steven Michael Jones, on May 25

Heidi Joy Hodges and Terence Alan Apa, on May 4

Alisha Mae Walker and Kyle Martin VanHorn, on May 5

Erica Lynn Leighton and Jacob Walter Goodrich, on May 17

Emely Activa Gatungan and Brett Allen Harbert, on April 27

Suzanne Kay Lauridsen and Tom Lee Fulton, on May 4

Marissa Alexis Navejar and Cody Jeffery Palen, on May 3

Mitchelle Tunda Cusan and Dominic Anthony Silva, on May 3

Shannon Marie Sedlacek and Jason Jerry Kitzmann, on May 10

Samantha Lynette Fee and Jeremiah James Taylor, on May 18

Jessica Jean Burke and Justin Craig Nelson, on May 4

Cherish Lynn Copeland and Dylan Thomas Job, on May 4

Susanne Louise Moore and Jess Ray Reis, on May 24

Joseph Andrew Weidinger and Mikala Marie Selina Klein, on May 26

Kyla Candee Steppler and Isaac Thomas Diaz, on May 11

Alejandra Rachel Cohen and Peter David Funnell, on May 1

Bethanie Alisa Erickson and Martin John Russert, on May 19

Angelica Mishell Gutierrez and Natelyn Cy Little Owl, on May 18

Jaylee Jean Erickson and Joshua Lewis Peterson, on May 11

Nichole Rae Jones and Joel Scott Fachner, on May 2

Ashley Rose O'Loughlin and Steven Maurice Williams, on May 17

Rebecca Lynn Ortmann and Sean Michael McDonald, on May 20

Sarah Grace Lauver and Kyle Gordon Steiger, on May 25

Beth Ann Hayes and Paul David Buck, on May 18

Crystal Danielle Matthews and Jordan Cyril Jamison, on May 6

Tomie Ray Bowman and Christopher Michael Welch, on May 23

Rachel Angeles Pajulas and Jacob Charles Wood, on May 13

Amandea Elaine Salazar and Nathan Dayn Desoto, on May 11

Cassidy Rae Lang and Cody Mark Havig, on May 13

Echo Marguerite Croman and Estevan Dale Hatfield, on May 28

Betsy Kaitlyn Hust and Joshua Damian Holle, on May 18

Kelsie Elizabeth Burnett and Eric Jon Pickens, on May 9

Emily Ruth Suydam and Cody James Kisling, on May 25

Ashley Rose Campbell and Jordan Christopher Johnson, on May 9

Marcia Bessie Blacksmith and Zackary Ryan Wilson, on May 10

Ouana Jade Harkins and Benjamin Hunter Reed, on May 16

Kyle Raymond Reitler and Shae-Breaun Gayle Nordlund, on May 18

Lisa Nikole Deyle and Lyle Gordon Buckalew, on May 10

Blake Aryn Fandek and Nathan Andrew Pyeatt, on May 18

Brett Allison Bennett and Cody Lee Reitz, on May 18

Miriana Redolfi and Brian Allen Tippets, on May 15

Cory Benjamin Lehman and Richard Fields, on May 18

Crystal Dawn McCamis and Timothy Ray Rickett, on May 18

Jessica Alexandra Clark and Patrick Michel Costello, on May 17

Mindy Nicole McCord and Jeremy James McCune, on May 20

Dereka Dee Hanel and Paul DuPea, on May 23

Taylor Anne Bianco and Chase Vincent Vollhaber, on May 25

Prairie Rose Bighorn and Troy William Blount, on May 25

Alice Michelle Davis and Matthew Charles Reeck, on May 24

Kerstyn Carol Grinsteiner and Dylan Michael Jasmann, on May 28

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