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Wedding rings

Close-up of wedding rings

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Emilia Victoria Chavez and Johnathan Dean Icenogle, on Aug. 28

Kaitlin Lynette Strever and Weston James Brew, on Aug. 12

Amanda Rae Love and Cory James Berry, on Aug. 4

Lauren M’Kenzie Voeltz and Jacob Andrew Clark, on Aug. 5

Veronnaka Julynn Klamert and Jayson Allen Evenson, on Aug. 26

Meghan A. Olson and Dean Alan Huet, on Aug. 2

Amanda Elizabeth Jarrett and Zachary Adam Iffland, on July 29

Amanda Marie Moats and Christopher Allen Doll, on Aug. 26

Nancy Berniece Brink and Donald Lee Daniels, on June 10

Ashley Ann LaMere and Marcos Alberto Perez, on July 15

Ashley Lynn Olien and Zachary Daniel Ogborn, on Aug. 6

Sally Elaine Weinand and Connor Robert Robinson, on July 30

KayLee Ann Desmarais and AlexandeAr James Gontarek, on Aug. 18

Rebecca Lynn Morgan and Shane Lawrence Zentner, on Aug. 5

Paige Amollya Kramer and Cameren John Welch, on Aug. 12

Kelly Anne O’Malley and Brian Jay Hundtofte, on Aug. 26

Nikita Marie Yoder and Christopher Nathaniel Aaby, on July 29

Mary Margaret Bastian and Drew Michael McGough, on Aug. 5

Shelby Alexandria Williams and Colby Dennis Syvertson, on July 15

Megan Breanne Molodecki and Caleb Daniel Bruski, on Aug. 12

Valerie Jane Wicke and Anthony John Krkosa, on Aug. 5

Bailee Renae Willett and Tyler Curtis Olthoff, on Aug. 11

Jessie Nichol Arnold and Flint Goyins Huravitch, on July 29

Jennifer Sue Schneider and Joseph Cresencio Garcia Jr., on July 29

Erin Lee Miller and Cody William Phillips, on July 8

Sarah Marie Garrad and Christopher Benjamin Besel, on July 29

Lisa Michelle Breakenridge and Timothy Albert Hofferber, on July 19

Chelsea Lynn Paddock and Jamison Drake Legg, on Aug. 12

Deborah Kaye Reynolds and David R. Siljestrom, on Aug. 5

Kristin Colette Jefferson and Daniel John Iron Road III, on July 30

Corinne Aubrey Lawson and Jeremy Allen Robinette, on Aug. 5

Katelyn Rose Schultz and Caleb Bradley Byler, on Aug. 18

Allison Marie Smith and Skyler Robert Allen, on Aug. 19

Molly Marie Barlow and Christopher Michael Hines, on Aug. 17

Emma Anne Hannigan and Alex Matthew Jackson, on July 29

Brittney Maranda Wolfe and Jeremy Darold Johnson, on Aug. 12

Leslie Renee Metzger and Joshua Robert Elmore, on Aug. 19

Maddy Cristen Koehn and Jeffrey Richard Coulson, on July 15

Megan Ann Martin and Chance Christopher Ickes, on Aug. 4

Diane Louise Harper and Jeffery Brian Johnson Jr., on Aug. 13

Victoria Suzanne Sindelar and Benjamin Tonn Lycoln, on July 29

Sonja Leilone Choriki and Jordan Marcus Jones, on July 29

Taylor Christine Kovach and Justin Tate Chaffin, on Aug. 19

Melissa Marie Boos and Nicholas Cullen Richardson, on Aug. 12

Shayla Renee Fox and Chase Edwin Brown, on Aug. 12

Haylee Ann Manternach and Roni Lee Schonenbach, on July 29

Jenkins Taylor Luann and Jeffry Carl Martin, on Aug. 19

Ashlee Marie Mendive and Christopher Anton Voller, on Aug. 12

Taniisha Evelyn Billy and Jared Daniel Johnson, on Aug. 19

Kaila Renee Willoughby and Anthony James Kruger, on July 30

Mary Kathryn Gunderson and Mark Anthony Schuster, on Aug. 19

Annie Malanes Holle and Joshua Lee Martin, on Aug. 11

Hannah Paige Brookshire and Cameron Haden Cartner, on Aug. 4

Annie Suzie Brown and Pedro Ange. Moreno Sandoval, on Aug. 2

Chanel Monet Kunkel and Nathan Andrew Smith, on Aug. 8

Hailey Elizabeth Fish and Brandon Joseph Willson, on Aug. 5

Tricia Renee Broadie and Dustin Curtis Ludwig, on Aug. 13

Lacey Ann Eden and Jordan Joseph Keller, on Aug. 5

Peace Ariel Mullins and Scott Cecil Reid, Aug. 19

Jacqueline Joy Hoerner and Cody Nicholas Valkenburg, on Aug. 5

Abbigael Claudia Mecham and Brady Jay Connors, on Aug. 4

Terran Rae Helland and Derek Charles Jacobs, on Aug. 19

Morgan Vera Cross and Cameron Scott McDonald, on Aug. 19

Danielle Marie Nichols and Dylan Charles Lee, on Aug. 19

Lacey Linn Gaudet and Casey Don Volk, on Aug. 5

Diana Marie Milford and Christopher Snaebjo. Silfrkross, on Aug. 3

Larissa Lane Hammeren and Jessica Kaye Johnson, on Aug. 26

Dana Reynolds and Douglas Gordon Nebeker, on Aug. 19

Brittnie Elizabeth Fleck and Ryan James Silverthorne, on Aug. 7

Desiree Nicole Francis and Mario Anthony Andujo, on Aug. 7

Nicole Rae VandenBosch and David Brian Schmitt, on Aug. 12

Alexndra Lee French and Darwin Josue Franc. Gonzalez, on Aug. 7

McKenzie Morgan Percival and Tyrel Try Tolan, on Aug. 11

Jennifer Lorraine Strokes and Raymond Frank Baker, on Aug. 16

Carly Jasmine Sease and Joshua Aaron Brown, on Aug. 11

Brittany Lyn Woodman and Joseph Blake Quam, on Aug. 12

Haven Alta Ruby and Ethan Kendal Hoopes, on Aug. 11

Shaira Torres Macias and Jason Todd Perdue St., on Aug. 11

Kasandra Lee Hilliard and Travis Jacob Harris, on Aug. 18

Shannon Aileen McDevitt and Alex John Verploegen, on Aug. 19

Susan Lynn Miller and Carlos Renaldo Uribe, on Aug. 14

Kimberly Nicole Coxwell and Daniel Ivan Patterson, on Aug. 20

Alyona Mykolayivna Shvets and Spencer Steven Buschette, on Aug. 18

Sarah Marie Hewett and Samual Mark Montoya, on Aug. 15

Michelle Louise Gregory and Guy Michael Stefani, on Aug. 20

Alexandria Jo Kuntz and Garrett Phillip Golubski, on Aug. 26

Roxane Marie Ficek and Michael David Wolf, on Aug. 25

Erica Nicole Fischer and Bart Alan Matthews, on Aug. 24

Jennica Nathalie Haukirauma and Matthew Darrell Pittman, on Aug. 18

Thamera Roylene Thompson and Christopher Roy Nicolson, on Aug. 21

Chong So Rogers and Ronald Alan Morris, on Aug. 22

Nicole Faye Yurt and Aron Taylor Kostelecky, on Aug. 25

Kelcee Ann Boos and James Weir Birkett IV, on Aug. 31


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