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Wedding rings

Close-up of wedding rings

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Jessica Rae Emery and Kelly Ethen Nielsen, on July 22

Kelly L. Higgins and Shane Patrick Sheridan, on July 7

Amber Marie Forest and Klinton Gerald Ganzeveld, on July 17

Shannon Marie Salle and Joseph Sven Carlson, on July 1

Teal Jacqueline Leroy and Justin Allen Robison, on July 17

Kourtnei Le’ Adams and Chadwick Bert Adams, on July 7

Kristin Louise Voigt and Robert Lawrence Grant, on July 2

Wendy Marie Hudson and Matthew Todd Moore, on June 30

Jessica Erin Morse and William T. Neuman, on July 1

Taylor Jenaie Brester and Donald Richard Schmit, on July 1

Amanda Christine Ahrens and Travis David Zuroff, on July 8

Nicola Lynn Hanson and Allan Shane Gradwohl, on July 1

Bethany Faith Amman and Kenneth Wayne Allen Jr., on July 7

Amanda Leigh Teske and Joshua Theodore Tompkins, on July 14

Kandi Rae Bond and Brett Charles Munger, on July 21

Annette Marie Bohn and John Nicholas Coffman, on July 3

Renee Danielle Heinz and Craig Channing Payne, on May 27

Michelle Mary Lizotte and Jason Dale Hill Jr., on July 2

Wendy Ann Sweeting and Keith Benjamin Ahlgren, on June 17

Lindsey Nicole Durham and David Christoher Miner, on July 7

Shealtiel LaVelle and Rodney Dale Eberly, on June 23

Shelby Joan Doane and Jonathan James Rains, on July 16

Christine Elizabeth Helmers and Chance William Burley, on July 8

Klairee Rae Shay and Tre Dominique Johnson, on July 16

Bethany Jewel Bullinger and Kolten Nathaniel Hunter, on July 1

Brooke Lynn Wright and Steven Donald Johnson, on July 22

Miranda Kathy Esquibel and Darrin Dwayne Brownlee, on July 1

Maria Elena Beltran and Theodore Wayne Jensen, on July 8

Rachel Lynne Parry and Dru Lewis Grover, on July 1

Morgan Ann Egbert and Matthew Christopher Miller, on July 29

Taylor Nicole Hanser and Tanner John Klein, on June 30

Lauren Marie Binkoski and Daniel Craig Ross, on June 16

Marlene R. Ross and Randal William Armstrong, on July 7

Dawn M. Dahl and Todd Anthony Certain, on July 8

Devin Ellen Peter and Tyler Patrick Dyk, on June 17

Rachel Colleen Scheller and Erick Tyler Voldseth, on July 7

Sabrina Louise Haus and Jason Dwayne Herman, on July 4

Shonna Marie Hall and Kenneth Zakery Freeborn, on July 10

Jamie Yvonne Bieber and Reno Dwight Boyd, on July 29

Susan Lorraine Lundby and Benjamin Tait Vigessa, on July 14

Sarah Ann Yerger and Zachary Paul Hartman, on July 1

Jenelle Jane Malcolm and Doyle Kane Bell, on July 1

Paula Jean Boyer and Bart Brendan Jagodzinski, on July 15

Amy Michelle Mollman and Voyle Shawn Samuelson, on July 8

Patricia Michelle Calvin-Sunday and Jared Ralon Scarborough, on June 23

Sengdala rossi and Goran Pleho, on July 2

Katarina Marie Manhart and Colton Gary Arneson, on July 15

Katelyn Dawn Halter and Brennan Darvin Wittmeyer, on July 8

Rashell Kay Mundt and Shawn Lee Ruff, on July 7

Brianna Marie DeCock and Christian Matthew Hanser, on July 7

Acacia Ann Rennich and Jake Riley Fitzner, on July 15

Tiffany Lee Ann Sott and Eric Joseph Kuntz, on July 8

McKinsey Lee Breeding and Blake Walter Loran, on July 1

Morgan Rae Thayer and Derik John Hoerner, on July 9

Rebecca Lynn Coltrin and Andrew McKenzie Pickett, on June 24

Amanda Marie Morrison and Brandon James Kaldor, on July 7

Darian Jennifer Brown and Thomas Aaron Iiams, on June 30

Christian Alexander Radabaugh and Michell Mai Vang, on July 7

Christine Ann Baumann and Kenneth Bruce Denning, on July 7

Sharyl Ann Allen and Kevin Dale Big Man, on June 24

Parker Zane Rohrer and Melissa Marie Hansen, on July 15

BrieAnna Mae Geck and Joseph Abraham Bartlett, on July 1

Theresa Marie Boatright and Randall Lyle Lehner, on July 19

Thomas Lowell Corey and Kaitland Elizabeth Carter, on July 8

Jeremy Fisher and Jauntae Marie LaFrance, on July 7

Stephanie Ann Danks and Stephen Tyler Kottraba, on July 9

Summer Cloud VanHook and Michael Allangeer Todd, on July 22

Salicia Colleen Hammond and Thomas Joseph Borges, on July 7

Haley Ann Conners and Patrick Lowell Marx, on July 15

Kerry Ray Bailey and Brandon Ray Lawrence, on July 7

Kaitlin Rose Overton and Jeffrey Wayne Bolton, on July 3

Samantha Rae Dominguez and Vassar Lee Hurt, on July 7

Beck Weber Spadt and Jack Alan Hoyt, on July 7

Jasmine Christa Underwood and Johnny Lee Hamilton, on July 5

Morgan Chance Lacy and Kyle Austin McClintock, on July 7

Amy Michelle Hendershot and Guy Cash Anderson, on July 7

Robin Jean Rannefeld and Henry Allen Ahlquist, on July 15

Andrea Kate Mehling and Michael Brent Beechie, on July 7

Jennifer Lynn Vukasin and Chad Austin Azure, on July 13

Angelique Dawn Kinnamon and Chase Kyler Bettinson, on July 17

Heather Christine Wulf and Christian Schuler Lee Olson, on July 22

Brielle Ayanna Davis and Angelo David Bellotte, on July 8

Stacey Marie Dunn and Eric James Keeney, on July 7

Nova LaVay Grimm and Gary Dean Pippin Jr., on July 7

Mackenzie Rose Frank and Lance Fenwell Wilkinson, on July 10

Mikayla Dene Miramon and Levi Jarrett Weeks, on July 11

Chardae Rose Warren and Chad Everett Jagiello, on July 11

Halley Anna Parnell and Marcus Neil Evenson, on July 26

Tia Marie Rather and Alec Leo Baca, on July 22

Kailee Samantha Rose Smith and Daniel Allen Botz, on July 21

Keesha Lynn LaFountain and Dean Allen Johnson, on July 15

Sarah Elizabeth Douglas and Melissa Kay Scianna, on July 11

Kelly Louise Halligan and Cody Michael Anderson, on July 11

Elyce Maria Donaldson and Todd Michael Harris Jr., on July 15

Maggie Noelle Reisig and Michael Wayne Chandler, on July 15

Holly Ann Jonas and Donald Jeffrey Caufield, on July 23

Alyssa Michelle Callahan and Stewart Thomas Higman, on July 14

Holly Elizabeth Powers and James Richard Cooper, on July 21

Jessica May Moser and Wes Lee Whitaker, on July 22

Sarah Marie Muhs and Michael O. McChesney, on July 17

Donna Evangeline Weathers and Paul Jerome Bohler, on July 22

Inbar Vardi and Uriah Blue Plumb, on July 19

Rachel Marie Keever and Leo Garrett Steiner, on July 21

Deni Marie Kluksdahl and Douglas Scott Oltrogge Jr., on July 21

Kylie Marie Izzi and Allen Robert McKinney, on July 27

Alizee Marie Christine Moreau and Robert Matthew Pirtz, on July 18

Stacy Lynn White and Nicholas John Moran, on July 25

Alannah Julee Pettey and Jamaal Marcel Hampton, on July 19

Donna Louise Kelso and Kenneth Michael Adams, on July 19

Ronda Marie Fox and Christopher Barry Wong, on July 23

Caitlin Ann Hofman and Andrew Joseph Carlson, on July 21

De El Diangson and Bryan Edward Anderson, on July 20

Julie Lynn Jones and Tate Alan Chaffin, on July 21

Virginia Alice Duke and John Alexander Halverson, on July 22

Michele Lynn Payne and Gary Brisbin Skiles, on July 23

April Lynn Winters and Christopher Marron, on July 24

Jennifer Aimee Amundsen and William James Johnes Jr., on July 25

Katherine Rose Allen and LeAnn Rae Blanchard, on July 28


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