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Wedding rings

Close-up of wedding rings

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Randi Elizabeth O’Shea and Brannon Jay Duggins, on Oct. 7

Hillary Contessa Lynch and Christopher James Myers, on Aug. 20

Steven Mitchell McMorrow and Autumn Lea Lucero, on July 1

Shannon Renae Fox and Travis Lee Sukut, on Sept. 29

Catherine Rose Schmitz and Steven Patrick Kolczak, on Sept. 30

Celeste Amber Wagner and Jason James Hageman, on Sept. 30

Lauren Margaret Hoffman and Justin Christopher Hill, on Oct. 21

Brielle Janae Goffena and Justin Thomas Bough, on Oct. 8

Amanda Jean Ramsey and Ryan Wesley Rosselott, on Oct. 6

Melanie Lynn Amunrud and Paul Patrick Vincelette, on Sept. 23

Miranda Rae Yoshiko Choriki and Scott Edward Rozell, on Oct. 2

Mallory Crystal Arneson and Tyler Ralston Blair, on Sept. 30

Lisa Ayn Siler and James Wilbur Morehouse, on Oct. 14

Emily Marie Smarsh and Aaron Todd Freeman, on Sept. 30

Monique Miekal Naylor and Colton Anthony Brady, on Oct. 14

Shae Leah Bass and Jesse Garon LaFuze, on Oct. 6

Kali Lynn Schuster and Eric David Rydquist, on Oct. 1

Dyllan Leslie Herman and Connor Vincent Sullen, on Oct. 14

Tia Renee Hopp and Joshua Michael Jensen, on Oct. 21

Roxanne Michelle Bethel and John Phillip Gray, on Oct. 7

Lexie Jane Day and Bryant Franklin Mawyer, on Sept. 30

Kristiann Nikole Yovetich and Orri Dillon Haman, on Oct. 6

Marjorie Kay Kannedy and Harold Eugene Gold, on Oct. 7

Tammi Rae Boe and James Allen Egelhoff, on Sept. 29

Allie Marie Ehrlick and Kevin John Schmalz, on Sept. 8

Kerri Jean Rogers and Carly Michelle Lawson, on Oct. 7

Marissa Ann Fyock and Ethan James Hildebrandt, on Sept. 11

Kristin Ann Wagner and Sean David Ballou, on Oct. 5

Pauladine Lanette Holycross and Darin Wade Erb, on Sept. 8

Taylor Jomae Brewington and Brett Randall Eissinger, on Sept. 30

Deborah Sue Kern and Harold Dean Kern, on Oct. 20

Ann Marie Lively and Timothy Bruce LeVeque, on Oct. 20

Taisha Amber Rocha and Brandon Joseph Haggard, on Sept. 16

Autumn Kathryn Brown and Cory James Dunning, on Sept. 23

Hannah Marie Reno and Christian Lee Evans, on Oct. 5

Nina Joan Harwood and Danny Gene Thom, on Oct. 6

Cheryl Marie Edwards and Terry Lee Braley, on Oct. 12

Erin Elizabeth Harris and Garrett Gene Johnson, on Sept. 19

Carollyn Rae Kelsey and Justice William Graham, on Oct. 7

Karena Lee Ketchum and David James Hughes, on Oct. 6

Courtney Marie Patterson and Justin Wayne Newhours, on Oct. 28

Christine Anne Manung. Pusta and Cody Lee Howe, on Oct. 17

Teresa Lynn Heiser and Darwin Dean George, on Oct. 14

Britany Morgan Higgins and Andrew Nicholus Brock, on Oct. 6

Shaleen Frances Contreras and Jesse Jeffery Thompson, on Sept. 29

Janine Lynn McConnell and Joshua David Aaby, on Oct. 13

Anna Marie Maxwell and Kurtis Clyde LeBrun, on Sept. 30

Stephanie RaeAnn Romero and Brad Leopoldo Meza Paucar, on Sept. 29

Rebecca Louise Olson and Jeffrey Charles Sande, on Oct. 6

Paulette Joy Lambrecht and Guy Francis Scullen, on Oct. 7

Twileta Marie Martin and Douglas Steven Griggs, on Oct. 7

Amy Rose Martin and Richard David Hendrickson, on Sept. 29

Amanda Sue Patton and Douglas Ryan Friedel, on Oct. 5

Penny Louise Fernandez and Michael Lee Reimche, on Sept. 29

Tanna Marie Gendrewau and Erik Alan Brown, on Oct. 14

Kelby JoAnn Peters and James Edward Zimmerman III, on Oct. 22

Annie Marie Leipheimer and Blake Daniel Parini, on Oct. 21

Araceli Aldaco Amaya and James Robert Trozzo, on Oct. 2

Lisa Lynne Solheim and Richard Bailey Potts, on Oct. 2

Katelynn Marie Rowton and Eric Michael Baisch, on Oct. 17

Desiree Deshon Densteadt and Sean Alan Wyman, on Oct. 17

Michelle Marie Cape and Silvester Valdez Marez, on Oct. 21

Stacia Ann Johnson and David Lee Battles, on Oct. 7

Charlotte Ann Bottrell and Bruce Baysing Chou, on Oct. 7

Leah Shannon Vetch and Michael William Hayes, on Oct. 3

Caitlin Michelle Gauslow and Anthony Paul Flores, on Oct. 3

Lacey Marcele Habener and Jeremy Lee Conzelman, on Oct. 7

Taylor Grace Arline Jenkins and Levi James Kuntz, on Oct. 13

Hilary Charlotte Alweis and Mark Allen Murphy Jr., on Oct. 15

Ashly Nichole Gross and Andrew Donald Oblander, on Oct. 21

Karlee Rae Omsberg and Evan Joseph May, on Oct. 7

Kimberly Lois Ramage and Daniel Joseph Hoffman, on Oct. 7

Kelsey Colleen Mann and Joshua Michael Carl, on Oct. 5

Miranda Kate McNeil and Cale Traig Howells, on Oct. 21

Shelana Marie Lundstrom and Kent Joseph Schmidt, on Oct. 20

Andi Lea Buckley and Jacob Patrick Tieszen, on Oct. 7

Cindy Lynn Clark, and John Patrick Burns, on Oct. 22

Elke Lin Duncan and Dustin Kyle Michaelis, on Oct. 10

Halle Renae Logan and Philip Steven Christophel, on Oct. 21

Susan Loree Kodish and Joseph Michael Diekemper, on Oct. 12

Loraine Ray Leslie and David Rudger Colvin, on Oct. 23

Shannon Rose Dean and Damian Michael Chris Russell, on Oct. 13

Oksana Rohovyk and Donald Alan Verrill, on Oct. 14

Laura Ann Barela and Miguel Tomas Gonzalez, on Oct. 17

Deborah Rose Broderson and Brett Eugene Carpani, on Oct. 13

Vonte Cree Red Star and Remington Robert Jose Kelley, on Oct. 13

Melody Kim Leyva and Lee Alexander Smith, on Oct. 13

Christina Jean Kuo and Keith Taylor Jensen, on Oct. 13

Elizabeth Jeanette Hartman and Buddy Robert Lee, on Oct. 21

Melissa Marie Keating and Joshua Lee Smith, on Oct. 16

Janna JoRae Lind and Rob R. Hankins, on Oct. 18

McKenzie Marie Kline and Sean Patrick Carroll, on Oct. 21

Elizabeth Diane Camstra and Samuel Willard Hughes, on Oct. 24

Chloe Jordan Caruso Perez and Kevin Corey Old Bull, on Oct. 25

Lauryn Rae McKay and Eugene P. Garcia III, on Oct. 28

Lisa Raye Rel and Jack Baltzer Schuck, on Oct. 26

Rebecca Dyani Summers and Daniel Arthur Eichlin, on Oct. 31

LaRissa Rae Remmick and William Patrick Bentz, on Oct. 31


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